Review of "Fear Her"

Written by Matthew Graham, Directed by Euros Lyn                                                First aired 24 June 2006


The episode's setting, celebrating the Olympic Games


Chloe Webber intent on her drawing 


A cat enters a box and disappears into Chloe's drawing 


 Rose and the Doctor in happier times, before "Doomsday"

by Monika Lewis                                                        Reviewed 10 July 2008


"Fear Her" is an episode portraying a mystery close to home, where children keep disappearing from the neighborhood of Dame Kelly Holmes Close in London.  The Doctor and Rose decide to visit the 2012 Olympics which will take place in London in the future.  The emphasis on drawings rather than elaborate effects shows that the crew were trying to save money on this show, in addition to the near-future setting which is very similar to the present day.  The series two finale "Army of Ghosts" and "Doomsday" has spectacular special effects, but "Fear Her" is reminscent of some of the lower budget classic series episodes.  The guest characters seem two dimensional (especially since many of them are drawn on paper) and the themes of the Olympics and Chole's home life don't seem to be explored enough.  However, the contrast between the bright outdoors and closed-in house is interesting and well-filmed.


The episode continues the theme of the Doctor and Rose acting as a team to investigate mysteries.  Their scenes together are very charming and show how they work well as companions.  When the Doctor is trapped in a drawing made by the alien that possesses young Chloe Webber, Rose uses the information he found out to discover what the alien wants from Chole.  Their separation foreshadows the events of the second series finale, and Rose's continued quest to find the Doctor that continues to the fourth series.  Rose never gives up trying to stay with the Doctor, no matter what obstacles are in her way.