Review of "The Fires of Pompeii"
Episode written by James Moran and directed by Colin Teague                                                   12 April 2008

The Doctor and Donna find the TARDIS in a Pompeiian house.

by Monika Lewis

Donna Noble goes on her first trip as the Doctor's companion, and they end up in 79 AD Pompeii.  This episode reminded me of the stories with the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith and later Romana, "The Brain of Morbius" and "City of Death." The Sisterhood of Karn are similar to the Sybiline Sisterhood in "Pompeii" both serving an alien intelligence, and the scene of the marble merchant Caecilius buying the TARDIS as a work of modern art, like the ship landing in the Louvre museum and being admired by visitors Eleanor Bron and John Cleese in "City."  Caecilius'family brought a welcome humor to the story, to balance out the knowledge of the Doctor and Donna that the volcano would soon destroy much of the city.  Donna, like Sarah Jane is inquisitive and questions the Doctor when she doesn't agree with something, reflecting her observation in "The Runaway Bride" that he needs someone to stop him from going too far.  Donna is a great character, and seems to have an equal partnership of respect with the Doctor.