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Flight Scholarships for the aspiring pilot 






Aero Club of New England
To be eligible for any of ACONE pilot scholarships the applicant must:
• Intend to pursue a professional aviation career
• Be a full time New England resident and a U.S. Citizen
• Hold a current Airman Certificate*
• Hold a current Medical Certificate
• Be at least 16 years of age
• Use the scholarship funds within one year
• Have accumulated total flight time of 100 hours to be eligible for the scholarships, except 20 hours plus solo for the primary flight training (initial ) scholarship.
• Demonstrate a financial need and scholarship for the award
• Have a current Biennial Flight Review*
• Take their flight training at a New England facility doing business as a flight school
* Except if applying for PPL training

The applicant is solely responsible for completion of all six parts of the application and for the submission by the due date of March 30. Use additional sheets of paper as needed. Please type, print, or write legibly in ink. Only complete application packages will be considered. Proof of U.S. citizenship must be provided to receive the awards. See their homepage for more info- ACONE Scholarships Page

AOM Flight Training Scholarship
AOM has established this $500 scholarship to financially assist a student pilot in Montana to obtain their private pilot certificate. Contact:

Montana Aeronautics Division
PO Box 200507
Helena, MT 59620-0507 

Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association Flight Path scholarship program      The Flight Path program is a unique opportunity for student pilot AOPA members to track their flight training progress online and earn a chance to win a $1,000 flight scholarship. Every student who signs up is given a personal page to read about the flight training process and check off milestones as they are achieved. "There are five milestones—your first flight, the day you get your student pilot certificate/medical certificate, your first solo, the date you passed your knowledge test, and the day you passed your checkride. At each milestone, the user is automatically entered for a chance to win a $1,000 scholarship toward flight training."

1-800-USA-AOPA or visit https://www.aopa.org/myflightpath/

The Bobbi Trout Scholarship
The Bobbi Trout Scholarship of $3,000 is administered via Women In Aviation Int'l and sponsored by Aviatrix Enterprises. It was established in honor of pioneering and record-setting aviatrix Evelyn "Bobbi" Trout. The scholarship is awarded annually to a qualified female candidate furthering herself in the field of aviation via Women In Aviation. This award provides funding to advance Bobbi's dream of aviation for everyone.
Scholarships are awarded to an individual at any stage of flight training, and are not restricted to those pursuing a career in aviation. Funding is disbursed in two payments made directly to the accredited institution or flight school at which flight training is performed. Upon demonstration of satisfactory progress in flight training from a statement by the recipient's certified flight instructor, the second half of the award is disbursed. Flight training must be completed within one year. Candidates are judged on the strength of their essay stating their goals in aviation, evidence of satisfactory initial flight training, performance history in education and/or work, volunteerism, financial need. Website -http://www.wai.org

Cessna "Earn a Private Pilot Certificate" Scholarship
Cessna Aircraft Company is offering a scholarship to a female for her private pilot certificate. The applicant must be able to pass a flight physical, have no prior logbook entry flight training, and be willing to complete the course at a Cessna Pilot Center within a 12-month period. The Cessna interactive Computer Based Instruction kit will be provided along with a series of credits which will be paid directly to the flight school: $500 after medical certificate is received; $1,500 on completion of first solo flight; $1,500 after completing first cross-country flight; and balance, up to $1,500, when the FAA written exam is passed and the private pilot certificate is received. Please include in the essay why you want to learn to fly and how you intend to use the license once obtained. All reimbursements under this program may be taxable in accordance with IRS regulations. Recipients are responsible for any income taxes due on reimbursements made under this program. (Scholarship value: $5,000.). This award will be given/administered via the Women In Aviation Scholarship Program. Website - http://www.wai.org

EAA Chapter 420 Fred Kacena Memorial Flight Scholarship (PA)             
A $1,000 scholarship for a youngster who is interested in learning to fly and is deserving of financial assistance to realize their dream.  The annual scholarship program is offered by the EAA’s  Wilmington, Delaware Chapter 240 in memory of Fred Kacena, a founding member of the chapter over 40 years ago and a generous donor of a major financial gift to the chapter. Applicants must be between the ages of 16-23 for powered flight and must complete training at New Garden Flying Field in Toughkenamon, PA. For details and applications visit- http://www.eaa240.org/             

