Review of "The Doctor's Daughter"

Written by Stephen Greenhorn, Directed by Alice Troughton                                                                           10 May 2008

Jenny tells the Doctor, "Hello Dad!"

by Monika Lewis

This is an amazing episode, which takes the Doctor's character in new directions and explores his past.  Though his daughter Jenny is not from Gallifrey, but was created from the machine on Messaline, she has a lot in common with the Doctor.  They are both fighters for what they believe in, and have a lot to learn from each other.  Martha gets to use her medical training as a doctor to help the Hath soldier she meets and allows the episode to portray both sides of the battle.  The Doctor, Donna and Jenny are on the run from both sides of the battle.  Though Jenny is created as a soldier, she learns other ways of living, and uses her intelligence and charm, that she gets from her father, to outwit the other soldiers.  The story finishes on a hopeful note, which will surely pay off at the end of series four. 


Next time, in "The Unicorn and the Wasp," the Doctor and Donna will encounter Agatha Christie, a mystery that needs solving, and a giant wasp in a story that will have a lighter tone, promoted as a comedy.