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Place for connecting spaces that I have out there. If you have that much time to spare (and/or you are procrastinating), take a look around in the links, or just grab a book and go to the garden

Monica's Jeans: life outside the organizational context, while working for my PhD research. 

B2OB (2003/2009) - rumblings about organizational use of blogging (mainly in Portuguese).

Blogtese (2003-2008) - public notebook for master thesis and transition to PhD research.

Flickr - images that are bits of life (and work)., - bookmarks that lead to other information spaces, CiteULike - digital library.

INETI - working place from July, 2002 till July, 2009, and LNEG - working place since August 2009.  

 Started on March, 21, 2006

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