Butterflies of Romania

Identifying butterflies is great fun, and you can easily start your observations in front of your house or in a near-by park. Throughout the year, you will observe different species. Some of them are more easy to identify, others will be more difficult to distinguish. Some butterflies can only be identified reliably by examination of the genitalia, which experts best know how to do. However, if you start looking around, there are some useful websites that can help you identifiying the butterflies in your area. Vlad Dinca recently created this wonderful website with a collection of butterflies from Romania: 

Furthermore, you can post pictures and ask for support in identifying the species at the German website http://www.lepiforum.de/lepiwiki.pl?Fotouebersichten.

An identification book including an identification key for the butterflies of Romania wil be published soon, and another book by Szekely Levente is already available: 
We are currently compiling species lists for the different areas of Romania, to make it easier for beginners to start. If you like to contribute your observations, please contact us!