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SC17 BoF

Systems Monitoring Data in Action
Thurs Nov 16 12:15-1:15 pm Room 703 

This BoF targets new use cases for HPC monitoring data. The panelists have been selected because of their progress in specific projects addressing new areas in the use of HPC monitoring data.

  • Five panelists will briefly present the problem they are trying to solve, the novelty of their approach, and their current path and progress (30 min)
  • Q&A with the audience regarding novel uses of monitoring data, progress, potential areas of collaboration, and paths forward (30 min)

Abstract: New opportunities in the use of monitoring data include experimental measurement of science throughput, data driven approaches to systems architectural design decisions, real time analysis of system/application state and function, and long term trend analysis. We invite application users and developers, system architects, and system administrators to provide new perspectives. Panelists using extensive monitoring data will present new insights from their systems. They will interact with the audience to share experiences and foster collaborations on tools and designs. We will identify areas of overlap or potential joint activity to steer future analysis development and use of data.

Presenters Topics:
Moderator: Jim Brandt (Sandia National Laboratories)
  • Brett Bode (NCSA) - Application performance analysis with systems’ understanding
  • Ata Turk (Boston University) - Early identification of anomalous application behavior
  • Joe Greenseid (Cray) - Commodity vs capability vs cloud
  • Mike Showerman (NCSA) - Troubleshooting applications at a system level
  • Ann Gentile (Sandia) - Dynamic assessment and feedback

Presentation and Summary Notes: