Flight Scholarships open to Men OR Women

Many are geographically restrictive 


Able Flight Scholarship Program
Able Flight Scholarships are awarded to people with disabilities to enable them to fly as sport pilots or to help a pilot who has become disabled take to the skies again.  More info at http://www.ableflight.org/

Aero Club of New England
Description: The Aero Club of New England, in an effort to assist and promote professional aviation careers, has over the past ten years award scholarships to men and women totaling more than $85,000. The awards given (amounts may vary by year) are:

  • Anne Wood Kelly Scholarship for Advanced Pilots $2,000
  • Aero Club of New England Member Scholarship $2.000
  • Bauer-Bisgeier Memorial Scholarship $2,000
  • Charles & Arlene Ehlers Memorial Instrument Pilot Scholarship $1,500
  • Florence M. Abely Memorial Scholarship $1500
  • Andrew Channing Cabot Memorial Scholarship $1000
  • Edward C. Waters Special Pilot Scholarship $1,000
  • Bonita Conners Memorial Special Pilot Scholarship $500  

For more info on the their scholarship program http://www.acone.org/scholarships

Aero Club of Pennsylvania
The Aero Club of Pennsylvania has been awarding aviation training scholarships. Our goal is to encourage and support young men and women with their goals toward an aviation career. Scholarships are available to men and women who meet these requirements:

  • Must have reached the point of first solo, for aviation flight training scholarships OR
  • Must demonstrate an equivalent commitment, for maintenance training scholarships
  • Must reside in the Philadelphia, Greater Delaware Valley area Must be available for a personal interview with the Scholarship Review Board

If selected for an award, must attend the Scholarship Awards Dinner in June. Visit http://www.aeroclubpa.org/scholarship.html for more information.

Aero Club of Southern California
The Aero Club of Southern California "College Student Scholarship". Up to eight awards are made each year. Students who are attending a college, university or trade school in Southern California are eligible to apply. Awards are made based on academic prowess, financial need and passion for aviation. The awards are up to $1,000 each and are used to pay for tuition costs.

The Toy Marsh Scholarship: Two awards are made each year. Senior high school students attending school in Southern California who are planning to attend university, college or trade school the following year are eligible to apply. Awards are made based on academic prowess, financial need and passion for aviation. The awards are $2,500 each and are used to pay for tuition costs. Due in July.

Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association Scholarships

  • McAllister Memorial Scholarship (due 3/31)
  • Donald Burnside Memorial Scholarship(due 3/31)
  • Koch Corporation Scholarship (due 7/31)
    Visit the AOPA-ASF Scholarship Page for information.

    Alaska Airmen’s Association John P. Culhane Memorial Scholarship
    Awarded by the Alaska Airmen’s Association to honor the late John P. Culhane and his outstanding personal contributions to Alaska’s aviation community.  As an Association Director, he was involved in Alaska aviation safety and education, as well as the Airmen’s and Soviet Union Aviation Exchange Program in the late 1980’s. A fixed and rotor-wing pilot, John was killed in California in 1991, along with his son and a friend. This memorial scholarship awards an applicant up to $2,500 toward the pursuit of a professional career in flying. Eligibility Criteria

    • Applicant is enrolled in an aviation-related program with an accredited college, university, trade school, approved training center (Part 61 or Part 141), OR in current training with a certified Flight Instructor.
    • Applicant has completed one year of a commercial aviation training program or at least 25% of the work toward their chosen goal, i.e.  commercial pilot certification.
    • Applicant intends to use their training to work in Alaska for the foreseeable future.
    • Applicant has maintained a minimum GPA of 3.0 if enrolled in an accredited college, university, or trade school program.
    • Applicant must provide a letter of recommendation from one of their current instructors attesting to the commitment of the applicant to this program.
    • Applicant has no felony convictions.
    • Applicant is a legal U.S. resident.

    Get an application or more info- http://alaskaairmen.org/

    Alaskan Aviation Safety Foundation
    The scholarship was established with monies received from families and friends of Alaskan Aviators who have gone to new horizons. Open to students: enrolled in an aviation related program,three years residency in Alaska,completed at least two semesters, has at least a Private Pilot Certificate. Applications may be requested:
    Alaskan Aviation Safety Foundation
    ATTN: Scholarship Committee
    4340 Aircraft Drive
    Anchorage, Alaska 99502
    Phone: (907)243-7237

    Antique Aircraft Association, San Diego Chapter                                                  A $1,000 flight scholarship to a pilot who has logged at least 10 hours, lives in San Diego county and is between the ages of 16-26. Applications are due by December 16th. Email  Robert Blanchard for an application or call 858-204-0422 for more information. 

