Review of "The Stolen Earth"
Written by Russell T. Davies, Directed by Graeme Harper                                                                                    28 June 2008


The Supreme Dalek addresses the army of Daleks, declaring "Daleks are the masters of Earth!"

by Monika Lewis

First off, the Doctor can't be regenerating into a different form, because David Tennant has already filmed the Christmas special to be aired later in 2008 and the photos are online, posted in an article by the Daily Mail.  Also, The Scotsman reports that the BBC wants to offer him 1.3 million pounds for the fifth series.  So I don't think David Tennant, who is my favorite actor to play the Doctor, is leaving the show.  He might regenerate and still look the same, though.  It's a typical Doctor Who cliffhanger, to get viewers speculating about what will happen next.  "The Sontaran Stratagem" made people wonder if Wilf would suffocate from the ATMOS gas in the car, and the beginning of "The Poison Sky" revealed Sylvia with an ax smashing the window to free him.  Maybe something will happen in "Journey's End" so that the Doctor doesn't need to regenerate, or he might be getting transported to the Dalek ship.  "The Stolen Earth" was a fantastic episode, well up to the standards of the fourth series which includes some of the best episodes the series has ever produced.

The impressive trailer set up all the characters who would be appearing in this episode, a proper cross over between "Doctor Who," "Torchwood," and "The Sarah Jane Adventures."  When the Doctor lands on Earth, it seems like an ordinary day, a Saturday, appropriately enough ("I always liked Saturdays," the Doctor says!)  But when he and Donna get back in the TARDIS, the Earth shakes and then disappears!  What a beginning to an epic episode.  The story then introduces each of the characters across the world: Martha is in New York, working on the Indigo project for UNIT, Captain Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones and Gwen Cooper are at Torchwood in Cardiff, Wales, and Sarah Jane Smith and her adopted son Luke are at home in London.  Sylvia and Wilf are in Chiswick, London.  Through the efforts of Harriet Jones, Former Prime Minister ("We know who you are") they are all put in touch with each other and call the Doctor back to Earth, since he can't find where it is. 

The Doctor's detour to the Shadow Proclamation is reminiscent of "The Five Doctors" where the Doctor must sort out the problem of who is bringing his past selves to Gallifrey.  He runs away when called upon to assume the presidency of Gallifrey, similar to his escape when the leader of the Shadow Proclamation tells him he must lead the armies into battle against the Daleks or whoever is stealing planets and putting them in the Medusa Cascade.  Harriet Jones bravely gives her life to help bring about the resistance to Dalek rule over Earth.  The Doctor finally sees Rose Tyler, after two years since he lost her to the parallel universe.  He knows she shouldn't be there, since the universes are collapsing in on themselves, but he seems to forget about the Daleks and run to her.  A Dalek catches up with the Doctor, shooting him and dealing him what seems to be a deadly blow.  In the TARDIS Rose, Sarah Jane, and Jack try to save the Doctor's life.  To be continued in "Journey's End," the last episode of series four.



In the next episode, among other things, the Daleks will take the humans including Sarah Jane, Jackie and Mickey on board their ship which is "one step closer to the Doctor" as Sarah Jane says (clip from television show "Blue Peter").