Youth Aviation Scholarships

Aviation scholarships and programs for grade school students to young adults




There are many opportunities for youth in aviation via organizations like the EAA Young Eagles, Civil Air Patrol/CAP, the Aviation Explorer Scouts and even local airport or pilot associations. However, not all are for funding flight lessons and may be awards to attend an aviation camp or other ground based aviation activity for younger kids to aviation courses at community colleges for young adults.

There are a few EAA scholarships listed here that are funded by individual chapters of the organization. Most chapter awards are not well publicized beyond their local area. Check with EAA national for chapters in your area then inquire with your local chapter as to whether they offer a scholarship.

Adopt-a-Kid-Pilot Aviation Programs & Scholarship
Pilot for a Day
One of our biggest goals at AAKP is to provide our soon to be pilots the opportunity to experience what it is to be an actual pilot, first hand.  Partnering with local fixed base operators, the experienced individuals at AAKP have arranged an extended intro flight specific to our organization.  The individuals will be taken through every step a pilot must perform to take a basic flight.  From planning, pre-flighting the airplane, proper flight operations, flying the airplane, and post-flight procedures, the pilot in training will have a full understanding for what it is to be a pilot.  This program is designed to spark the potential pilot’s interest in aviation and give an in-depth look at what it is to actually be, a private pilot. 

Intro Flight
While the pilot for a day program takes you through the full aspect of what it is to be a private pilot, the Intro Flight gives prospective pilots a taste for aviation and leaves them beckoning for more.  The individual embarking on an intro flight will be able to structure their flight time to the extent allowable by the flight school.  This program is for those thinking about aviation as a possible career or recreational path and is an excellent way to give kids the chance to get their feet wet with a flight.

Private Pilot Scholarship
At Adopt a Kid Pilot, we strive to offer children the ability to fly, but for a select few we have taken this a step further in offering a scholarship to those who we feel have done their share to deserve such an opportunity.  This goes far above and beyond what is experienced in the Pilot for a Day program in the student pilot actually receives a fully funded training program and at the end of training will, pending the checkride, be a licensed pilot.  This is a scholarship opportunity provided by Adopt a Kid Pilot and as such, there is a process by which the interested student must apply and guidelines restricting those that can apply.  We are currently not accepting applications for this, though could post dates soon. Check their site for information on when their application window is open.
Adopt a Kid Pilot is currently serving the greater Los Angeles area with hopes to expand into more of California and eventually establish chapters nationwide.

Aero Club of N. California Flight Scholarships
James M. Nissen, Roy G. Hester & Robert L. Hamilton Awards
Three $1,000.00 scholarships that will be given to outstanding local college level Aviation students each March. Applicants must be enrolled in an Aviation program at one of the following colleges or universities:

  • College of Alameda
  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Oakland Extended campus)
  • Gavilan College
  • City College of San Francisco
  • Santa Rosa Junior College
  • San Jose State University
  • Be at the sophomore level (30 semester units completed) or above
  • Have completed at least 15 semester units in Aviation courses
  • Have an overall GPA of at least 2.5

American Yankee Association
The AYA scholarship program helps young people initiate or continue their flight training. The program offers scholarships of up to U.S.$2,500 to people 16-21 years old. Our Scholarship Fund is open to young people from any country, and the application process is not complicated. Candidates may obtain an application form and instructions from either the fund administrator or the secretary/treasurer. Candidates must submit their applications and supporting documents to the fund administrator by February 1 of each year. The scholarship recipients will be notified prior to the annual convention and announced to the membership at the convention. Qualified applicants will be assessed by the scholarship committee on the following criteria:

  • A demonstrated strong interest in general aviation.
  • A proven self-starter, willing to earn his/her way.
  • Academic skills as demonstrated by scholastic record of at least a C+ (2.5 GPA), if applicable.
  • Participation and demonstrated contributions to their communities.

For more information visit- 

Auburn (CA) Pilots Association
"Free Flight Scholarships". One scholarship for the Private Pilot, two runner up awards for solo flight training. Must be a high school student in the Auburn area. Scholarship .pdf file

Auburn Aviation Association
P.O. Box 6454
Auburn, CA 95604-6454

Aviation Education Foundation of Colorado
Sponsored and organized by EAA Chapter 72, Meadow Lake. Scholarships for kids who want a career in aviation to get a pilots license.

Aviation Explorer / Sporty's Scholarship
Sporty's Pilot Shop offers two annual $1,000 scholarships to encourage Aviation Explorers to enter and complete an aviation curriculum. Get info here-

Aviation Explorer Scholarships
The National Aviation Exploring Committee awards individual scholarships between $3,000 and $10,000 annually to aviation Explorers pursuing a career in the aviation industry. The intent of these scholarships is to identify and reward those individuals who best exemplify the qualities that lead to success in the aviation industry. You may apply for as many types of scholarships as you wish.  However, you are only eligible to receive one scholarship per academic year.  Candidates are judged on their documentation of leadership involvement, aviation accomplishments, and recognition of achievement as well as the strength of their essay stating their educational plan for a career in aviation.  

