The Eighth Doctor



 This sequence was designed for the 1996 Doctor Who TV movie by the BBC and Fox, with the logo based on the Third Doctor's original logo.





The Doctor: "You with me Grace?"
Grace: "We don't stand a chance."
The Doctor: "Grace, I came back to life before your eyes, I held back death. Look, I can't make your dream come true forever, but I can make it come true today."

(Doctor Who: The Movie)


Starring Paul McGann (The Doctor), Daphne Ashbrook (Dr Grace Holloway), Yee Jee Tso (Chang Lee), Eric Roberts (The Master)



                                                                                                                         Episode Setting

Title                                                       Airdate                         Time                              Place

Doctor Who 
(TV Movie)

14 May 1996 (US)
27 May 1996 (UK)  
31 Dec. 1999/
1 Jan. 2000
San Francisco, California, USA 
The Night of the Doctor 

14 November 2013 Time War             Karn 

Other Adventures:

BBCi Webcast at

"Shada" starring Paul McGann, Lalla Ward (Romana) and John Leeson (K9) by Douglas Adams

                 Remake of Fourth Doctor serial abandoned due to a BBC strike in 1979

                                                    (6)    2 May-6 June 2003                                                           Cambridge, England


With Paul McGann as the Doctor
Big Finish Audios "Season 27"
Storm Warning
Sword of Orion
The Stones of Venice
Minuet in Hell

Big Finish Audios "Season 28"
Invaders From Mars
The Chimes of Midnight
Seasons of Fear
Embrace the Darkness
The Time of the Daleks

Big Finish Audios "Season 29"
The Creed of Kromon
The Natural History of Fear
The Twilight Kingdom

Big Finish Audios "Season 30"
Faith Stealer
The Last
The Next Life

Big Finish Audios "Season 31"
Terror Firma
Scaredy Cat
Other Lives
Time Works
Something Inside

Memory Lane


The Girl Who Never Was


Eighth Doctor New Adventures from Big Finish with Paul McGann as the Doctor and Sheridan Smith as Lucie Miller on BBC radio 7

Series 1: released 2006-2007

Blood of the Daleks

Horror of Glam Rock

Immortal Beloved


No More Lies

Human Resources


Series 2: released 2008

Dead London

Max Warp

Brave New Town

The Skull of Sobek

Grand Theft Cosmos

The Zygon Who Fell to Earth

Sisters of the Flame/Vengeance of Morbius

Telos Novellas
Rip Tide
Fallen Gods

Virgin Publishing: New Adventures
61 The Dying Days by Lance Parkin                 April 1997                   6 May 1997                            London, England

          Features Professor Bernice Summerfield

          Re-published at

BBC Books: Eighth Doctor Adventures

Companion: Sam Jones

1 The Eight Doctors by Terrance Dicks                 June 1997

                    Takes place after the Doctor Who TV movie

                    The Eighth Doctor has his memory erased after finding a trap from the Master.  He meets Sam Jones in 1997 London after landing in the same junkyard from the first episode, "An Unearthly Child," then the TARDIS takes him through space and time to visit his past incarnations and help him remember his life.

2   Vampire Science
3   The Bodysnatchers
4   Genocide
5   War of the Daleks
6   Alien Bodies
7   Kursaal
8   Option Lock
9   Longest Day
10 Legacy of the Daleks
11 Dreamstone Moon
12 Seeing I
13 Placebo Effect
14 Vanderdeken"s Children
15 The Scarlet Empress
16 The Janus Conjunction
17 Beltempest
18 The Face-Eater

Sam, Fitzgerald Michael "Fitz" Kreiner

19 Doctor Who and The Taint
20 Demontage
21 Revolution Man
22 Dominion
23 Unnatural History
24 Autumn Mist

Sam, Fitz, Compassion
25 Interference: Book One: Shock Tactic
26 Interference: Book Two: The Hour of the Geek

Fitz, Compassion
27 The Blue Angel
28 The Taking of Planet Five
29 Frontier Worlds
30 Parallel 59
31 The Shadows of Avalon
32 The Fall of Yquatine
33 Coldheart
34 The Space Age
35 The Banquo Legacy
36 The Ancestor Cell

no companions
37 The Burning
38 Casualties of War
39 The Turing Test
40 Endgame

41 Father Time

Fitz, Anji Kapoor
42 Escape Velocity
43 EarthWorld
44 Vanishing Point
45 Eater of Wasps
46 The Year of Intelligent Tigers
47 The Slow Empire
48 Dark Progeny
49 The City of the Dead
50 Grimm Reality
51 The Adventuress of Henrietta Street
52 Mad Dogs and Englishmen
53 Hope
54 Anachrophobia
55 Trading Futures
56 The Book of the Still
57 The Crooked World
58 History 101
59 Camera Obscura
60 Time Zero
61 The Infinity Race
62 The Domino Effect
63 Reckless Engineering
64 The Last Resort

Fitz, Anji, Beatrix "Trix" MacMillan
65 Timeless

Fitz, Trix
66 Emotional Chemistry
67 Sometime Never
68 Halflife
69 The Tomorrow Windows
70 The Sleep of Reason
71 The Deadstone Memorial
72 To The Slaughter
73 The Gallifrey Chronicles


Past Doctor Adventures: BBC Books Novels

62 Wolfsbane by Jacqueline Rayner

73 Fear Itself by Nick Wallace