Monmouth County NJ. RACES and ARES

This site is for RACES and ARES Emergency Communication Amateur Radio Operators in Monmouth County NJ. USA.
(Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services)  and (Amateur Radio Emergency Services)
We support the Office of Emergency Management in Monmouth Co. NJ.
As well as the municipalities with-in the county and other served agencies such as the Red Cross and etc.
We provide secondary and back-up communications during times of emergencies. 
We hold regular bi-weekly nets. On the 1st and 3rd Monday night's of the month @ 8:00 PM local time on the GSARA 147.045 +600 PL 67
Any Licensed Amateur Radio Operator living or working in or near Monmouth Co. is welcome to Join us.

Note: ICS 100 and ICS 700 is required to get a RACES card.

Other sites you should be checking often:
Monmouth County Sheriff:

Other sites of interest:
We are part of the ARRL NNJ Section: - this is where you will find A LOT of additional information, Recommended Reading.
Pay attention to the Winlink 2000 page and the need to use Winlink with RMS express  

Amateur Radio Relay League web site:
The Monmouth county ARES and RACES email list is at:
If your not a member - please go to the site and request a membership. Please put your call sign in the request for membership to us at the same time.

Hosted by: ARCSCORPS - Amateur Radio Communication Service CORPS of Monmouth Co. NJ.
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