Aviation Profession Scholarship (Scholarship value $10,000)
Awarded to an Aviation Explorer accepted or attending an accredited college or university in pursuit of a degree leading to an aviation profession.  Provide a copy of your high school or college transcript.

Pilot Certificate Scholarship (Scholarship value $3,000)
Awarded to an Aviation Explorer pursuing their recreational or private pilot certificate (any type aircraft) and are not restricted to those pursuing a career in aviation.  Flight training must be completed within one year.  Candidates are judged on the strength of their essay stating their plan for a career in aviation, evidence of satisfactory initial flight training, and performance history in education and/or work, volunteerism, financial need. Get details here-

Aviation Explorers
1325 West Walnut Hill Lane
P.O. Box 152079
Irving, TX  75105-2079

The Aviation Scholarship Foundation
The Aviation Scholarship Foundation is a charity dedicated to students from Illinois and Indiana's poorest communities. Their mission is to fund private pilot training for low income youth. Visit their site at

Aviation Youth Academy /AYA (Kansas City, MO)
The collaborative development of a training program with the Kansas State University at Salina Aviation Program where children ages ten (10) through eighteen (18) are given classroom flight instruction including aviation history, ground school, orientation flight training, and flight training in training aircraft located in Salina, Kansas by certified instructors.

The students will also receive classroom instruction on the numerous contributions made to aviation by minorities and underrepresented Americans. During this training process, the
children will have unlimited opportunities to develop socialization skills while interacting with staff and other children in the program.

Beechcraft Heritage Museum Youth Scholarships & Programs
The Beechcraft Heritage Museum is proud to be a satellite location for the Experimental Aircraft Association's Air Academy . This program is designed to attract youth ages 10-14 to mathematics and science by using aviation as the vehicle. The program teaches the fundamentals of flight and laws of motion using experiments with wooden gliders, parachutes, hot air balloons, and model rockets.

We have also partnered with the University of Tennessee Space Institute in an introductory glider training course for students ages 15-16. Students receive both ground and flight instruction. The class includes theory, craft assembly, regulations, ground handling, and ground tow launches. To complete the class, each student receives an air launch in the glider. The students learn teamwork as they assist with the launch duties for their classmates, prior to flying themselves.

The Scot Perry Education Fund provides the opportunity for students to attend these programs at no charge. The current value of the education fund allows us to host the EAA Air Academy twice per year – in March and October, and the UTSI Glider Training course once per year – in June.
Beechcraft Heritage Museum
P.O. Box 550 - Tullahoma, TN 37388

Boca Raton Pilots Association Scholarship Fund
Provides scholarships for high school students at least 16 yrs who show a strong interest in aviation.The scholarship offers students a strong incentive and an opportunity to obtain a private pilot license. The Fund provides approximately 60% of the cost of training, with the students providing the balance. This personal responsibility enables the students to grasp the value of this opportunity and to realize that success in life, the future, is theirs to create. The discipline required of pilots, the organization skills, the attention to detail, no matter what path they choose to follow will enhance their abilities, their prospects, and most importantly their opportunities.
The Fund not only provides the funds that enable these students to complete the program, but also mentors the students throughout their training. Applicant must live In Boca Raton, FL.

The Boshears Memorial Fly-in, Scholarships                                                         Based on an essay,  entitled “Why I Want to Be a Pilot”.  Scholarships are open to any current high school senior or graduate that is between the ages of 16 to 21 years old with an overall GPA of at least 2.0.  If awarded a scholarship, the winner must be able to obtain a medical (see below for detailed explanation about medical).  Download an application on the Boshears website at by clicking on the Aviation Scholarship icon.  Completed applications along with essays may be faxed to Augusta Aviation at 706.738.9746 –attention Becky Shealy or left at Augusta Aviation front counter.  Due in October.

Branch County (MI) Flying Club
Awards a $500 scholarship to Branch County students who plan to pursue an aviation related career. If once awarded, scholarship could be renewed by application. Applicants should have a minimum of a 2.5 GPA

Bremerton (WA) Pilots Mel Journey Memorial Aviation Scholarship
The Bremerton Pilots & Tenants Association is offering a Supplemental Scholarship for young men and women who have the desire to obtain a Private Pilot Certificate. This Scholarship is made possible by donations in memory of our fellow pilot and friend, Mel Journey. It was Mel’s wish that funds be available to young men and women in the greater Kitsap Peninsula area dedicated to becoming an aviator. Scholarships will provide financial assistance in $500.00 increments to selected students striving to receive a Private Pilot Certificate, and may be renewed subject to Renewal. Requirements.Matching funds will be disbursed directly to the applicant’s flight school upon verification of attendance and flight hours. Each qualifying and accepted applicant may receive a maximum of $2,000.00 in matching funds.
1) Must be at least 15 and not over 18 years of age.
2) Grade Point Average of 3.5 or better.
3) Resident of the greater Kitsap Peninsula area.
4) Is currently enrolled in or planning to enroll in a flight training facility.
5) Must hold or qualify for student pilot medical certificate.

