Review of "The Sontaran Stratagem"
Episode written by Helen Raynor and directed by Douglas Mackinnon                                  26 April 2008

Martha calls the Doctor, with Donna, back to Earth.

by Monika Lewis

This episode had great moments that referred to more recent and past eras of Doctor Who.  There were lots of fun character moments for the Doctor, Martha and Donna as they all met again, and Martha's departure last season was on the Doctor's mind as he geared up for another emotional parting scene with Donna, only to find she was only going to visit her family!  Fans of the classic series will appreciate the return of the Sontarans and UNIT, the episode had a tone reminiscent of the Third and Fourth Doctor's era where the Doctor was working with UNIT but didn't approve of their military associations.  I also quite enjoyed the Doctor's meeting with Wilf where he was pleased at shaking "an alien hand"!, as well as the recurring leitmotifs or musical themes that recalled Martha, UNIT, the Doctor and Donna's music from previous episodes.  The fourth series, like the Fourth Doctor's era, is where the writers can refer to the past more and have more comedic moments, with the talented Catherine Tate joining the show full-time.  The next episode looks to be excellent too, as we discover how the Doctor will deal with "The Poison Sky" unleashed on Earth by the Sontarans.