Rhythm programming

Music has always been an integral part of my life. I started learning Indian classical music (Karnatic) at the age of 7.

I was traditionally trained to master the Mirudangam (an Indian percussion instrument). But as time moved on, I have been attracted to various other genres and instruments.


A few pictures from past performances/concerts.

Mirudangam( South Indian percussion instrument)

I am a disciple of Sri Tanjore Srinivasan and Sri Kumbakonam Saravanan. I have been playing the Mirudangam for 13 years now.

Tabla (North Indian percussion instrument)

My guru on the Tabla was Mr.Prasad.


Drum kit

I spent a few summers learning the drum kit at Jus Drums school of music. Check them out here.

Through the years, I have collaborated/ played with some of the prominent artists in the field including

My last performance was with a fusion band in  UIC.

Harish Nayk - Vocals

Satya Kiran - Rhythm guitar

Kunal - Lead guitar

Joshuna - Drums

Arun - Djembe

My band in chicago