Astrology is a window to eternity. Sun’s 11-years cycle has the quality of  the 11th planet or the 360-years directions cycle (close to the 11th planet) and resonates with all figures that can be divided by 11, which is a proportion of Fibonacci numbers standing from each other at 5 steps. For example: 55:5=11. The 10th number divided by the 5th , 10 – 5 = 5. So 10 steps give a proportion of 11x11=121, or 610:5=122. The structural levels of the Universe can be counted by scores, corresponding to 10 well-known planets. Two scores are physical  world, symbolically called  “Earth”.  Three and four scores are symbolized by Water, aether and astral world . Fife and six – by Air, mental world. Seven and eight – by Fire, spiritual world. Each world or element  forms a  dodecahedron , called by Plato “Universe”. Four universes are the whole creation, or  World. Three upper worlds are called “Heaven” or “Three heavens”, because they are nonmaterial from the physical point of view. Though aether and astral may be considered to be subtle matter. Exploration of these 80 levels is practically eternal and is quite sufficient for anybody who got there, searching for paradise.

     Eternity can’t give you money but it is real for souls already in their earthly life. As liberation from stress, caused by the impasse of limited space. Idealism is practical from a psychological point of view. It helps to surpass material problems. Unsolved by quick methods. While waiting for some results, postponed by fate for an indefinite time.

     Each dodecahedron has 20 points and 12 planes, corresponding to zodiac signs. They don’t succeed one another but coexist as a structure where you can travel as long as you like. Physical dodecahedron is the real form of the Universe. Close to sphere. Its center is light. Matter is running away from the center after the Big Bang. Initial light produced at this initial stage can be watched and measured to find out where we are moving. Galaxies in our part of the Universe run towards the constellation of Lion, the meeting light from this direction gets warmer, symbolizing the warmth of summer in August and thus identifying this direction with Lion as a zodiac sign. It means that the center of the Universe is in the opposite direction, i.e. in Aquarius. Its ruler Uranus becomes a symbol of the Universe. As the 8th  Fibonacci number (21)  it symbolizes its center as the 21st structural level. Transitional from physical world to aether.

     Years in Sun’s 11-years cycle can be divided into sub-cycles by Fibonacci numbers and produce Fibonacci numbers  in the sum as a result. Quintile divides a year into 5 periods, 72 degrees or 73 days each. Eleven years have 55 such sub-cycles, or symbolic  reincarnations in 55 lives. In progressions one day stands for one year, 73 days are one human life. These reincarnations take place after death as transition from one space to another. In his physical body a man lives only once. As a start.

      One is God, three are body, soul and spirit, four are elements, seven are planets. 1+3=4, 3+4=7, 4+7=11. Sun’s cycle can be divided by this proportion:  4/11+7/11=11. At 7 a child goes to school, at 11he finishes his initial education, at 18 (11+7) he finishes college. These stages of life can be interpreted by the qualities of elements,  planets and Sun. If a year is divided by trine into 120 degrees or 121 days (11x11), we get 33 sub-cycles, close 34, the 9th Fibonacci number, Neptune. Spiritual development, faith. If a year is divided by semi-square into 45 degrees or 91 day, the result is 88 sub-cycles, close 89, the 11th Fibonacci number. Collective consciousness and vision of life. These are familiar astrological aspects of planets. Golden proportion gives them a more harmonious interpretation than in traditional astrology. If we divide a year by 13 (which belongs to harmony too) into 28 degrees or days, the result is 143, close to144, the 12th Fibonacci number, Xena (Vulcan), Taurus. Collective emotions, life.  The last aspect is the 21st Fibonacci number, 360:21=17 degrees or days. The sum is 231 sub-cycles, close to 233, the 13th Fibonacci number, Proserpine, Virgo. Collective  reason, realism