    AvTrip Scholarships
    A $2000 award for a current AVTRIP member (aviation refueling credit card-apply for one!) to advance his or her aviation education. Apps due in October. For more information about the AVTRIP program, visit http://www.avfuel.com/avtrip/applyForScholarship.asp  or call 1-888-4AVTRIP.

    Aviation Council Of Pennsylvania Scholarships
    John W. "Reds" Macfarlane and Arnold Palmer professional pilot scholarships, typically $1,000 each. Applicant must be a Pennsylvania resident & hold at least a student pilot certificate. The application deadline is August 1st of each year.

    Aviation Explorer Scouts of the BSA
    Sporty's Pilot Shop offers two annual $1,000 scholarships to encourage Aviation Explorers to enter and complete an aviation curriculum. Spartan School of Aeronautics offers four annual $2,000 scholarships to encourage Aviation Explorers to enter and complete an aviation curriculum. See details here- http://exploring.learningforlife.org/

    Additionally, Comair Academy offers ten $2,000 awards to Explorer Scouts enrolled in their courses.

    Ernie Ayers Memorial Flight Scholarship
    This scholarship fund was established in the memory of Ernie Ayer, a native of Maine whose passion for flying led him to a career in aviation.The scholarship will be awarded annually to a deserving individual who has been accepted to a course of study in a professional aviation training program, aviation institution of higher learning, or aviation technical school.

    All applicants will be asked for two letters of recommendation. These may be from the applicants school, employer, or members of the aviation community. Additional information or an interview may be required during the selection process.The deadline for applications will be May 1. The recipient will then be selected by the board members and notified on or about June 1st. To request an application: 

    Ernie Ayer Aviation Education Foundation
    5 Rogers Ct.
    Midland Park, NJ 07432
    If you need additional information, call (201) 447 4164 or E-mail- Terri Ayers

    Blue Goose First Generation Flight Scholarship
    Annual award for Montana resident who is a first generation pilot. Award will assist with flight training. This award is designed to assist student who has a love o aviation, yet had limited exposure to aviation coming from a non-aviation background/family. Selection will be based on letter explaining reasons for applying, future career goals, past aviation experience and any outstanding achievements. Number of awards varies. Award of $250. Call (406) 444-2506 or http://mdt.mt.gov/aviation/scholarships.shtml

    Montana Aeronautics Division
    PO Box 200507
    Helena, MT 59620-0507

    CAE SimuFlite scholarships
    Their program was created to promote business aviation as a career to young aviators. Scholarships are awarded via the University Aviation Association (UAA), Women in Aviation International (WAI), and the Organization of Black Airline Pilots (OBAP). For information and applications, see http://www.cae.com/www2004/About_CAE/ats_HL.shtml

    CP Aviation Emergency Maneuver Training Flight Scholarship
    This scholarship aims to promote aviation safety through unusual attitude and aerobatic training. The scholarship includes three modules of the EMT® course which includes Stall/Spin Awareness, In-flight Emergencies, and Basic Aerobatics. The course will be taught in a Citabria and Decathlon. CP Aviation is a family-owned business located in Santa Paula, California.
    Qualifications: The recipient must be a member of International Aerobatic Club and hold a private pilot certificate. Scholarship Amount: $2,300. For more info visit this page- http://www.iac.org/programs/scholarships/iac_cp.html

    Civil Air Patrol Flight Scholarships
    "Each year, Civil Air Patrol provides academic and flight scholarships to deserving cadets and seniors who meet eligibility requirements. Over $300,000.00 is available. Many of the scholarships go unused apply today!" For more info, go to the CAP Scholarships Page

    COMAIR, Airline Pilot Scholarship
    Description: Flight training for commercial airline career.
    Eligibility: Written essay, complete an application, desire, motivation. Deadline: July. Award(s) & Amount(s): $1,000

    Comair Aviation Academy
    Contact: Susan Burrell
    2700 Flight Line Ave
    Sanford, FL 32773
    Tel. (800) 822-5963
    Website: http://www.comairacademy.com
    E-mail: comairacademy@msn.com

