Review of "The Idiot's Lantern"
Written by Mark Gatiss, Directed by Euros Lyn                                                                                    first aired 27 May 2006

Rose, Tommy Connolly (Rory Jennings), and the Doctor watch televison in the Connolly house

by Monika Lewis                                                      Reviewed 12 June 2008 

This is an interesting episode because it provides a look into the British culture of the 1950s and the combination of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II and the introduction of television.  There is also a science fiction alien element that has incorporated itself into the culture through the television.  The Doctor and Rose play space tourists, even dressing up for their anticipated arrival in 1956 New York to see Elvis Presley, only to arrive in 1953 London.  They soon find some mysterious goings-on with people being taken away from their homes after having energy drawn from them by the televisons that are being sold in large numbers.  David Tennant shows great range of emotions from the playful joking with Rose at the start of the episode and acting as inspectors of the Connolly house to bringing his full authority and experience in getting information from Mr. Connolly and the police inspector.  When Rose is endangered, the Doctor becomes completely engaged in solving the mystery, declaring that "now...there is no power on this Earth that can stop me."    The Doctor empowers Mrs. Connolly and son Tommy to stand up to the loutish father of the family in order to make progress in society.