Cartel-Money DECEPTION!! 
                                                               by Bernard Brauer                               Last updated: February 27, 2012

"Give me control of a nation's money supply, and I care not who makes its laws."  Mayer Amschel Rothschild
"Give me control of a Government that issues monopoly, interest-free currency, and I care not who makes the nation's laws." Bernard "Amschel" Brauer
"Give me no control because of a private, non-monopoly and competitive currency market, and I will care who makes the nation's laws."  Bernard "Amschel" Brauer     
"Give me control of a nation's FBI supply and I care not who tries currency competition."  Bernard "Amschel" Brauer, (FBI agents unlawfully and criminally raid Liberty Dollar). 
"Give me control of a nation's law supply, and I will care to prosecute and fine (for 999 trillion dollars, and for all gold and assets) everyone in the unlawful Rothchild Cartel."  Bernard "Amschel" Brauer
Snowclone: "It's Not the Usury Stupid... It's the Government violence-enforced Monopoly!"

"Wow, quite well done." Bernard von NotHaus, Monetary Architect of Liberty Dollar. 


Money/Currency Issue Solved Once And For All Through A Private AND COMPETITIVE Industry. (Well, duh!)




- NO private corporation with Government violence-enforced currency monopoly (medium inflation rate/medium interest rate/HIGH fraud rate)...... say no to corporate fascism.


- NO Government violence-enforced monopoly, interest-free currency (high inflation rate/zero interest rate/HIGH fraud rate)...... say no to state communism.


- YES for private, decentralized, and ease-of-entry system with possibly 1,216 different COMPETING Currencies in the USA (zero inflation rate/low interest rate/LOW fraud rate). That is not "too many" currencies, and is instead a reasonable amount, viz. four currencies COMPETING per one million population...... say yes to laissez-faire distributism


A Private, Decentralized AND COMPETITIVE Money/Currency Industry
(Note - Competition as used here does not mean rivalry but "freedom to supply a market")

                                        Not just Free To 'Choose' but Free To 'PRODUCE' Money


It is not necessary to read these few pages on the MONEY/CURRENCY industry if you can answer the following seven questions:

1. Who should run a CLOTHES business? (In a laissez-faire free market who decides this?)    

2. What should CLOTHES be made of?  (In a laissez-faire free market who decides this?)

3. How much CLOTHES should there be in the world?  (In a laissez-faire free market who decides this?)

4. How many CLOTHES companies should exist in the USA? 

    0?...1?...2?...12?...120?...1,200?...1,216?...12,000?...120,000?...What number?  (In a laissez-faire free market who decides this?) 

5. How much should it cost to buy or lease CLOTHES?  (In a laissez-faire free market who decides this?)

6. Would the following be the sign of State Communism: Constitution - Article one, Section eight, Clause five: The Congress shall have Power...... To weave CLOTHES, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign CLOTHES, and fix the Standard of Weights and Sizes?

7. Should it be legal for a Merchant that could only obtain 100 Top-Grain leather coats in inventory to contract with 700 customers (600 too many) to sell to or lease to them one each of the same Top-Grain leather coats and then to fulfill the contract by delivering to each of those 700 customers a coat made of standard 0.950 millimeter thick garbage bag plastic, and moreover to then trade away to others the real 100 Top-Grain leather coats for the Merchants own personal benefit?

8. Bonus question: Is there a single person on the face of this Earth who knows how to make a PENCIL? (bye-bye "Social Credit" and "Interest-free Government Issued" theories of how the money/currency business should be run).


- Hypothetical scenario: 1,216 separate Money/Currency firms (all private, non-State owned and operated) in the United States of America alone with FOUR SEPARATE MONEY/CURRENCY COMPANIES COMPETING IN EACH REGION OF ONE MILLION POPULATION.
The same situation for 303 other regions (2008 population estimate = 304,000,000). That does NOT mean only four companies for all of the USA, but it DOES mean 1,216 separate companies with 1,216 separate CEO's and 1,216 separate currencies (paper warehouse-receipts) for all of the United States of America. Also a total of 20 KINDS of Money (gold bars, silver bars, snakewood, exotic artwork, whatever) offered for all of the uSA. A moral, decentralized, efficient, high-quality, personalized system that would be called a laissez-faire free market or maybe Distributism. 