Bremerton Pilots & Tenants Association
Mel Journey Memorial Scholarship Committee
c/o Port of Bremerton
8850 SW State Hwy 3
Port Orchard, WA 98367

Brookings Flying Club/ BFC (Oregon) Aviation Scholarship
The BFC award is to interest youth in pursuing an aviation career. Accordingly, BFC provides scholarships for students seeking an education in that field. A Scholarship is given to a local student each year from money generated from the Brookings Airport Day. Students who are interested in a career related to the field of aviation, and meet the following eligibility requirements are invited to apply.

  • Accepted and enrolled in an accredited aviation-related program.
  • A Letter of acceptance must be attached.
  • A resident of the local Brookings/Harbor, OR or surrounding area


  • Attach a typed, personal, 250-word essay. Essay topics may include information about aviation interests, career goals, current activities, scholarship need, aviation organizations, and any special qualifications the applicant wishes considered.
  • Supply names of at least 2 references, including current phone numbers.

More information -

California Capital Airshow scholarship program
Promoting interest in aviation and aerospace careers in the Sacramento region. The scholarship has been created to encourage young people to pursue careers in aviation, aeronautics, or aerospace related fields. Priorities in awarding scholarships will include:  

  • Desire and intention to pursue a professional aviation or aerospace career
  • Interest in and progress toward related educational goals
  • Potential for academic excellence
  • Prior experience in related field

Individuals eligible to apply include high school seniors and college students or returning students who have at least two years of academic college level work yet to complete Past awards range from $500 - $2,000. The scholarship program is administered through the Los Rios Community College District, Sacramento City College on behalf of the California Capital Airshow Board. Scholarships will be awarded to students attending or upon acceptance to an accredited college, university, or vocational-technical school in the United States. More info -

Civil Air Patrol Flying Scholarships
The CAP provides nearly $300,000.00 in scholarship opportunities for its cadet and senior members each year. Money is available to help students attend a college or vocational school. Cadets can even earn a pilot’s license through a CAP scholarship. Awards are generally advertised each fall for the academic year that begins the following fall. Deadlines vary depending on the scholarship program. All scholarships are available only to current CAP cadet officers and senior members. Other pre-requisites also apply.

ORDER OF DAEDALIANS - Maj Gen Lucas V Beau Flight Scholarships
The Order of Daedalians, a national fraternity of military pilots, awards five $2,100 flight scholarships in the name of former CAP National Commander Maj Gen Lucas V Beau to help deserving CAP cadets earn their FAA private pilot's license (the scholarship may not be used to obtain additional ratings).  Applicants who have earned their CAP solo badge or graduated from an aerospace-related special activity are especially encouraged to apply.

Special Eligibility Requirements
1.  Be a current CAP cadet and aspiring military aviator;
2.  Have earned the Billy Mitchell Award;
3.  Be at least 16, but not have turned 19, on 1 June 2008;
4.  Possess vision 20/50 or better (corrected to 20/20);
5.  Apply using CAPF 95;
6.  Email the completed application to HQ CAP/CP by 31 December in accordance with the directions on the CAP scholarships page.

AOPA is providing flight training scholarships to cadets to help earn a private pilot certificate.  Four scholarships will be awarded at $2500 each.

Special Eligibility Requirements
1.  Be a current CAP Cadet or Senior Member
2.  Have earned the Mitchell Award (cadets only)
3.  Be at least 16 on 1 June 2008.
4.  Apply using CAPF 95.
5.  Email the completed application to HQ CAP/CP by 31 January in accordance with the directions on the CAP scholarships page.

THE SPAATZ ASSOCIATION - Aerospace Leadership Scholarships
The Spaatz Association annually sponsors scholarships to help CAP cadets advance their flight training from solo to private pilot.
A limited amount of the scholarship may also be used to attend a CAP leadership activity.

Special Eligibility Requirements
1.  Be a current CAP cadet who has earned the Mitchell Award;
2.  Have earned solo wings in a powered aircraft;
3.  Maintain a 3.0 GPA (normalized);
4.  Have not been selected for a similar scholarship or grant.

