Sasquatch Bioacoustic

Field researchers from the Atlantic to the Pacific are actively engaged in the collection and analysis of bioacoustic signals that may help to substantiate the existence of an as-yet undescribed primate species in North America.  As a result of their efforts, and with increasing regularity, nearly identical vocalizations are being captured from widely dispersed geographic regions. Furthermore, many of these vocalizations have not been associated with other well known North American species, and in some instances exhibit characteristics well beyond the capacity of the average human speaker.

This site is dedicated to supporting this line of research and offers a growing catalog of unknown vocal and non-vocal audio clips. These audio recordings are assembled and characterized here to foster a growing knowledge of the vocals most frequently encountered by this research community and to aid others who may encounter similar vocals when in the field.

Those with an interest in the audio aspect of this area of research are encouraged to don their headphones and listen carefully to the clips collected here-in. Due to the challenges of audio recording in the field, the elusiveness of the quarry, and the inconsistent quality of computer speakers, headphones are essential to achieving the fullest appreciation of this audio content.

Special recognition and thanks are extended to the researchers who generously permit the inclusion of their material in this audio study and who contribute immeasurably to the analysis of these audio segments. These forward thinking benefactors include Galahad Whidby, Rick Noffke, AndrewP and Scott Taylor of the BFRO, John Andrews and Darrel Smith, the Michigan Recording Project, and humbly, myself herein known as Monongahela.

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