Apps Tips and Tricks

Advanced Google Apps Tips and Tricks
Become a "Google Power User" by learning some advanced tips. Check out the doc with resources (make your copy).


1-Remote logout

Did you forget to log out? No worries, you can log out remotely by following these steps:

Log in to Gmail > Scroll to bottom right > Click on ‘Details’ > ‘Sign out All Other Sessions’


A simple way to track emails from your GMail.


Boomerang for Gmail is a Firefox / Chrome plugin that lets you take control of when you send and receive email messages.

Inbox Pause: stops new #email from coming into your Inbox until you’re ready for it

4-Email this Page extension

Email This Page

Email the link, title, and a selection of text on the web page you’re currently on with the click of this extension.

5-"Attached is"

Never send an email without the attachment again. Write “attached is” in the body of an email and if you forget the attachment, it will stop you and ask if you want to attach something or send the email as is.

6-Undo Send

Gear > Settings > General > Set Undo Send Time

7-Canned Responses with Filter

*Set up ‘Canned Response’ lab: Mail > Settings > Labs > Enable ‘Canned Response’ > Save Changes

*Write a ‘Canned Response’: Compose > Remove Signature > Type message in body > More > Canned Response > New Canned Response > Save > Title your Canned Response

*Set up a Filter: Mail > Settings > Filter

8-Search Operators

You can search for emails using the search bar at the top of your GMail inbox. Use the search operators to customize your search. View full list of search operators.

9-Default all Web Email Links to Open in Gmail

Hate that the Mac OS X Mail app opens every time you click a mail link? Make Gmail your default client for email links by going here, clicking the diamond icon in the browser bar, and selecting “Allow.”

10-Create a Google Ecosystem on an iOS Device
Via your Gmail and Chrome apps on your iOS device, set your Google Apps to ON "use the app instead of the browser"

> From Chrome: Three little dots > Settings > Google Apps
> From Gmail: Three little lines > Settings > Google Apps


1-Pin tab
If you want to make sure your tab remains open and that you don’t accidentally close out the tab, you should pin it.

Right click over a tab > Select Pin Tab

Note-The tab will shorten and will be placed to the far left of the browser

2-Reopen a Tab/Recover a Tab

Shift+Command/Control+T = to open up a tab you just closed

3-Bookmark all tabs

Right click over a tab > Select ‘Bookmark All Tabs’ > Save into a New Folder > Title Your folder

To find the tabs: Chrome Settings > Bookmarks > locate the folder > Open All Bookmarks

4-Incognito Mode

If you don't want Google Chrome to save a record of what you visit and download, you can browse the web in incognito mode.

-Click the Chrome menu  on your computer browser toolbar or touch Menu on your mobile device.

-Select New Incognito Window (computer) or New incognito tab (mobile).

-A new window will open with the incognito icon .

What's not captured or saved?

-browsing history isn't recorded

-cookies are deleted

-extensions are disabled

5-Chrome settings: continue where I left off
Chrome Settings > Settings > On Startup Select “Continue Where I Left Off”

6-Bookmarks Bar -remove text from icon

Add the bookmark > Right click on the bookmark > Edit > Delete Name

7-Removing 3rd-Party Apps and Extensions
Feeling overwhelmed with so many app that you don’t even use anymore? Remove the clutter with these steps

Removing Apps from Chrome

-Find Your Apps at: chrome://apps/

-Uninstall apps

Uninstall an app to remove it completely from the New Tab page and from the browser:

  1. Click the New Tab page button at the top of your browser window to open the New Tab page.

  2. Go to the Apps section.

  3. Drag the app into the Remove from Chrome button at the lower right corner. You can also right-click on the app icon itself and select Remove from Chrome.

  4. The app’s icon is removed from the New Tab page.

Uninstall or Disable Extensions

Settings > Extensions > Go to the Extension you wish to delete >

-Uncheck Enable to disable the lab but not delete it (see below)

-Click the 'Trash' icon to delete the extensions (see below)


1-Find Someone in a Doc

Click on their profile pix (square up in the top right) to jump to the spot on the document where they are (where their cursor is)

2-Share a doc via Comment Feature

Bring another person into the conversation by adding them via their Google account

Add as follows:

Ex: Comments on Current Event

3-Can't find where you put the file?
If have a file in a folder but don't know which one, the easiest way to find it is to open the file and click on the folder icon. This will open your folder management tool. Navigate to the folder with the check mark to find the folder that has your file.

Or if you click on the name of the file, the name of the folder pops up (see image below)

4-Add to My Drive

If someone shares their files with you via a folder, and you get the email invite, select ‘Open in Drive’

5-Remove a Service from Drive

Old Drive: Gear > Manage Apps > Options > Disconnect from Drive

New Drive: Gear > Settings > Manage Apps > Options > Disconnect from Drive

6-Google Takeout

Download your stuff:

7-File Size Limits

8-Collaborators with edit access (editors)

-Invite or remove other collaborators, if the owner has given editors this permission (default setting)

9-Google Drive Storage

Google Drive gives every user a combined storage of 30GB that is shared among Gmail, Drive, and Google+ photos. GAFE users have unlimited storage.