For application procedures and deadlines, visit  While HQ CAP helps publicize this scholarship, it is funded by The Spaatz Association, which selects the scholarship recipients.  Apply directly to The Spaatz Association, not the CAP. For complete and current details on all scholarships, visit the CAP scholarship home page

CAP Pacific Region Colonel Edwin Lewis flight scholarship                       It is envisioned that this scholarship will be an annual gift, to be given to a worthy Cadet from one of the Wings of the Pacific Region. Funds from this scholarship will be used only for initial aviation flight training and no other purpose. The amount of the scholarship may vary every year donations to the funds in the account.  Applications will be accepted until May 1st each year.  Send all applications to Pacific Region HQ, P.O. Box 4718, Hayward CA, 94540-4718.  Website-

Discovery Flight Scholarship by the Piedmont Silver Eagles
The Silver Eagles Captain’s Fund scholarship pays for Discovery Flights for youth over age 15 at accredited and licensed flight schools. Contact:
Silver Eagles Charitable Funds, Inc., Educational Scholarship Fund, Capt. Stephanie Hamilton, 13115 Centennial Commons Parkway, Huntersville, NC 28078-4605

Dreams of Flight Scholarship Fund
Grants fully-funded aviation scholarships to high school juniors, taking them from ground school/flight training through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) private pilot flight exam. Applicants must be at least 16 and a student at a high school participating in the Dreams of Flight Scholarship program. For more info see

Experimental Aircraft Association 

EAA homepage list of various awards given by EAA chapters (not all are for flight training)

EAA Antique Classic Division, NE Chapter 15
The Chapter awards one financial scholarship each year to a regional high school student continuing education in the area of aviation. To qualify, applicants must be high school seniors from the tri-state (NH, MA, ME), seacoast area. Students must be accepted at a two-year, four-year, or technical school, and pursue aviation-related studies.

EAA Chapter 1280 Build A Pilot Scholarship Program (NY)
The "Build A Pilot" program is based at Stewart International Airport and is presented by the EAA's Chapter 1280 in conjunction with Sunset Air.
This scholarship will be offered annually to one lucky young man/woman who has always dreamed of becoming an aviator
Scholarship Fund Requirements
The following are the requirements for eligibility to receive and continue to receive a scholarship to offset the costs to earn a private pilot’s license.

  • Be between the ages of 15 years – 6 months and 17 years and three months at the start of the flight training.
  • Obtain a FAA medical certificate within 30 days after the start of flying lessons.
  • Be a national member of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA).
  • Be a member of EAA Chapter 1280 and maintain membership.
  • Make a financial commitment to pay for at least half of the cost of obtaining a private pilot’s license.
  • Pass the private pilot written exam within six (6) months after the start of flying lessons.
  • Fly at least three (3) hours per month.
  • Be signed off for the FAA check ride within eighteen (18) months after the start of flying lessons.

For more details visit

EAA Chapter 630 Peninsula Flyers (WI) Flight Scholarship
Each year the Peninsula Flyers Incorporated, a chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association, offers scholarships to high school seniors interested in pursuing a career in aviation.

EAA Chapter 420 Fred Kacena Memorial Flight Scholarship (PA)                                A $1,500 scholarship for a youngster who is interested in learning to fly and is deserving of financial assistance to realize their dream.  The annual scholarship program is offered by the EAA’s  Wilmington, Delaware Chapter 240 in memory of Fred Kacena, a founding member of the chapter over 40 years ago and a generous donor of a major financial gift to the chapter. Applicants must be between the ages of 16-23 for powered flight and must complete training at New Garden Flying Field in Toughkenamon, PA. For details and applications visit-

EAA Chapter 274 Loren Hodge Train-A-Pilot Scholarship (IL)
The scholarship provides an opportunity in aviation for a 16-18 yr old interested in an aviation career who might not otherwise have the opportunity to learn to fly.  The Train-A-Pilot Program is organized to identify, sponsor and guide deserving young people in obtaining a private pilot license as the beginning step in their achievements in the field of aviation.  It is administered under the auspices of the Loren Hodge Aviation Scholarship Foundation, organized within EAA chapter 274 in Decatur, IL.

Eastern Central Ohio Pilots Association flight scholarship                    The applicant must be a U.S. citizen, at least 16 yrs of age, is able to pass an FAA Third Class Medical, be enrolled in a High School or College within our area (Alliance, OH), and available for flight lessons during the entire year. They must hold a grade point average of B or better, and submit an essay, hand written or typed, double spaced, 550 word maximum on the subject: Why do you want to learn to fly and/or how will achieving a private pilot certificate benefit your life?  Career goals should be included in this essay.  Get more info and download applications at -

Golden Empire Flying Association Steve Wilson Flight Training Scholarship
$2500 In Memory of Steve Wilson. GEFA (Nevada City, CA) awards scholarships yearly to assist in covering the cost of flight training for high school students. Scholarships are made to the dedicated, enthusiastic student to help them earn their private pilot’s license. The application process begins every January and is due early May. Lessons are to be taken at the Nevada County Airport with Golden Empire Flying Association (GEFA) Member Instructors. For potential pilots only.

