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Butterfly camp Piatra Craiului, 2013

In July, we had a wonderful butterfly camp in the National Park Piatra Craiului. To our knowledge, this was the first butterfly camp that ever took place in Romania. Ionut Bordea, biologist of the National park, had this great idea, and we managed to extend the species list of the park by 64 species. We were 40 people, and school kids enjoyed the time as well as the experts. The weather was really good, and the team of Piatra Craiului welcomed us warmly. Thank you all for this unforgettable event!

We got to know quite a few day active butterflies 
We got to know quite a few day active butterfly species

We explored butterflies playfully
We learnt about butterflies playful and creative

We learnt a lot about the butterflies´ life cycles

Lessons from an expert: Martin Wiemers explains how to 
distinguish the butterfly species

Hope to see you on the next butterfly camp!!!

We built our own butterfly nets
Building our own butterfly nets

We went moth trapping in the night with Georg Paulus

We became really good butterfly catchers!

We did lovely hikes in the mountains

We had enjoyable breaks

Good news!

Already 8 people started to walk new transects in Romania this year! Fantastic !!!!

See here for the locations of 14 transects in total:

November 16th - 18th 2012

First workshop to establish Butterfly Monitoring in Romania, Sighisoara, Mures

During summer 2012 contact was made with several people who might be interested in helping establishing butterfly monitoring in Romania.  We agreed to hold a workshop in November in Sighisoara to bring these people together to discuss if it was possible, and if so, how it should be intiated. Support for the meeting was obtained from Butterfly Conservation Europe and the European Forum for Nature Conservation and Participants of the Monitoring workshop in Sighisoara, 2012Pastoralism, with funding from the EU.

We started our meeting on Friday afternoon at 6 pm with a relaxed welcome, a walk through the citadel and the option for a meal in a local restaurant.  On Saturday, the workshop started at 9 am and ended at 5 pm. We provided breakfast for those staying overnight, coffee in the breaks, and a meal at lunchtime. On Sunday, the workshop started again at 9 am after breakfast, and ended after lunch at 2 pm.

Accommodation was provided in shared rooms in the seminar building of the Joseph-Haltrich Lyceum (next to the clock tower) in the centre of Sighisoara´s old town. Reasonable travel costs were reimbursed.

SLR conference, Cluj, 20th and 21st April 2013

We were invited to talk at the annual meeting of the Lepidopterological Society of Romania in Cluj. Monitoring was one interesting point on the agenda and Laszlo Rakosy and Csaba Vizauer gave enthusiastic presentations about that topic. Jacqui spoke about the project that has been established to encourage more butterfly monitoring and described the current situation with butterfly monitoring. Here you can get a nice impression of the conference:

On the second day, during an excursion to a former firing range near Cluj, Jacqui and Csaba were able to demonstrate and explain to those interested the standard transect ('Pollard') method. To see Jacqui, Paul´s and Martin´s presentation, click here.

Workshop, Cluj, 22nd April 2013

A second training day was organised by Jacqui in Cluj and Agnes the day after the SLR meeting for those not able to attend the previous day.  Although the cool, cloudy weather meant that we did not see any butterflies, we had a very good day with Herta Dansc, Marti Ferensc,  Eniko Nemet and  Zoltan Czekes.

Training workshops in conjunction with Pogany-Havas in Hargita County, 15th and 16th May

The rural development NGO Pogany-Havas helped us to organise two training days, one in Delnita, the other in Aldomas, Ghimes.  The days consisted of short background presentations on why butterfly monitoring is important and useful, and on how it is done. After a delicious lunch of local produce, we went into the field to walk a possible transect route.

At Delnita we walked along part of a route that has already been marked out for walkers and tourists for its interesting features and wildlife. We practiced catching and identifying butterflies and filling in the standard data sheets. We just finished before the rain! But we saw some very nice butterflies, including Glaucopsyche alexis, Eumedonia eumedon and Polyommatus semiargus.

At Aldomas we were very lucky to have Marti with us again, as well as Antalkatalin, Reka and Attila.  We simply waled a short route from the beautiful Aldomas pension where we were staying along the neighboring fields. The superb views and flower-rich meadows were a welcome addition to the wonderful butterflies that we saw, including Erynnis tages, Pseudophilotes vicrama, Pyrgus malvae and Polyommatus thersites.

Are you interested in a training, too? There will be more activities in Romania! Contact us!

Jacqueline Loos,
18 May 2013, 11:25