Monika Webb

Writer / Photographer / Creative


    I am only one story in a city of 8 million virtually unknown to all except those in my inner circle, and sometimes I even wonder about them. I was born in Queens, NY, moved to Maryland when I was 2, came back to live on Long island when I was 9. I spent all of my summer vacations, winter vacations and time off from school that had more than 2 days to them in Bermuda, where the other half of my family tree has it roots. I stayed on Long Island  until I was 33 and decided to step out on faith. Though I am extremely well traveled, I now live, work and play in New York City very rarely crossing bridge or tunnel unless it is absolutely necessary.

    While living on Long Island I discovered my passion for creating. I wrote, I studied photography and painted in my little hole in the ground workshop set up for me by my father. I had no real intention of showing anyone anything I did. Thus I pursued a career in retail. I soon discovered that consumers weren't a nice bunch of people on a whole, but it did give me insight to the human psyche. So I tried my hand at living in another country for a stint. I lived and worked in a suburb of Frankfurt, Germany called Offenbach. I was a kind of au pair to 2 wonderful and quirky little girls. It was while there I rekindled my passion for writing and photography. I ended up writing the very first drafts of my first collection of poetry then entitled "Soul Dancer".

    When I got back stateside, I became involved in the writing community in NYC, thanks to the machinations of my friend, and mentor of a sort, Dr. Palmer. She got me in with the Frederick Douglass Creative Arts Center where I learned that my voice was just as important as anyone's and that I should not be scared to put myself out there. I also learned that writing and creating no matter who was there to hear it or see it was just as fun as it was important.

    So I continued and in a few short years after coming home from Germany, I moved to West Harlem, where the Dominican Republic meets Sesame Street, and published a book of poetry called "Ms.'d Opportunities" with the help, encouragement and SUPPORT of Dr. Palmer the second edition of which is available through

    Currently, I am at work on a novel called "Grace in Wonder" and a book combining poetry and photography tentatively titled "Real". I am also at work establishing The Black Writers' Guild of Greater NY in order to bring more to the writing community in the way of serious Black Writers in the City and the Metro area.  I really feel it's an important thing to do.

    You can email me if there is anything else that you would possibly need to

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