Eastern Central Ohio Pilots Association flight scholarship                   
The applicant must be a U.S. citizen, at least 16 yrs of age, is able to pass an FAA Third Class Medical, be enrolled in a High School or College within our area (Alliance, OH), and available for flight lessons during the entire year. They must hold a grade point average of B or better, and submit an essay, hand written or typed, double spaced, 550 word maximum on the subject: Why do you want to learn to fly and/or how will achieving a private pilot certificate benefit your life? Career goals should be included in this essay.  Get more info and download applications at - http://www.ecopa.cc 

Grand Rapids Area (MN) Community Foundation Aviation Scholarships
Hannula Aviation Scholarship
$2,000 established in memory of Andrew Hannula by the GRACF.
•Specifically for a student interested in pursuing their private pilot’s license.
•Applicant must be a resident of the Greater Grand Rapids, MN area. 
•Award may be used for aviation related education or flight hours
•Recipient must attend an approved and accredited program.
Applications can be found online at http://www.gracf.org or by calling the Foundation at (218) 327-8855

Keith Newstrom Memorial Aviation Scholarship
$2,500 award Applications must include pertinent flight experience information such as flight hours and rating type(s).
Students interested in applying for this scholarship must meet the following criteria:
•Resident of Greater Grand Rapids, MN area pursuing a career in aviation
•Scholarship may be used for aviation related education or flight hours
•Recipients must attend an approved and accredited program
Applications can be found online at http://www.gracf.org or by calling the Foundation at (218) 327-8855

Emmett Hatch Memorial Flight Scholarship
$5,000 award by the Bay Area Black Pilot Association. The purpose of the scholarship is to provide funds to be used to assist a black pilot in training in obtaining a private pilot license or an advanced rating. Due in March.
•The applicant must be African American
•Possesses a current Class III FAA Medical Certificate.
•Applicant should be planning a career in any area of aviation, including commercial pilot, flight training and education.
•The applicant must be at least 17 years old.
•The applicant must reside in the Bay Area and be receiving flight training at a local flight school.
•Membership in the Bay Area Black Pilots Association not required
Info and applications- http://www.babpa.com/Scholarships.htm

Kingdom Pilots/Missouri Pilots Association Scholarships
Two flight training scholarships are offered annually at the Elton Hensley Airport, Fulton, Missouri, by the Kingdom Pilots, a chapter of Missouri Pilots Association, and John Raney, FAA licensed flight instructor and FBO of Fulton's Municipal Airport.
Each scholarship will provide plane with fuel and licensed instructor for 15 hours of instruction. Fifteen hours of ground and flight instruction should enable the student to solo and to confirm the extent of his/her interest in general aviation. The scholarship will include a paid one-year membership in the local Kingdom Pilots Chapter of the Missouri Pilots Association. For more information see their site at: http://kpa.missouri.org/Scholarship.html

International Flying Farmers Scholarships
P.O. Box 9124, 2120 Airport Road, Wichita, Kansas 67277 http://www.flyingfarmers.org

Dorothy Krantz Memorial Scholarship
$2,500 to a Montana student pilot to complete their Private Pilot. Applicant must have soled and is to be used for flight training within Montana. 

Montana Aeronautics Division
PO Box 200507
Helena, MT 59620-0507 

Marin 99s "Wing Up" Check Ride Scholarship
The purpose of this $500 scholarship is to provide funding for the initial (private) or next level (instrument, commercial, etc.) check ride to support the dreams of women embracing aviation either as a personal passion or as a career. Application criteria includes: be at least 17, residency within 100 miles of Marin County Airport and the applicant must be eligible for the rating being sought (ie: number of hours required), and have completed the written requirements for the rating. Visit- https://marin99s.org/

Minnesota Aviation Trades Assn "Why I want to learn to fly" Scholarship
•Write a one page, type-written, double-space letter entitled "Why I Want to Learn to Fly".
•Must a be a Minnesota resident.
•Must learn to fly at a MATA member flight school.
•Must be at least 16 years of age.
•Must be received by August 31.
More info info@mnataonline.net  or contact:
MATA Scholarship
c/o Exclusive Aviation
Mike Higgins
6206 Crossman Lane
Inver Grove Heights, MN 55076

