Hydraulic Pan and Tilt device

This project was done as a part of the course in Computer Aided Design ME447. The device under consideration is a  Hydraulic Pan and Tilt used for Professional cameras for smooth looking videso when both the cameraman and the camera are in motion. This product poses a good challenge in the context of an assembly.  Made up of over 88 components, the product is a complex assembly with many standard mechanical parts such as rack and pinion gears, ball bearings, screws, nuts, washers, O rings etc. Some parts, such as the camshaft, due to the intricate shapes, required accurate and careful modeling. 

A rendered view of the device


Exploded views


The main parts of the tilt are the pan shaft, the body, tilt shaft, and the rack. This unit as mentioned above provides for two functionalities of Panning and Tilting when the camera is mounted on the mount brackets. Panning is facilitated by the vertical pan shaft. At the end of the pan shaft is a gear profile machined on the shaft itself. This gear profile in turn meshes with a rack that is contained in between the cylinders. The tilt is enabled by a mounting bracket that is connected to the tilt shaft through a tilt shaft end. This tilt shaft additionally has a gear profile machined on it surface that meshes with another rack of a second set of cylinders. This assembly facilitates a 360 degree tilt and pan as the racks have enough space for the pinions to make more than one complete revolution. Bleed screws are positioned near the cylinders and at other places to enable smooth operation of the hydraulic unit.