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Money Metals Exchange is a trustworthy resource for precious metals investors. This precious metals dealer, voted "Dealer of the Year" by Bullion.Directory, understands the value of safeguarding your assets. People are worried about the decline in purchasing power of the dollar and turn to bullion to preserve their wealth. When people look to buy gold and silver online, they purchase from Money Metals Exchange because this dealer takes the time to educate its customers. The educated staff is always available to answer any questions and they take the time to provide outstanding customer service from beginning to end. In addition to answering questions over the phone, Money Metals Exchange provides readily available content through articles, podcasts, and newsletters that constantly keeps customers up-to-date on relevant information about the markets.

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Money Metals Exchange ensures that buying gold and silver online is discreet, secure, and beginner-friendly. Too many people have been lured into scams through advertisements, television commercials, and spam emails, and they end up losing a significant amount of money. Money Metals Exchange strives to be a precious metals dealer people can trust by being transparent and honest with their customers. They pride themselves on helping people accrue gold and silver to protect their wealth for the future.

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Money Metals Exchange was founded in 2010 by Stefan Gleason, the company's President. He had heard countless complaints about the abusive methods of national advertisers of numismatic, "rare", and "collectible" coins, and was fed up by these companies' schemes. These scammers would often mark up their prices up to 100% or even higher. So, with his vast background in publishing, law, and finance, Stefan Gleason took the time to educate his current support team in Eagle, Idaho to meet the goal of offering precious metals investors a safe way to buy gold and silver online at fair prices.

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Money Metals Exchange: Eagle, ID

Money Metals Exchange: Eagle, ID

There are several reasons to buy gold and silver as a way to protect wealth for the future. For starters, precious metals are a hedge against inflation. In the past, when inflation has occurred, gold and silver prices have skyrocketed. As soon as inflation is brought under control, precious metals prices start to drop. This response is often referred to as "safe-haven" buying. However, this phenomenon is not exclusive to inflation. Investors flock to gold and silver whenever a situation seems dire. The most recent event that caused people to run to precious metals was during the Brexit situation. Metals prices were the highest they'd been since 2011. Although Brexit didn't result in a financial collapse, many people thought it would. They ran to gold and silver because they believed that if the fiat currency collapsed, the physical metal could maintain their wealth and protect them from losing everything. A more extreme school of thought to protecting wealth for the future are those who buy gold and silver for survival purposes. These individuals focus on purchasing small coins, specifically silver coins, for barter. A 1 oz silver coin is much easier to buy goods and services with than a 1 oz gold coin. Fractional gold coins are an option to barter with, but many survivalists choose to stick to silver.

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Investors don't need to be seasoned to buy gold and silver online. Money Metals Exchange has tailored their website to be beginner-friendly. Once on the home page, visitors have the freedom to browse the products, content, and interviews at their leisure without feeling pressure from any salespeople. In addition, Money Metals Exchange offers a Live Chat feature that can be found on every page should questions arise. The website is hassle-free and requires no obligation to browse.

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The trickiest part about making the decision to buy gold and silver online is knowing what type of precious metal to buy. The amount of available products can be overwhelming at times, especially to a new investor. Not to mention knowing how to avoid the scammers that are trying to sucker metals investors into purchasing "rare" or "collectible" coins for a ridiculously high premium. This why Money Metals Exchange exists - to guide precious metals investors during turbulent times.

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