  • Must be a high school junior or sophomore in good standing
  • Must be 16 ½ years old on or before 7/1/08
  • Must be a resident of Nevada County
  • Maximum 1,000-word essay required (spelling and grammar are considered)
  • Include at least two letters of recommendation from adults, excluding relatives
  • Interview required for selected finalists
  • Meet FAA physical/medical standards for Private Pilots
  • Able to meet student’s financial share of training costs

For additional information

Green Castle Aero Club (E. Iowa) / Bill Kimble Flight Training Scholarship
The GCAC and its members would like to welcome candidates to apply for the Bill Kimble Flight Training Scholarship. We offer this scholarship periodically to honor the memory of Bill Kimble, one of our founding members, by awarding the chance to earn a pilot’s license to a deserving young person. The ideal candidate is a young man or woman hoping to begin a career in aviation.  For selected individuals who enter the scholarship program and continue to meet the scholarship requirements the Aero Club will pay for flight lessons at Green Castle and associated expenses. Applicants must be US citizens and at least 16 but no more than 18 by the time training begins. Scholarship paid expenses:

  • Flight Instruction up to a max of 45 hours (airplane rental and flight instructor time)
  • Cost of approved instructional materials
  • Cost of taking the written test (one time only)
  • Cost of the check ride (one time only) required to obtain a private pilot’s license.

For more information

Greene County - Jackson Regional Airport Student Pilot Scholarship
The family of Dr. Lewis A. Jackson has established a scholarship in his memory to help Greene County youth obtain training leading to careers in aviation. The Jackson Aviation Scholarship will be administered by the Jackson Aviation Scholarship Committee, which reports to the Jackson Airport Authority.  Scholarship funds may be used to introduce high school and college age students to flight training or help a student pilot obtain a Private Pilot's License. Training is to be conducted at the Greene County -Lewis A. Jackson Regional Airport. Applicants for the Jackson Aviation Scholarship must be of junior high school, high school or college students. To apply, an applicant must submit:

  • an essay stating why the student wants and needs the scholarship
  • what preparation toward an aviation career the student has already accomplished
  • academic qualifications i.e., courses taken and grades achieved
  • letters of recommendations from teachers, instructors, scout leaders, etc.

Student pilots working toward a private pilot's license must hold a current Third Class flight physical. Applications should be forwarded to:

Jackson Aviation Scholarship Committee,  Greene County - Lewis A. Jackson Regional Airport140 N. Valley Road Xenia 4H 45385

Greg Hodges Memorial Aviation Scholarship
A scholarship honoring Greg Hodges: Private, Multi-Engine, Instrument, Commercial, Certified Flight Instructor, Lighter than Air and Glider pilot. Greg was also Skydiver with over 1200 jumps and he served on the executive committee of the Boshears Fly-In and on the board of the Daniel Field General Aviation Commission.  The scholarship will be awarded to a high school senior or graduate that is selected from essay submissions.
Get information -

LeRoy W. Homer, Jr. Foundation Private Pilot Scholarship
The Foundation is offering three scholarships to young people (age 16 to 23) who wish to obtain Private Pilot certification. LeRoy was the First Officer on United Flight 93 on September 11th, 2001. In his memory, his family and friends formed the Foundation to encourage young people to pursue careers in aviation. There are up to three annual awards given totaling $5,000 that pay for all training needed to obtain private pilot certification. Ages 16-23 are eligible. Anyone interested in applying for the scholarship should visit the Foundation website at

Iowa Lakes Community College “We Believe In Us” Aviation Scholarship
These scholarships are a direct result of the college’s “We Believe In Us” Annual Giving Program. Iowa Lakes’ employees, community businesses and individuals annually donate to the program for the betterment of the college and its students through scholarships or improvement of programs.
Eligible candidates for these scholarships must be enrolled in the Aviation program at Iowa Lakes Community College and display unmet financial need. Those wishing to apply for or establish a scholarship are asked to contact Shan Ray, Iowa Lakes Institutional Advancement Executive Director, at 712-362-0491 or 800-242-5106 ext. 491

Joshua Esch Mitchell Aviation Scholarship                                                            Student is a United States citizen, enrolled full or part-time at a college or university in the United States providing an accredited flight science curriculum. Applicants must be second year students or above with a minimum 2.75 GPA pursuing studies in the field of professional pilot with an emphasis in general aviation, Aviation Management, or Aviation Safety. A valid pilot’s certificate (not to include a Student Certificate) is required. A letter of recommendation from a professional in the aviation field is required. Administered via the Grand Rapids Foundation -

Love Field Pilots Association Professional Pilot Scholarship
Provides three scholarships a year for deserving flight students enrolled in the pro pilot curriculum at Mountain View Community College, Dallas, TX.
The scholarship provides $1,500 for flight training and $500 for tuition and books.

Captain Michael King Smith Private Pilot Scholarship
Each year, two Yamhill County junior or senior high school students (aged 16-18) who possess an enthusiasm for aviation are chosen to receive this scholarship. The scholarship is valued at $2,500 and can be applied toward ground school instruction, dual and solo flight instruction, pre and post flight instruction, the FAA written test and flight examiner’s fee for the private pilot check ride. Note: actual expenses to complete the training may exceed the scholarship gift amount.

