Review of "Planet of the Ood"
Episode written by Keith Temple and directed by Graeme Harper                                                                 19 April 2008

An administrator, Mr Bartle, and his Ood servant.

by Monika Lewis

The Ood, last seen in "The Impossible Planet" and "The Satan Pit," are given more dimension here.  Again, Donna takes the lead in trying to find out what the position of the Ood is in the society, as they are presented as servants but they later find out they are more like slaves, and are being oppressed by the humans.  The Ood and their human friends are positioned to strike back, but get help from the Doctor and Donna.  The scene with the containers was reminiscent of the Torchwood episode "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang," where Captain Jack's former partner in the Time Agency Captain John tricks Gwen into a locked compartment using his charm and his paralyzing lip gloss.  The time travelers infiltrate the Ood sales area, and the Doctor seems content to step back and observe, but Donna is the one who talks to the Ood themselves and try to fix their situation.