Review of "Partners in Crime"
Written by Russell T. Davies, directed by James Strong                                                                                         5 April 2008

The Doctor looks for clues to solve the mystery, but finds that he needs a companion to help him.

by Monika Lewis

It's wonderful to see the Doctor and Donna again in the fourth series premiere.  David Tennant and Catherine Tate display great comic timing as they both investigate Adipose Industries at the same time, always just missing each other as they go about their investigation in ways that complement each other and show that they are well suited to be companions in the future.  The miming scene when they first see each other pays off the suspense and they have a joyful reunion after escaping from Miss Foster.  The show sets up a new mystery that will continue throughout the fourth series: How will Rose get back to the Doctor?  Donna talks to Rose who has seen the Adipose take off, then Ms. Tyler walks away, fading into the distance.  She has figured out how to project her image into our universe, like the Doctor did in "Doomsday."  Will she discover a way to transport herself back home?  Time will tell.  Next time, though, it's volcano day!