Garden Design

For this course, run by John Lauricella, we were set an assignment in which we were given a rough sketch of a back garden. We were required to draw the border and existing plants to scale (1:100) and then to design a garden, either formal, informal or mixed.

I chose to create a mixed design: 

The intention of this plan is to create a meandering mixed-style garden with some formal and some informal aspects, a blend of tranquillity and excitement. The colours are contrasting, primarily yellows, reds and mauve-blues, reflecting the hues of the existing Jacaranda, Golden Robinia and red Camellia hedges.

The plants in various beds are graduated in height and employ contrasting textures.

There are a number of garden rooms: the eating area, with its background of a meadow to increase the sense of space, an enclosed kitchen garden; a spot to sit and watch the birds in the bird bath; a frog and fish pond providing native habitat; and a pergola with an aspect back toward the house.

Focal points along the path draw interest to each succeeding area in the garden: the kitchen garden arch; the seat; the birdbath; the pond and the pergola.

                    Click on image for a larger version.