How much storage do I have left? Scroll down to the bottom left of your Drive. Hover or click over ‘Manage’

10-Sheets Tips

-Shift + Command (Ctrl on a PC) Down Arrow to delete all cells at the bottom of a sheet that you don't need

-Shift + Command (Ctrl on a PC) Right Arrow to delete all cells to the right of a sheet that you don't need

-Select all in a sheet and double click on the line between cells to adjust all cell lengths to fit the longest bit of text in the cell

-Drag the small square on the right corner of the cell to copy the content from that cell onto the cells below it (double click)

-Option + Drag the small square on the right corner of the cell to copy dates onto cells below it (double click)

11-Drawings Tips
Customize the size of the page: File > Page Setup > Custom Insert Image and customize it: Select the image > Image Option button

Create a document from a template: New > Document > click on top left green icon > select template > edit

13-Expiration Dates
Set expiration dates for access to Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides files:

-Has to be on a GAFE account
-Share the doc > then a timer icon appears > set time

14-Force 'Make a Copy'
Set up your document to force people to make a copy

Go to your document > Give people 'View' rights to the doc

Go to the url of the doc and change the word 'Edit' to 'Copy'

Share the link with the word 'copy'

Also try 'preview' for a pdf or web page type of view

15-Drop a Profile Icon onto the Doc
With your mouse, drag and drop someone's profile icon onto the doc. Once you let go, the icon will appear in the spot you dropped it.

16-Image Tricks
Example: Image Options

Crop an image based on a shape
>Insert Image
>Select the crop tool
>Select a shape from the 'Mask Image' drop down menu

Change the Image Color
>Insert image
>Select 'Image Options' (a menu will pop up on the right of the doc)
>Make selections from menu on the right

From Image Search
>Conduct your image search
>Click the Tools button
>Sort by size, type, rights
>Find other dimensions for the same image: Click on an image > Click on pixel dimension

Copying Text
>Ctrl+V = paste
>Ctrl+Shift+V = paste and adhere to current page formatting

Nudging Objects Close Together
>Use the arrow keys to move an object and your object jumps a pixel
>Use the arrow keys + Shift and the object nudges just a little bit

17-Suggested Actions in Docs Suggested action items appear when you use actionable words. As you type, if Google Docs detects an action item (for example, “Chris to send a follow-up email”), a suggested action item will appear.
> To accept the suggestion, click Assign. > To ignore the suggestion, click Dismiss. > To edit the suggestion, click More and then Edit. > To turn off suggestions, click Tools and then Preferences and uncheck "Suggest action items." RULE: For action items to be suggested, text must > Mention someone’s name or email. > Mention someone with access to the file. Learn more >

18-Generate a New Doc from Browser Open a browser and type '' and a new untitled doc will be created without having to go to Drive.

Try it for:

Go to Section Based on Answer
> Setup your pages and questions first
> Multiple Choice options
> Go to the three little dots at the bottom right of the question > Select 'Go To Section Based on Answer' Example

Copy multiple choice answers into your answer choices
> From this doc, copy the answer options
> Go to your Form (Monica's Form)
> Select Multiple Choice as the question type
> Paste the answer choices

20-Slides Video Options
> Insert videos
> Set beginning and end times
> Set to auto start

1-Go to YouTube and find a video or use this Screencastify video tutorial 
2-Copy the link of the YouTube video
3-Create a Google Slide presentation (
4-Insert YouTube video
5-Select video thumbnail
6-Adjust options as desired

21-Drag a file into multiple folders
> Hold down the option or control button as you drag a file 

22-My Super Hero Reflection

Tools: Drawings w/Revision History, Screencastify, Forms

Video: Audri's Rube Goldberg Monster Trap
Example-Drawings (My Super Hero, Attendee Example)

Step 1: Create a new Drawing: Go to > Create > Drawing

Step 2: Name your drawing: File > Rename > My Super Hero

Step 3: Create your superhero using all the tools available
Step 4: Install Screencastify on your Chrome browser
Step 5: Record your reflection (Drawings: File > Revision History > Use arrows to scroll)

Step 6: Upload to YouTube and make it public
Step 7: Submit your video here, Example

Optional: Bonus-Annotate your video with YouTube

Click the comment icon located at the bottom tab of your current sheet to see all comments at once


1-Calendar Quick Add
To help simplify the calendar entry, 'Quick Add' lets you type in a single sentence and then interprets what you entered and adds the appropriate calendar entry. Quick add recipe for events is to enter 'what,' 'who,' 'where,' and 'when' (only 'what' and 'when' are required).

Quick Add Tips

2-Calendar Find a Time

When you are scheduling a calendar entry for multiple people, it can be useful to check the schedules of each party to make sure you choose a time that works for everybody. If you are adding guests who also have Google Apps accounts with your school, you can check their availability to find a time that works, or use a Google Calendar tool to find the next available time everyone invited is free.

You can check your guest availability when you create a new calendar entry or edit the entry afterwards.

