Insect Gallery

Insects are boggling creatures. So much diversity. Where to begin?

These are the ant traps of  nymphs--ant lions--of a species of lacewing. When an ant falls into the pit, it disturbs the fine sand particles and attracts the attention of the ant lion below, which leaps up and grabs the ant and enjoys it with fava beans and a fine chianti.
Photo by MM.


Blue-Banded Bees
sp. Amegilla. One of many native Australian bee species.
 Photo by S. Gemmell.








An Assassin Bug
Reduviidae. Assassin Bugs eat caterpillers by sucking out their innards. And you have to admire that.
 Photo by MM.





These damselflies are doing what comes naturally.
Photo by S. Gemmell.










A Crusader Bug, family Coreidae.  One day, I'll get around to identifying these by species.



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