Evergreen Aviation Museum
500 NE Captain Michael King Smith Way
McMinnville, OR 97128-8877

The John E. Kirk Aviation Scholarship
Intended to give a young person with a strong interest in aviation a head start on their career and to give back to the aviation community. This scholarship honors the late John E. Kirk, U.S. Navy fighter pilot. The award up to $4,300 is to be used for private pilot training. The deadline is October 10th of the applicants high-school senior year. To be eligible, one must meet the following requirements:

  • Senior in good standing at a Citrus County, Florida, high school
  • 17 years old by March 1st of senior year
  • GPA of 3.0 or above
  • Strong interest in aviation career

Meets requirements of FAA third-class medical
Waivers of #2 and #3 (above) will be considered
Tom Davis, Crystal Aero Group, P.O. Box 2050, Crystal River, FL 34423, (352) 795-6868

MACF Hornsby Aviation Education Endowment Fund
Midland Area (MI) Community Foundation provides scholarship awards to students ages 15 to 22 for flying lessons. The Scholarship is awarded at Barstow Airport during the Midland Aviation Camp.
MACF, P.O. Box 289  Midland, MI 48640 (800) 906-9661

Heather McRoberts You Soar Scholarship
$500 scholarship honors the memory of Heather McRoberts on behalf of her family and friends. On her 14th birthday (the youngest age allowed), Heather soloed in a Schweizer 2-33 glider. On her 16th birthday, she soloed in a 1947 Luscombe 8F and later that day got her driver's license.  On her 17th birthday she got her private pilot's certificate; on her 18th birthday Heather got her commercial and seaplane rating. A student at University of North Dakota 2005-2006, Heather was working on her four-year aviation degree and completed her instrument rating in her freshman year. Sadly, on July 30, 2006 Heather died with her friend, Dave Para, near Betty Lake, Colorado. This scholarship will assist a young girl to attend the EAA Air Academy Advanced Camp. The family believes in inspiring young women to pursue their dreams.

New Mexico ~ Jim & Roz Kinlen Memorial Scholarship
Awarded annually to a promising young man or woman under the age of 21 to be used in furthering their aviation education. The Scholarship may be used for any form of aviation education including, but not limited to, flight training, tuition to an accredited school, or specialized courses. The Scholarship shall be paid to the institution at which the recipient
will receive training. The Scholarship is funded from proceeds of the New Mexico Pilot Bash, donations, and special fund-raising activities. The amount is determined yearly. Due July 1st

New Mexico Pilot Bash Scholarship Committee, 12009 Donna Court NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112 

Oscoda Wurtsmith Airport Scholarship
$2,500.00 of flight training and sufficient ground training to prepare one student pilot to complete solo flight and beyond.Must be enrolled in High School or equivalent, at least age 16 but no older than 19, & a resident of Alcona County or Iosco County, MI.

Pajaro Valley Aviation Academy Scholarship
The Pajaro Valley Aviation Academy, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization located in Watsonville California, is offering partial and fully funded scholarships to local students aged 16-25.  Scholarships will be offered for Basic Flight Training (Private Pilot License) or Advanced Flight Training (Instrument, Commercial, Multi-Engine, Helicopter Ratings). Essay based award with requirements including the applicant be between 16 and 25 years of age when the scholarship application is received and a the applicant must permanently reside in the Pajaro Valley within one of the following zip codes: 95076 - Watsonville (Includes Corralitos, La Selva Beach, Las Lomas, Pajaro, and Royal Oaks), 95019 - Freedom, 95004 - Aromas, or 95039 - Moss Landing.

The Pajaro Valley Aviation Academy
Scholarship Committee
60 Aviation Way
Watsonville, CA 95076

Palwaukee Airport (IL) Pilots Association
Two scholarships; one in the amount of $1,000 and one in the amount
of $500 to individuals who are Illinois residents, attending or planning to attend an accredited University, College or Aviation Technical School located in the state of Illinois, pursuing a course of study in a recognized
professional aviation program (defined as a flight training program, a professional aviation technician program, such as A & P or avionics technician, an aeronautical engineering program, an aviation business
management program or a program to become a professional in
any field of aviation). More info or applications-

Petaluma Area (CA) Pilots Association Scholarship
The Scholarship is open to those students interested in furthering their aviation education or others interested in Aviation careers, and that reside or have parents that reside in the greater Petaluma area. Applicants shall be taking or planning on taking aviation related training for the purpose of obtaining their private pilot's license, of upgrading their existing license, continuing their aviation related education at a two or four year college, or pursuing an aviation related education through an accredited aviation trade school. Applicants shall submit a five hundred word written essay giving his or her plans for a caret in aviation and some background on the interest in aviation. Subsequently, each applicant shall also attend a personal interview with the Scholarship Committee at a time and place of mutual agreement.