    Human life lasts usually from 5 to 8 Sun’s cycles, 55-88 years. Or 72 plus-minus 17 years. This deviation is like Sun’s orbis of 17 degrees. By progressions or directions one degree is one year. It is one  half of the 9th Fibonacci number, 34, Neptune. That’s the range of Sun in zodiac. In 34 millions of years the center of our Galaxy passes  two constellations, 17x12=204. If we divide its cycle (200) by 11, we get 18 million years. It is the next figure in the row of 1,3,4,7,11…The number of the figure is the number of the steps in that proportion. For example, the 5th figure, 11, is the proportion of  Fibonacci numbers separated by 5 steps. The 6th figure,18, means 6 steps. The 11th figure, 199 or approximately 200, divides  the number separated by 11 steps. That’s our Galaxy’s rotation cycle, approximately 200 millions of years.

     Bigger cycles are projected to smaller, abstract becomes concrete. Curiosity  is rewarded because eternity gives a clue to ordinary life. Resonances with Heaven develop soul and make it stronger in difficult circumstances. Believers don’t surrender, don’t give up their principles, hopes, results. Fibonacci numbers  show harmonious opportunities in our life, turn it into music where all negative aspects are dissolved as dissonances in a major final.  Opposition, the main problem of  astrologers, is a horoscope circle, divided by 2 into 180 degrees. But 2 is Jupiter, a planet of luck and success. In harmonic astrology opposition becomes development from one planet to another like Moon Nodes. The way of life and action we can choose to go to a better state. Then we can come back and close the loop. Any opposition become a journey, an adventure, an idea or a program for future  implementation. Though it still doesn’t become easy, because you have to work hardly, it doesn’t lead to success just by itself. Square is 4,  Earth and Moon, planets of man, personality, soul and self-realization.  The 4th Fibonacci number is 3, or Mars, which means tension and struggle. In a sublimated interpretation of  a square its tension is a stimulus for changes, struggle leads personal realization.  Moon turns it into a cycle with 4 phases, connected with elements, Another implementation of 4 is a cross, symbol of  life, death and resurrection, dialectics of thesis, antithesis and synthesis.  With Fibonacci numbers 4 turns into 3. Square is no longer an impasse. Semi-square is 8, Uranus, a planet of new ideas and unexpected changes. It may give instability, chaos, destruction, if you are afraid of the new, liberating you from the past. But if you accept its challenge and go voluntarily to a new life, changes come smoothly and easily without strikes or stress.

     Simple figures from 7 to 19 are transcendental because the circle of 360 degrees, a symbol of life,  can not be divided by them precisely. Septile is 7, or Sun, counting from Saturn. It’s a spiritual and creative aspect, leading to God. Next aspects, 11 and 13 get their meaning from the cycles of Sun and Moon, years and months. Biseptile, 14, is the center of Our Galaxy, repetition of Sun as a source of energy on a higher level of space. It’s collective spirituality, creativity and enlightenment, also leading to God. The same is true for 21, the last aspect, meaning  the summit of the Universe. Only on a still higher level. Next are more remote and subtle. 17 is a repetition of Saturn (10+7, counting from Sun) as a galaxies net  knot, meaning transcendental structures, separate units of one network. 19 is a repetition of Neptune (10+9) as galaxies net itself, meaning transcendental ethics, which ties separated units together. It’s also an approximate  radical of 360 degrees, 19x19=361. It repeats 19-fase year cycle on lower level and resonates with degrees and days, giving a clue to their concrete meaning, derived from space as a projection of visible stars, or close civilizations. Which give qualities to our zodiac degrees from their internal life. The empirical meaning of these degrees is a clue to civilizations too. 18 is a repetition of Uranus, a galaxies net cell, sunyata, meditative emptiness,  with an additional meaning of Neptune (18=9x2), a  sea as a symbol of nirvana. 20 is a repetition of Pluto (20=10x2), space energy, the  Universe as a whole, an invisible source of power, giving victory to those who can switch to it by meditation or psychic techniques.