- Your inalienable rights are derived from God; therefore The State ("The Government") cannot grant the "right" to start (and most certainly does not have the "right" to illegally and criminally close down) a money/currency business; if The State had a function it would be to only protect your rights. Money/Currency competition reins in the sinful nature of human beings and forces honest business practices. Borrowers need less money to accomplish the same goals, real interest rates are lower for borrower, and real wages increase for workers. Lenders have more secure borrowers  resulting in less defaults, receive higher real interest income, and purchasing power of money/currency asset increases.

- It is forbidden in infiltrated libertarian circles to promote full Laissez-Faire. Only allowed is: everything be Laissez-Faire EXCEPT FOR THE MONEY/CURRENCY INDUSTRY. How can this be called a real laissez-faire free market?

- A non mono-poly money/currency industry would instead be called a many-opoly or a multi-opoly or a poly-opoly.


- The Money/Currency industry needs to be governed (a verb, not a noun) more and better but NOT through The State. If The State had run (governed) the clothing business for the last 200 years, then all clothes would be made of burlap, available only in the color brown (analogous to money made available only in paper), and people would wonder who would make and sell clothes if you suggested that The State ("The Government") get out of the clothing business.  


- To oppose the Hegelian Dialectic thesis-antithesis-synthesis manipulation of the Pharisee Zionist named Milton Friedman (he co-wrote the bestselling book "Free to Choose") I will call this essay "Free to Produce . . . Money".   


- If you take 20 minutes of your time to read, understand and believe the Truth in this essay you will be smarter than a first-year student who has studied Monetary Economics for 100 hours AND you will be smarter than 5,000 university-trained Monetary Economics PhD's all put together who have each studied full-time for 20 years. This means that you (a layperson adult, a teenager, a child or even a toddler if you read it to him) would be one million times smarter than any one of the 5,000 PhD's on the topic of Monetary Economics, and that is the power of The Truth over lies and deception.



                          *** Free to PRODUCE Money: Private AND COMPETITIVE Currencies ***


A better way than a State-run business is called a private laissez-faire competitive market. For instance, anyone should be free to start their own clothes manufacturing business tomorrow morning. Likewise, anyone should be free to start their own money-safekeeping/receipt-issuing business tomorrow morning. 


Do we need Corporate Fascism in the clothing industry or Corporate Fascism in the currency industry, run by a private corporation and given a State monopoly? No.

Many agree with that and think they are geniuses for knowing that the Federal Reserve is privately owned. Then these same people suggest State Communism as a solution. Let a State monopoly take care of it and charge no interest they say. Have the State issue its own currency. But you know what? I can already envision 24 percent currency inflation per year under this system and, as a result, the prices of goods and services rising 24 percent per year. I can also envision ever-increasing amounts of money going to the......... FRIENDS of the State bureaucrats and the stringpuller Criminal Family Monarchies behind the scenes who control the State through bribery, blackmail and threats.

Having a State monopoly for currency would not work for the same reasons it has not worked in any other industry.  There are 1,001 good books available on the corruption of the State and the immorality of forced communism. It would not work because of the "criminality" and inefficiency inherent in the State. And having one hundred countries each with its own currency monopoly is NOT real competition, it's just one hundred corrupt, immoral and inefficient Fascist or Statist monopolies.

A private and competitive (many suppliers) money/currency industry is the real practical, moral and religious solution that works. Competition would keep currency businesses honest and producing the best money products, probably gold-backed and silver-backed currency, but much more important than that, backed by whatever two or more parties VOLUNTARILY agree upon.