Applicants who are full time students shall have maintained at least a 2.5 grade point average for the last two years of their high school education.
They shall furnish a high school transcript with their application. Applicants who are full-time college students shall have maintained at least a 2.5 grade point average during their college, studies, and shall furnish a college transcript with their application. Each applicant shall supply the name of an educational institution or flight school to which award funds would be directed on their behalf. Final selection of applicants is based on a maximum 9 point system in the following areas: grades (2.5 minimum), current enrollment in aviation courses, veteran status, education level, extra circular activities, ground school completion, previous solo, continuing flight training, and continuing academic education. Application shall be due by April 15 and the scholarship shall be awarded in June. The amount of funds available each year will be determined by the Executive Board of the Association.

Scholarship Flight Training program
Scholarship Flight Training (SFT) is a non-profit 501(C)3 aviation careers school for teenagers. We teach math and science concepts in the context of aerospace science. Students join our flight club, rent our aircraft while working toward a private pilot's license, study aeronautical engineering and earn high school and college credit. While in our school students have access to our club aircraft for solo flight and instruction. For more information visit-

Stamp’s Family Aviation Scholarships
Interested high school students can enroll in College of the Redwoods (Oregon) Community Education Aviation Ground School Course.
Thanks to the Stamp’s Family Aviation Flight Scholarships, up to 20 high school students enrolled in this course can:

  • Receive their Flight Kits (textbooks) and all course materials ($150.00 value) at no charge.
  • Receive a 1 hour orientation flight valued at $95.00.
  • Receive up 15 hours of ($120 per hour) flight instruction by CFI’s for $15.00 per hour.

This 10 week Ground School Course will be taught by (CFI’s) Certified Flight
Instructors and will meet from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. on Thursday evenings beginning Oct. and run through December 13th. The student college course fee for this Aviation Ground School is $20.00 and all interested students school can enroll in this class in person, over the phone, or by mail. High school students interested in more flight training scholarship information can contact Dennis Louy during evening hours at (707) 464-3376. This award is administered in conjunction via the Brookings Flying Club

Stepping Stones to Aviation (Alabama)
Our mission is to enrich education for children by introducing young people to the experience of flight in an exciting hands-on program.  Children are able to climb into our realistic airplane simulators, pedal down our authentic colorful runway and taxi into a controlled airspace. During the training session, our student pilots begin to learn airport terminologies and procedures as well as preflight inspections and communications protocol. This airport simulation program is for children ages preschool to 3rd Grade.

Steven M. Price Foundation "Young Aviators" program  (Florida)
Dedicated to providing an avenue into the Aviation Industry for underprivileged boys and girls in Jacksonville Florida, who have the desire, but not the financial means, to train in this field. Scholarships are provided in the areas of flight training and aviation maintenance and repair, with the ultimate goal of future job placement for these youth within the community, made possible through our Aviation Partners. This complete Aeronautical Training Program, known as the "Young Aviators" Program, is made possible through the dedicated efforts of our volunteers; certified flight instructors, aircraft inspectors and aviation mechanics. More info at

Syracuse (NY) Airport Youth Aviation
Youth education programs offered by Syracuse Hancock International Airport: The Umoja CAP Squadron meets at the airport each week and takes its participants through a program with a focus on aviation and aerospace as well as physical fitness and leadership fitness, with one field trip a year also part of the program. Aviation camps for young people added 8-13 are held for two weeks each summer by the Department of Aviation in conjunction with the City of Syracuse Department of Parks, Recreation and Youth Programs.
The camps involve tours to businesses near the airport and the opportunity to see part of the airport that are not usually shown to members of the public. For more information

Teens-N-Flight                                                                                                     Provides flight training and aviation maintenance scholarships to those teens who have lost a parent in the Global War On Terrorism or is the teen of a parent who was wounded in action and is disabled. Another phase of our program also focuses on selected teens that are considered "at risk" within our community by providing a positive aviation intervention experience. Teens-In-Flight currently has established programs located in Jacksonville &  Palm Coast, FL; Fort Carson, CO and Fort Hood,TX.

Texas Fly-In Youth Scholarships
Scholarships are available to all Texas youth, age 16 to 22, who are interested in a future in aviation. Scholarships will be awarded up to $2000. Awards are granted upon the review of a completed application, a written statement or electronic presentation describing the applicant’s plans and motivation, and letters of recommendation. An in-person interview may be required. Youth who meet the following eligibility requirements may apply for a scholarship:

  • Applicant must be between the age of 16 and 22.
  • Applicant must live in the state of Texas.
  • Applicant must be enrolled in, or intend to be enrolled in, an educational program of which the main course of study is aviation.
  • Applicant must be a citizen or legal resident of the United States of America.
  • Applicant must submit a completed application, and all other requirements, which must be received between April 1st and June 30th.

