3 January 2009: The Eleventh Doctor: Matt Smith is the Doctor!

27 December 2008: The Tenth Doctor: "Planet of the Dead" is the episode title for the Doctor Who Easter Special in 2009.

17 November 2008: The Eleventh Doctor page added for news about upcoming episodes in 2010.

23 September 2008: The Tenth Doctor: Christmas Special Episode Title "The Next Doctor," Specials 4.14-4.18 episode numbers (from Outpost Gallifrey, Doctor Who Magazine 400)

22 August 2008: Review of "New Earth"

pictures of The Doctor (David Tennant)

12 August 2008: Agatha Christie in "The Unicorn and the Wasp" Pictures

Pictures of Captain Jack Harkness, Donna Noble, Harold Saxon, Martha Jones, Rose Tyler, Sarah Jane Smith, The Doctor, the TARDIS

Link to my Flickr Photo Gallery for Daleks in Seattle

10 August 2008: My Blog about Doctor Who at the Hugo Awards

31 July 2008: The Tenth Doctor upcoming BBC Books novels

27 July 2008: The Tenth Doctor Doctor Who Prom episode "Music of the Spheres" information

26 July 2008: Favorite Quotes page added, The Tenth Doctor upcoming specials news updated

25 July 2008: My Blog about Progress in the Whoniverse Today, Torchwood

18 July 2008: The Tenth Doctor: "Journey's End" is the #1 show on British television for the week!

15 July 2008: links added to Reviews page

14 July 2008: The Tenth Doctor page links added

11 July 2008: upcoming episodes for The Tenth Doctor

10 July 2008: Review and pictures of "Fear Her" added

Action figure pictures of Rose Tyler, Martha Jones and Captain Jack Harkness, main page: Doctor Who characters, pictures also posted on my blog

7 July 2008: Pictures from "Gridlock" added to The Tenth Doctor page

6 July 2008: Airdates, episode time and place settings added for The Third Doctor page

5 July 2008: Recap, review and celebration of the series four finale "Journey's End" (Reviews)

Rose Tyler page updated

The Tenth Doctor page: links added, upcoming episodes airdates added

3 July 2008: Review of "Love & Monsters"

Blog: My Doctor Who Viewing History

Blog: Review of Torchwood Episode One "Everything Changes"

1 July 2008: title sequence pictures for Second DoctorThird Doctor, Fourth DoctorFifth DoctorSixth DoctorSeventh Doctor and Eighth Doctor pages added

New Page with all the opening sequence pictures added

30 June 2008: title sequence pictures for Tenth Doctor, Ninth Doctor, First Doctor pages added

Pictures added for reviews

28 June 2008: New Review and Screenshots added ("The Stolen Earth" 4.12)

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