To check guest availability when you create a new calendar entry, follow these steps:

  1. Click Edit event details if you are not already viewing that page.

  2. Click Find a time below the date and time boxes.

  3. Add the guest to your event (see Add guests to a calendar entry)

  4. Events will show up when each individual is busy. The Shaded area is the event.  You can use this visual timeline to find an empty block when everyone can meet.

Coming to iOS soon!

3-Appointment Slots

Google Calendar allows you to set up an event as appointment slots. 

>You can set up an Appointment Slot when you're viewing Calendar in Week view or any Day view.
>To start, you’ll need to set a time slot that you’d like to make available for appointments. To do that, follow these steps:
  1. Sign into your Apps Calendar account

  2. Click anywhere in the calendar grid. In the event bubble that pops up, click Appointment slots.

  3. Indicate the details for the appointment slot using these fields:

    • What: Enter a short title for the appointment(s), like “Mrs. Smith’s Office Hours.”

    • Calendar drop-down menu: Choose the calendar you’d like to create the appointment slot on.

    • Offer as a single appointment: Select this button if the entire time slot will be for one appointment.

    • Split into smaller slots: Select this option if you’d like to allow multiple appointments to be scheduled during the slot. Simply select and indicate the duration for each appointment (in minutes) in the text box to the right.

  4. If you’re all finished, click Create slots on the bubble, or continue to the next step to add more details to your appointment slot.

  5. Click Edit details to open the appointment slot details page and add more information, such as a location or description, or to make the appointment slot repeat. To make the appointment slot recur, click the Repeat checkbox to choose your settings. Read more about repeating events here.

  6. If other people should be present during the appointment slot, you can invite them using the Add Guests field. For instance, a professor may want their assistant to be there during office hours and could invite them using this feature.

  7. When you’re finished, click Save.

You’re set up! Your appointment slot will display as a single event on your calendar and the calendars of any invitees. You’ll be able to distinguish the appointment slot from other events by its striped pattern. Once actual appointments are booked, they’ll appear as regular events overlapping with the striped appointment slot.

4-Jump to a part of your calendar

-Jump four months ahead

-To jump back to 'today', click on the letter 'T'

5-Toggle between the Five Calendar Views

-1 = Day

-2 = Week

-3 = Month

-4 = Custom

-5 = Agenda


1-Drop Down Navigation

*Set up Horizontal Navigation: More > (gear at the top right) > Edit Site Layout > Select ‘Horizontal Navigation’ > Edit Horizontal Navigation (hover in the header section to see this option) > Add a Page > Select the page you want to add > Ok

*Set up Drop Down Menu:

-From the ‘edit horizontal navigation’ menu, add all your pages (even the pages you want in the drop down menu).

-Click the arrow pointing to the right for the pages you want to have in the drop down menu

2-Add your icon to tabs

-Go to

-Upload your graphic

-Download the .ico file to your computer

-In your Google site: More > Manage Site > Attachments > Upload .ico file

3-Page-Level Permissions

More > Manage Site > Sharing and Permissions > Enable Page-Level Permissions


1-Photo Slide Show in Google Slides

-Instal the Photo Slideshow Add-On in Google Slides

Create a slideshow from your photos with Google Slides. Easily import images from Google Photos albums and Google Drive folders.

-Add-Ons > Photo Slideshow > Import from Google Photo Albums

*Only brings in photos in your library; so if you want all photos from the album, add everyone's photos to your library

*Crops them automatically



1-Security Tips


3-Device and Activity Dashboard

The Devices and Activity dashboard gives users greater insight into devices accessing their Google account. The page shows all devices that have been active on an account in the last 28 days or currently signed in. Suspicious activity is reported and there are options to immediately secure an account and change the password.

Start a video from a certain spot

5-About Me
Control what people see about you across Google tools like Drive, Photos, G+ and more.

6-Copying Text
Ctrl+V = paste
Ctrl+Shift+V = paste and adhere to current page formatting


This Drive app allows you to display a video and takes notes along side it as it plays. The notes are synced with the section of the video of when you typed. The video and the notes are saved in Google Drive and accessible later for viewing and sharing with others.

Link: Video

Resource: HowTo-Video Notes

Ex-YouTube Copyright Basics

Ex-The Science of Spiciness

Ex-Monster Trap

Ex-Caine's Arcade

8-Creating 360 and Virtual Reality (VR) Content

Use the following tools to generate your own VR experience.

Tools: Panoform, StreetView

Panoform (Hand Draw)

STEP 1-Print attached grid STEP 2-Draw, color, create a masterpiece :) STEP 3-Take a picture with your phone (rotate your phone to landscape) STEP 4-Go to STEP 5-Upload your image STEP 6-Select the cardboard icon to view in VR

-Create your drawings on either print or digital

Panoform (Digital)

STEP 1-Make a copy of this slide: VR Activities

STEP 2-Draw, color, create a masterpiece :)

STEP 3-Download: File > Download As > JPG

SSTEP 4-Go to

STEP 5-Upload your image STEP 6-Select the cardboard icon to view in VR

Street View

Street View for iOS:

Street View for Android:

Street View for Web:


Get Your Google On: Google A - Z

FOR FUN: Easter Eggs



Check out this list of resources on a doc here. Make your own copy.

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