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My Writings

"Wobblejohn" (Highlights for Children, TBA)

Nate's mom is a wildlife rescuer and brings home injured birds all the time.  So Nate knows where to take the egg that he found by the pond.  When Wobblejohn hatches, Mom's not sure he'll thrive.  He's missing an eye, has one short leg and wobbles when he walks.  But Wobblejohn doesn't seem to notice.

"P.U. Means I Love You" (Highlights for Children, TBA)

Chris' sister starts kindergarten this year.  It should be fun having her at school, but all Chris can think about is how she might embarrass him in front of all of his friends with slobbery kisses or awkward hugs.  To avert a disaster, Chris gives his sister a secret signal to perform whenever she sees him.  The code backfires, however, and Chris is stuck in a stinky situation!