Monitor Lodge No. 197

A.F. & A.M.
212 E. Mellen Street
Hampton, VA 23663


How to join

     To become a member of this ancient and honorable Order, a man must come of his own free will and accord, for the great truths taught in  Freemasonry, and He whom all serve, require us to come freely and with an open heart.  We do not issue invitations to join a Masonic Lodge nor do we solicit individuals to join. 
     The requirements for membership are that you be a man of good character and reputation;  that you be a peaceful citizen, and one who guards against intemperance and excess;  and that you are one who respects genuine brotherhood and the general good of society.  Freemasonry requires a belief in a Supreme Being.  Men must be of lawful age; in Virginia, 18 years old.

     Each applicant for membership must be vouched for by two members of the Fraternity who know the applicant and can vouch for his character and his reputation.  After petitioning a Lodge, an investigative committee will be formed to meet with the applicant to make sure to answer any questions they may have and to ensure the desire to join is genuine and not biased by unworthy motives.   In addition, the applicant must be elected by a unanimous ballot.  Only in this manner have we maintained for centuries the harmony and brotherhood which has characterized the practice of our principles.

     The applicant, if elected, accepts the financial responsibility for payment of initiation fees and annual dues which are required by Masonic law and which vary from Lodge to Lodge.  In addition, each candidate, after initiation, is examined on his progress in Freemasonry.

     Feel free to explore the world of Freemasonry by using the internet links from this site and there is a ton of information in books.  Also, feel free to talk to a Mason about the Fraternity.  If you are interested in joining, you can ask a Mason for a Petition for membership or you can
download a Petition from The Grand Lodge of Virginia Website.