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     Mani Padma 


      How can you improve your business? What is the cause of luck and success? Besides correct choice of goods and services, partners and clients, real results depend on subtle energies, emitted by your products or offers through your ads. People feel it subconsciously and choose your information under the influence of your impulse. Otherwise they just ignore you and your enterprise, no matter how honest and useful you are.

    But what’s the source of this energy? Where can you get it from?  Prayer and meditation? That’s right but not enough. If you don’t choose the right time for the start and don’t use the astral influence of planets and zodiac signs. Astral factors of human life and success.

     The main source of energy for all living beings is Sun, the symbol of God. Planets reflect it and distribute by one’s horoscope through the prism of zodiac and houses, 12 sectors of the wheel, determining concrete spheres of life. Such as character  and partners, money and threats, commerce and distant contacts, home and job, advertisements and clients, duties and final results. If you start some business project, when proper planets stand in the house of money, you are sure to earn it. If they stand in the opposite house of threats and losses, you are sure to loose. Two hours earlier or two hours later and the planets are in another sector. The astral energy lay-out is different  and the outcome of your initiative too. One day can change relationships of planets, their angles or aspects in the horoscope wheel, and it can change your fate, bring you either failure or victory both in your activities and in your personal life.

     Intuition in business depends on astrology too. If you start  your project with good aspects of Moon, you’ll feel  any situation as it arises or even in advance. And to opportunities and threats immediately and effectively. You’ll make proper choices in proper times and get right horoscopes. Development of a lucky start is easier than the start itself. You only need to get on the wave.

    Success in general is assured by Jupiter. It prompts  good ideas and supports growth of wealth. Or your domination in any of life. When its aspects are positive and harmonious. Sagittarius, which is ruled by Jupiter,  also gives luck and good perspectives  in work. Planets in Sagittarius denote spheres of development, get chance for maximum resonance.

    Planets in the house of money (the 2nd)show possible ways of earning. Mercury, for example, means trade. Jupiter – business. Their aspects to other planets – concrete goods and services. The ruler of the zodiac sign on the cuspide of this house is another clue. Negative aspects warn about possible financial failures, if you try these fields. The house of profession (the 10th) determines status, official job, though it does not lead automatically to a substantial income. Results depend on aspects too. If both houses have positive ties, job gives money. If negative – salary will be small. Another house, connected with material issues, is the house of duties (the 6th). It means work as a process and colleges, who serve the same boss. It can mean neither status, nor money, if aspects to planets in these houses are negative. But nevertheless it is better to work even without immediate results or this house becomes the sector of illnesses. And you may be punished for laziness and lack of responsibility by some disease. Sun in the 2nd house gives health and wealth, in the 10th house – popularity, fame. When these sectors of one’s horoscope are filled with planets with positive relations, material problems will be surely solved.

     The main problem of financial astrology is the planet directly responsible for money. All houses correspond to zodiac signs: 1- Aries, 2 – Taurus, 3 – Gemini etc. The second ruler of Taurus is Venus. So it is associated with money because the first ruler of Taurus is in question. My own astrological research logically proves that it is Eris, the new planet after Pluto, discovered in 2003. Its period is 557 years and now in 2010 it is in the 22 degree of Aries. In personal horoscopes it is in the previous degrees of Aries too. Jupiter now moves over Eris , natal and transit, and gives everybody a chance for a financial success. Uranus will move there in the several coming years too and will bring new revolutionary ideas and changes or money through Internet. To use it or miss it is up to you.

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