Montana 99s Esther Combes Vance/Vein Vine Scholarship
Amount $500, due in February. The scholarship is open to any Montana female student pilot or a Montana female interested in learning how to fly.
•She must be a resident of the state of Montana
•Must receive her flight training in Montana by a Montana registered CFI
Contact: The Montana Chapter of the 99s
1811 Baxter Drive, Bozeman, MT 59715.
Gail Sanchez-Eaton:(406) 586-4126; or Tina Pomeroy:(406) 222-6826

Monterey Bay 99s Chapter Scholarship
Annual scholarship for a FEMALE student pilot at least 18 years old and resident of Monterey or Santa Cruz County. Application due Dec 15th. Visit the Monterey 99s Scholarship Page

Oregon Pilots Association Raymond Meyer Memorial Flight Fund

Mary Meyer, Beaverton OPA member and widow of Ray Meyer, has given generously to the Ray Meyer Memorial Flight Fund. The fund is approaching it's endowment target to perpetually provide a scholarship to assist with the flight instruction of a student pilot each year.
Eligibility Criteria
• Must be at least 16 years old
• Resident of Oregon
• Member of Oregon Pilots Association, student pilot membership is free
• Must have successfully soloed in a single or multi engine land airplane
• Passage of FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Test before funds will be released
• Minimum 2.5 GPA if enrolled in High School or College
• GED completion or High School graduation if not currently enrolled
• Submission of Essay explaining why applicant wants to learn to fly or acquire an advanced rating and how the scholarship would assist in the achievement of that goal.
• Submission of completed application and requested information identified on application.
Due in July. More info - http://www.oregonpilot.org/

The "Ninety Nines" Future Women Pilots Scholarship

The FWP scholarships provide up to $1500 to student pilots to help them complete their Private Pilot certificate. A partial listing of applicant eligibility requirements includes:
•Has Future Woman Pilot member status with the Ninety-Nines, Inc.
•Holds current medical certificate
•Has logbook entries showing at least 20 hours of flight time
•Has logbook entry and/or document showing she has soloed
•Has proof of having passed the Private Pilot written testHas financial need of the award
•Note that the applicant must be on Future Woman Pilot member status with the Ninety-Nines, which includes affiliation with a 99s Chapter, and submission of a FWP membership application and fee to 99s Headquarters.
Apps are due in annually in April. For more information, visit  the Ninety-Nines, Inc New Pilot Flight Scholarship page

Palomar 99s Chapter Scholarship
$500 To two San Diego area female pilots for Private, Advanced or A&P training. Due April 18th. Contact Gee Silberman for applications at yepifly2@san.rr.com

Phoenix Chapter 99s Scholarship
Two $1,500 Student Pilot Scholarships
Prerequisites: Female residing in AZ, must be at least 18. App due in Feb 28th. Visit their website PHX 99s for more info or applications

Pilot-Flight-Instruction.com Jim Hackman Flight Scholarship                   A $1,000 cash grant provided to an aspiring aviator member of PFI  who demonstrate outstanding diligence in the pursuit of their career or recreational flight certification. PFI will award $1,000 scholarships to meritorious flight students each quarter.  Flight students at any stage of their training may apply by simply filling out a student profile at Pilot-Flight-Instruction.com

Reno Area 99s Chapter Scholarships
The Reno Area Chapter will be presenting one $1000, two $3000, two $1500 scholarships on March 15th 2003. Minimum requirements: 1st solo, residency within 75nm of Reno. Application deadline: Feb. 28th. Contact Kathy McPherson (775) 972-5454 Reno Area 99s Website

Reno High Sierra 99s Scholarship
$2,000 for PPL training. Applicants must live within a 50 NM radius from Reno Airport. Applications are available in Feb., deadline is late April. The scholarships are awarded in June. For more information, visit Reno High Sierra 99s Homepage OR please contact Lynn Meadows

Rhode Island Pilots Association Flight Scholarships
Two aviation scholarships are awarded each May to qualified candidates wishing to pursue pilot flight training. Applicants MUST satisfy the following requirements:
Be at least 16 years of age on or before December 31st of the year prior to the year of application (i.e. December 31st, 2004 to apply for the May 2005 scholarship).
•A resident of Rhode Island.
•Applications must be postmarked no later than February 24 of the year of application.
•Applicant for flight training must be able to pass the Class III FAA physical before the funds are offered.
•Any Applicant under 18 years of age must have a letter of consent from their parent or guardian.
•The Scholarship award must be used within one year
Get more info or an application - http://www.ripilots.com/Scholarships.htm