The only possible role for the State and their police would be to prosecute people for criminal acts like stealing clothes or counterfeiting currency. And that my friends is the simple solution that solves all questions and problems in the currency business once and for all. But there are a lot of State intellectuals and investment media writers who make a good living by keeping the waters muddied and avoiding at all costs a final, single and simple solution. So expect the debate to continue and only two solutions offered, Corporate Fascism or State Communism. But never suggest what works in every other business, a private AND COMPETITIVE laissez-faire, free-enterprise market.


                                                            Create a currency:  HERE, and HERE

If someone could create a 1/5 ounce silver coin (or thereabouts) then this could be used practically, like to buy breakfast or lunch. And stores could package their product (breakfast or lunch) to fit the 1/5 ounce amount. With a small, practical initial step like this millions of people could start using these coins immediately, and different weights could come later. This would be the first big step in destroying the "Illuminati" monopoly hammerlock on currency. The Open Currency team is available to help bring together the pieces so that you can create your own medallions. A 1/5 ounce "ten" piece has not been done yet and would make a great solution.


Should Food, Clothing and Shelter be Built, Owned and Operated by The State?


The above headline is false. It is NOT true. That would be State communism which everyone knows is disasterous economically. That headline was to shock people into the truth by using irony. After that headline was read most people would get angry at me for promoting communism or statism. How dare I suggest that The State be involved in  commerce. OK, the same is true of the money/currency industry. There is no good practical, moral or religious reason for the State to own and/or control the money/currency industry. The food, clothing, shelter and money/currency industries are too important for the State to assume ownership and/or control.

A lot of people will say words to the effect of: "We need to abolish the private control of credit and bring it under government control, with no interest charged." But here is what the correct economic liberty view is:
Imagine a clothing industry in your country run by a single private corporation which was granted a government enFORCED monopoly. This is an example of fascism (private ownership and State control).There are always all kinds of inefficiencies and corruption in this setup.

Now imagine a solution proposed for this clothing industry which is for the government to run the clothing system. This is an example of State communism (State ownership and State control). There are also all kinds of inefficiencies and corruption in this setup. The correct solution for all the problems in the clothing industry would be to have economic liberty. In other words competition amongst many suppliers, freedom of entry into the business and freedom by customers to choose and trade with any supplier.

Again, having one private corporation with a state granted monopoly over an industry, enFORCED by state gunpower is NOT a free-enterprise system. That is fascism.

So also, just apply the above logic to the "currency" industry (credit is just a derivative of a currency) and that's that - you have your solution to the 1001 issues and controversies in the money/currency industry. The correct solution for all the problems in the currency industry would be to have economic liberty. In other words competition amongst many currency suppliers, freedom of entry into the currency business and freedom by customers to choose and trade with any currency supplier.

In fact currency inflation would be eliminated and the prices of all goods and services would FALL each year by the rate of productivity increase, say 3% a year on average (get your calculators out and see how inexpensive a new car would cost now compared to say... the year you were born in).

And don't believe statist university propaganda that a free market in currencies was tried 150 years ago and it didn't  work. Don't believe your commie, government-intellectual professor. The free market HAS worked 9,999 times/industries in a row and it would work here also. If the State previously did a poor job of catching and prosecuting for currency fraud or counterfeiting then that is an indictment of the inefficiency of the State's police and is just an argument for government to get out of the police business also.

The only function of the State in the above scenarios would be to recieve a 911 call from a business saying that a robber had just stolen clothes or a criminal had just passed counterfeit currency, and would you please catch and arrest them.

                                                                 The Cat that Swallowed the Canary
"The Zionist Money Monopolists running the federal government supply $2 trillion to bail out the stock houses and banks. Meanwhile Americans can't afford to flush their toilets."
Was Milton Friedman a Socialist ?


