Interdisciplinary Product Development


Marco Moto 

IPD or Interdisciplinary Product Development is one of the most sought after courses at UIC. In this course, students from different backgrounds such as Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design and Marketing get together and work for a year to develop products through the whole development cycle, right from market research, design to final prototype and review. More information about IPD over here.

Our client for the year was Motorola's wireless mobile devices division. We developed the concept for a GPS based camera. Pics of the proposed model below.

The camera also proposed the concept of "V-scrap" , the first of its kind location based multimedia messaging system.

Some of the BOPs we tried before we settled on the final design.

Industrial designers

Shilan Afsani Nagadeh

Cori Munro

Fran Van Durem

Mechanical Engineers

Arun Rakesh Yoganandan

Roman Plaszewski

Marketing Students

Aasim Merchant

Simon Khazin