Scholarship applications are accepted April 1st through June 30th.
Scholarships will be awarded to:
High School students- for flight instruction at an approved flight school, or enrollment in an aviation program. Funds will be paid directly to the flight school or the program.
College students- for books and supplies, for flight instruction at an approved flight school, or enrollment in an aviation program. Funds will be paid directly to the bookstore, the flight school or the program.
More info-

Trinity County Pilots Association Scholarships
The TCPA (Weaverville, Trinity Center, Hayfork, Hyampom & Ruth Lake, CA) offers the Torsten Lutz Memorial Scholarship to a deserving Trinity County high school graduate entering an aviation-oriented career. Many of our scholarship recipients have gone on to become mechanics, pilots, or active in aviation business. Contact: TCPA, PO Box 401, Trinity Center, CA, 96091

Tuskegee Airmen Scholarship Foundation
Each year the Foundation grants scholarship awards to deserving young men and women high school students. The number of available scholarship awards is directly related to income received from investments. In 2008, Forty-one (41) awards of one thousand five hundred dollars ($1,500.00) were available plus One (1) twenty thousand dollar ($20,000.00) Pratt & Whitney award, paid in increments of $5,000 per year. The student must maintain a 2.5 grade point average (GPA) and continue in the selected career path.Each applicant must submit a two (2) page essay containing: a biographical sketch, educational aspiration, career goals and an explanation of why financial aid is essential. Additionally, the applicant must include a single page essay entitled "The Tuskegee Airmen" which reflects an overview of their history among other requirements. Due in February

Tweed New Haven Airport ~ Yale Flying Club Aviation scholarship
The program helps expose New Haven, CT youth to aviation and defrays some of the cost of earning a Private Pilot license.
Yale Aviation, Inc. P.O. Box 201935, Yale Station New Haven, CT 06520

Virginia Aviation Foundation Scholarship
$500 to a high school student in the State of Virginia who plans to attend an accredited school or academy to pursue a career in Aviation. The student must be a High School Senior enrolled in a Virginia school district with a minimum 2.8 GPA and have applied to at least three accredited schools or academies with Aviation related programs. 
Virginia Aviation Foundation, Inc.
Richmond Jet Center
5745 Huntsman Road
Richmond International Airport, VA 23250-2416 

Virginia Dept of Aviation Willard Plentl Aviation Scholarship
$1,000, will be awarded to a Virginia High School senior who is planning an aviation career in a non-engineering area. A certification of acceptance into a non-engineering, aviation-related postsecondary education program is required. Examples of non-engineering aviation careers include (but are not limited to) pilots, aviation maintenance technicians, aviation managers, etc. Scholarship applicants must have an unweighted GPA of at least 3.5. For more info-   Plentl Scholarship

Douglas Yost Memorial Aerobatic Scholarship Grant
Administered by Chapter 78 of the International Aerobatic Club (IAC), a division of the Experimental Aviation Association (EAA). The Scholarship Grant is awarded annually from an endowment established in memory of pilot Douglas Yost by his family in 2002. The purpose of this merit scholarship is to promote air safety through aerobatics training. Each recipient of this scholarship will receive a complete course of aerobatics and stall-spin awareness training of approximately ten flight hours. This training must be conducted at a facility approved by the I.A.C. Chapter 78 Scholarship committee. A list of approved facilities will be provided to the successful applicant. The successful scholarship applicant must be well rounded, involved in school and community activities as well as in aviation.  The applicant's academic record should demonstrate that they could successfully complete the educational portion of aerobatic training.
Flight instructor comment reports, or letters of recommendation must indicate that the successful applicant has the basic flying skills and potential to benefit from this type of training. The minimum qualifications to apply include:

  • Junior or Senior in College or other post-secondary school.
  • Proof of Private Pilot's license or other higher licenses.
  • Proof of current FAA medical certificate.

Douglas Yost Scholarship Application .pdf

Youth Aviation Adventure (Columbus, OH)
The YAA program is currently offered twice a year at the OSU Airport, once in the spring and once in the fall. The program typically attracts 150-200 participants, however, due to our stepped up marketing effort, the 2006 spring session drew over 480 participants. Although participants do not have to be members of any formal organization, most who attend are either Boy or Girl Scouts.The YAA program is geared to boys and girls who are between the ages of 12 and 18. The curriculum is based on the requirements for earning the Boy Scout Aviation Merit Badge. The kids (and some interested adults) spend about twenty minutes at each of the nine stations where they participate in discussions about: “In-The-Know” aviation quiz game, airplane preflight checks, airport surface operations, airport firefighting operations, police use of helicopters, aerodynamics, the life of a professional pilot (careers), aircraft engines, and instrument panels.  Most stations are run by two pilots/discussion leaders.

The Youth Aviation Foundation (TN)
A non-profit corporation that supports efforts to expose young people to community service and leadership training in an aviation-centered environment. Part of the CAP Tennessee Wing. We believe that adults mentoring youth in volunteer emergency services, leadership, and aerospace science will open the doors for our nation’s future astronauts, aviators, engineers, scientists and civic leaders, as well as contributing to the academic and emotional development of young people.  It is the goal of the Youth Aviation Foundation to provide the facilities and tools to make this happen