Gardening Australia Expo, 

August 2006


When my horticulture class was given the opportunity to go to the Gardening Australia Expo to set up a replica of Peter Cundall's vegie patch, I took the chance to skive off and spend the day with Angus Stewart and his daughter Daisy, who were putting together his native plant display garden.

Angus is the expert on breeding kangaroo paw, developing many exciting new hybrids.  He is a presenter on Gardening Australia on ABC TV and the author of my favourite propagation book. The kangaroo paw specimens he brought to the expo were extraordinary, as was the wide range of other native flowering plants.

In the afternoon, some of my fellow students came to help after they'd finished the vegie patch. Much awe over the paws. 

Angus and MM, after a hard but very satisfying day's work.


The startlingly beautiful black kangaroo paw 
(Macropidia fuliginosa).

 Daisy lugs logs.


Finished, with punters.