My name is Kristen Hilty.  I am a writer for children.  I'm also a wife and mom to two wonderful children of my own.  I've done a little bit of everything in my life, from book retail to intellectual property paralegal, to social worker (which I still do to pay for all my writing conferences and submission stamps).
Some people might say I have a lack of focus.  I prefer to think of it as going where the wind blows me, because for me, life is much more about the journey than the destination.  
Right now, the wind is blowing me into the world of children's books.  I write picture books and short stories, mainly for children ages 4-8. The characters in my fiction use their humor and sense of fun to explore the world around them.  Just like me!
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Two of my short stories, "Wobblejohn" and "P.U. Means I Love You," were accepted by Highlights and will appear in upcoming issues.  Stay tuned for more details and a publishing date!