The very first thing I look for in a person's ideas to determine if they are a true libertarian is to see if they believe in a privatized and competitivized market in the Money/Currency industry. This means there could be zero, or one, or two, or ten, or one-hundred, or one-thousand, or even ten-thousand separate private companies in the currency business in the USA - whatever number the free-market of consumers and producers voluntarily trading says there should be. The free-market determines the number of clothes manufacturing companies in the USA and the free-market can determine the correct number of currency companies in the USA.  

Milton Friedman does not seem to have been one of these people which makes him a believer in forced communism or fascism for the Money/Currency industry. It's interesting to note that his office was at Stanford which is associated with the mind-control and mass brainwashing Tavistock Institute. 

Now, I should give him a break here because he secretly probably did believe in a free market for the Money/Currency industry, but knew that too much said articulately would result in a
JFK style public execution or just simply being shunned by the media and every other institution that the financial elite control. Or very likely die in the now common  and over-used small plane crash (a la John Kennedy junior ).

He should have wrote a book entitled "Free to Produce" instead of "Free to Choose." In there he could have had a  chapter about how people should be able to freely produce in the clothing industry. Then he could have had another chapter about how people should be free to produce in the Money/Currency industry. He could have answered the question of how to determine the correct supply of money by asking, "How does the free, competitive market determine the correct amount of clothes for a society?"  

He could have explained that a free market would consist of a currency backed by gold. Then he could have said that he just made a mistake about the gold backing idea, and that a REAL free market would be
competitive with ease of entry into the industry and that currencies should be backed by anything two or more people voluntarily agreed upon. That could be gold, or silver, or copper, or titanium, or playing cards for that matter.

If 100 million people in the USA decided they wanted a currency backed by
snakewood, or silver, or titanium it would  be "illegal" to force them by a State Law to use gold as a backing. Would Friedman have agreed with that?




"In 1942, during world war two, Friedman actually went to work for the US government. While there he helped design   the payroll tax that in Britain is known as PAYE, Pay As You Earn, and in the US as withholding tax, the system that allows the government to administer the taking of income tax directly from salaries and pay packets. Unlike everything else he argued for, withholding tax has withstood the test of time and is in use all around the world. It was the best thing that Keynesian-style government could ever have wished for..."




Introducing the Free Competition in Currency Act

Ron Paul Speech to Congress

December 13, A.D. 2007

Madam Speaker, I rise to introduce the Free Competition in Currency Act. This act would eliminate two sections of U.S. Code that, although ostensibly intended to punish counterfeiters, have instead been used by the Government to shut down private mints. As anticounterfeiting measures, these sections are superfluous, as 18 U.S.C. 485, 490, and 491 already grant sufficient authority to punish counterfeiters.

The two sections this bill repeals, 18 U.S.C. 486 and 489, are so broadly written as to effectively restrict any form of private coinage from competing with the products of the United States Mint. Allowing such statutes to remain in force as a catch-all provision merely encourages prosecutorial abuse. One particular egregious recent example is that  of the Liberty Dollar, in which Federal agents seized millions of dollars worth of private currency held by a private mint on behalf of thousands of people across the country.

Due to nearly a century of inflationary monetary policy on the part of the Federal Reserve, the U.S. dollar stands at historically low levels. Investors around the world are shunning the dollar, and millions of Americans see their salaries, savings accounts, and pensions eroded away by rising inflation. We stand on the precipice of  an unprecedented monetary collapse, and as a result many people have begun to look for alternatives to the dollar.

As a proponent of competition in currencies, I believe that the American people should be free to choose the type of currency they prefer to use. The ability of consumers to adopt alternative currencies can help to keep the Government and the Federal Reserve honest, as the threat that further inflation will cause more and more people to opt out of using the dollar may restrain the government from debasing the currency. As monopolists, however, the Federal Reserve and the Mint fear competition, and would rather force competitors out using the federal court system and the threat of asset forfeiture than compete in the market.

A free society should shun this type of strong-arm action, and the Free Competition in Currency Act would take the necessary first steps to freeing the market for competing currencies. I urge my colleagues to support this bill.


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