Emando Roberti Flight Scholarship
Eligibility: pilot who has soloed but does not yet have their PPL.
Administered via EAA Chapter 613 in Vermont.
EAA Chapter 613 Scholarship Committee
Frank Gibney, Chairman
1147 Sunset View Rd
Colchester, VT  05446
802 879-7419  

Romeo Aviation Private Pilot Scholarships
Romeo Aviation will present a $250 award and a Tom Koll $400 monetary award to  a Romeo Aviation student upon completion of their Private Pilot Flight Training. Application deadline: May 1st. Criteria: 16 to 25 years of age
Scholarship may only be used at Romeo Aviation.

Romeo Aviation, LLC
101 Airport Avenue
Hangar #2
Cumberland, WI 54829
Phone: 715-554-0454 

San Diego Chapter Ninety-Nines Scholarship Program
The International Women Pilots Organization, aka The "99s", San Diego Chapter is offering these scholarships that may assist a student pilot in achieving their Private Pilot certificate:

Marian Delano Memorial Scholarship
$1,000 to a female with solo sign-off and written test passed for private pilot license, or a FWP; member of a chapter of the Southwest Section, Ninety-Nines; scholarship is good for one rating or certificate only. Air Transport Rating not eligible. There is a ninety day time limit to complete flight training, (instruction), using award funds. The scholarship is based on need and a written essay. The deadline for applications is January 31.

Student Pilot Scholarship
Applications will be accepted from female student pilots who have passed their written exam and have soloed who reside in San Diego County. Students must also be FWP members of the organization. The Student Pilot Application must be postmarked no later than September 30th.

San Luis Obispo Chapter 99s scholarships
To San Luis Obispo County women interested in becoming pilots.
The purpose of this scholarship is to assist with either obtaining the private pilot license or any other rating. Eligibility
•Applicant must be a woman at least 17 years if ageApplicant must reside in San Luis Obispo County
•Applicant must have accumulated at least 10 hours toward a private pilot license, of which a portion must have been logged within the last 4 months
•Applicant must have passed the written portion of the exam for the rating for which they are training
•Applicant must hold a current medical certificate
San Luis Obispo Ninety-Nines Aviation Scholarship
P. O. Box 5214
San Luis Obispo, CA 93403

South Dakota Pilots Association Becker-Hansen Memorial Scholarship
•The candidate must be at least 16 years old and sponsored by a member of the SDPA.
•The sponsor must write a letter of recommendation, and highlight any characteristics or accomplishments of the candidate as they apply to aviation, and clubs or organizations they are a member of such as SDPA, AOPA, EAA, Civil Air Patrol, local, state, regional, national, or international aviation groups, etc.
•The sponsor shall complete the "Becker-Hansen Memorial Scholarship Nomination" form, sign it, and submit it to the SDPA President by mid-August.
•The nominee completes the section of the nomination form titled "I am deserving of the scholarship because . . ..”, signs it, and submits it to the SDPA President (or attach a letter signed by the nominee).

$800 award to be used for obtaining a pilot's license OR to upgrade a current license (add a rating).
Administered via the South Dakota Pilots Association

The Tailwind Foundation Private Pilot Scholarship
The foundation awards Private Pilot scholarships up to $6,500 to individuals who are seeking to obtain their private pilots license in Northwest Arkansas. Information on eligibility and requirements can be found under Application Guidelines. These scholarships cover 100% of the cost of training, including: books, ground school, aircraft rental, instructor time, written test fees, and check ride fees. They do not cover the cost of the medical exam required by the FAA. Private Pilot scholarships are for the serious student pilot who are dedicated to obtaining their private pilot certificates, but it is not limited to those who have chosen to make aviation a career. Private Pilot Scholarships require the student to meet certain standards of performance to maintain their scholarship status. The scholarships may be revoked by the Tailwind Foundation Board of Directors if the student does not meet those standards.
Tailwind Foundation Flight Scholarship Guidelines