What to do if it's too cold or wet or hot to be in the garden?
Read about being in the garden, of course!  

Some favourites from my bookshelves....


General Horticulture

Gardening Australia's Flora: The Gardener's Bible
Various, ISBN 9780733310942.
Comprehensive, two volume set. 
Covers both native and exotic plants. 

Yates Garden Guide, Various, ISBN 0207198209. 
A general gardening guide for Australia.



Principles of Horticulture, Adams and Early, ISBN 0750660880.
UK based, but contains easy to understand botanical science and some basic chemistry related to horticulture.

    Oxford Dictionary of Plant Sciences
    Allaby, ISBN 0198608764.
    All the words.                
Botany for Gardeners,
Capon, ISBN 9780881926552
This book is a delight--and thank you, Wendy, for drawing my attention to it! It gets into the guts of plants, so to speak, covering the botanical basics of plant structure, adaptations, nutrition and reproduction. Ideal to snuggle up with in bed at night--that's how readable it is.


T he Green Gardener: Sustainable Gardening in Your Own Backyard,
Josh Byrne, ISBN 0670029416
Basics of permaculture, organic pest control, grey water use, water-wise irrigation, crop rotation, native plants.... An excellent primer. Josh is one of the Gardening Australia presenters.

Resurrection in a Bucket: the Rich and Fertile Story of Compost.
Margaret Simons, ISBN 186508588-X

Another book you can read in bed. This is a woman who loves her compost. And I love anyone who loves compost.

A Primer of Ecological Genetics
Conner and Hartl, ISBN 087893202X

The part of me that craves doing a science degree in horticulture or  botany made me buy this book. I had no choice.

  Native Plants

Field Guide to Australian Wildflowers
Denise Greig, ISBN 1864363347.
Great photos. Contains over 20,000 species.



Native Plants of the Sydney District, Fairley and Moore, ISBN 0864172613.
The key isn't brilliant, but the photos really help with ID.


Field Guide to the Native Plants of Sydney, Robinson, ISBN 0731812115. 
The classic, with a superb key. Combine this with Fairley and Moore and you'll find your way.

Australian Native Plants: Cultivation, Use in Landscaping and Propagation, Wrigley & Fagg, ISBN 1876334908. Not a field guide, but as the name suggests, a practical guide to gardening with natives. Hugely comprehensive. Pride of place on the bookshelf!



Burnum Burnum's Wild Things, Sainty et al, ISBN 0646398792. Not only native plants but also reptiles, frogs and birds. For your back pocket when you go bushwalking.


Dendrobium and its Relatives, Lavarack, ISBN 0731812948.
Dendrobium, Dockrilla and friends. Good photos and clear explanation of cultural needs. 



Aquatic Plants

Waterplants in Australia: Field Guide, Sainty and Jacobs, ISBN 0958105510



Aquatic and Wetland Plants: A Field Guide for Non-Tropical Australia, Romanowski, ISBN 0868406325

Both of these books are valuable if you've a native pond. You don't want to introduce weeds--which is easy to do. (Some aquatic plant nurseries don't really know what's native and what's not....)


The Australian Vegetable Garden: What's New is Old, Blazey, ISBN 1864365382. 
Published by the Diggers' Club, suppliers of heirloom vegetable seeds, this book helps you grow real vegetables, unlike the muck you buy at the supermarket.

Fruit and Vegetable Gardening in Australia, Pollock, ISBN 1740335708.
Big list of herbs, vegies and fruits, with techniques, recommended cultivars and organic advice.


Let's Propagate!, Stewart, ISBN 0733303501. Covers both native and exotic plants and is very comprehensive. It's one of my most used books. Angus is another Gardening Australia presenter.



Growing Australian Native Plants from Seed:  For revegetation, tree planting and direct seeding
ISBN 0646428667.  

Pests and Diseases

What Garden Pest or Disease is That? (Organic and Chemical Solutions for Every Garden Problem), McMaugh, ISBN 1864366990

Indispensible. You'll wonder how you gardened without it!


                                                Environmental Weeds: A Field Guide for SE Australia
                                                Blood, ISBN 0957908601


Field guide to weeds in Australia
Lamp and Collet, ISBN 090960553X


A Field Guide to Insects in Australia
Zborowski and Storey, ISBN 18763344967