Monitor Lodge No. 197

A.F. & A.M.
212 E. Mellen Street
Hampton, VA 23663


Virginia Masonic Home

Welcome Home...

At the Masonic Home of Virginia, we love to say Welcome Home, home to a unique caring community of Masonic friends.

Situated on ninety pristine acres just outside the city limits of Richmond , Virginia , is a gated community of active residents who are served by a caring staff of dedicated professionals.  Imagine living in a place where your children, friends and relatives all know that you are safe and enjoying a quality of life that is treasured by all. 

The primary mission of the Home is to embody the Masonic principle of care for others.  Masons obligate themselves to constantly care for others.  For that purpose, members of the Masonic Fraternity founded this community of care in 1890 and continue to support it through their financial gifts and with their volunteer efforts.

Therefore, we are a community with Masonic ties…….. Freemasonry has for centuries taught men, like fourteen United States presidents, to care for others.  Imagine living in a neighborhood where you know you share basic and fundamental views of life with your neighbors.

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