    Comm 1 Radio Aviation Scholarship
    A $1,000 award to assist in pursuing a flying career. In addition to demonstrating an interest in pursuing a career in aviation, scholarship applicants will be asked to submit a brief 75-word essay that examines the financial and practical benefits of using interactive radio communications training as an integrated part of a flight training curriculum. Due in October.  For more information and requirements contact 1-888-333-2855 (toll free) Comm1radio.com

    Sean DeRosier Memorial Aerobatic Training Scholarship
    Scholarship amount: $1,500. The recipient must be male or female between the ages of 17 and 31, wishing to pursue aerobatic flight training or and A&P license. Applicants for an aerobatic training track must have already earned at least private pilot certification. Due in July. For application, visit http://www.icasfoundation.org/scholarships_derosier.htm

    Bob Douthitt Navion Society Memorial Flight Scholarship
    The aviation community of Imperial Valley, California and  the many members of The American Navion Society have created this perpetual scholarship in Bob Douthitt’s honor. Navion airplanes were his favorite.  Bob was known as “Mr. Navion”.   He invented many innovations for Navions that received FAA certification.  Bob produced a tape that is now a video titled “The Navion Annual”.  It is invaluable to all Navion owners. This $1,000 scholarship is established for a licensed pilot seeking a higher rating. Essay based: why you are working toward this rating and goals for your future flying,  There must be two or more recommendations, which includes one from a certified flight instructor.  He or she must be a United States citizen, and reside in Imperial County, CA OR a member of the Navion Society

    Bob Douthitt Memorial Flight Scholarship
    c/o Mari Hurley
    Imperial So-Lo 99s
    1108 W. Evan Hewes Hwy
    El Centro, CA  92243  
    FAX to 760-352-6496

    Experimental Aircraft Association Scholarships 

    • Clay Lacy Professional Pilot Scholarship
    • Friendship One Flight Training Scholarships
    • Payzer Scholarship
    • Richard Lee Vernon Aviation Scholarship
    • Herbert L. Cox Memorial Scholarship
    • H.P. "Bud" Milligan Aviation Scholarship 

    EAA Resident Education Office: 888-322-3229
    E-mail: education@eaa.org
    Website: http://www.eaa.org/support/scholarships.asp

    The Fitchburg (Massachussetts) Pilots Association (FPA)                                A non-profit organization of pilots and other aviation enthusiasts promoting aviation in the Central Mass area. As part of this effort, the FPA has set up an aviation scholarship fund for the purpose of helping to offset the financial expenses of an aviation-related education. The anticipated award will be for up to 2 scholarships with values of $1000 each, although the actual number of awards and the amount are subject change.  The FPA will be accepting applications for this scholarship from students primarily from the north central Massachusetts area but deserving and qualified students from almost anywhere will be considered. More info- http://www.fitchburgpilots.org/

    French Connection Memorial Scholarship
    The recipient must be a certified flight instructor (CFI), and the scholarship monies must be used for aerobatic flight training. Both a male and a female recipient may be selected.  Scholarship amounts: $1,000 each. 

  • http://www.icasfoundation.org/scholarships_frenchconn.htm

    Greene County - Jackson Regional Airport Scholarship
    The family of Dr. Lewis A. Jackson has established a scholarship in his memory to help Greene County, Ohio youth obtain training leading to careers in aviation. The Jackson Aviation Scholarship will be administered by the Jackson Aviation Scholarship Committee. Scholarship funds may be used to help a licensed pilot obtain an advanced rating. Training is to be conducted at the Greene County -Lewis A. Jackson Regional Airport. Applicants for the Jackson Aviation Scholarship must be in junior high school, high school or college. To apply, an applicant must submit:

    • an essay stating why the student wants and needs the scholarship
    • what preparation toward an aviation career the student has already accomplished 
    • academic qualifications i.e., courses taken and grades achieved
    • letters of recommendations from teachers, instructors, scout leaders, etc.

    Licensed pilots working toward an advanced rating must have passed the applicable written examinations and hold a current flight physical commensurate with the rating being sought.
    Jackson Aviation Scholarship Committee
    c/o Greene County -Lewis A. Jackson Regional Airport
    140 North Valley Road
    Xenia, OH 45385

  • http://www.i19airport.com/scholarship/index.shtml

    Harold Hamm Scholarship (Montana)
    Harold and Zola Hamm were the anonymous donors that established the first $250 A Love of Aviation (ALOA) Scholarship in 1993. With the passing of Harold on September 1, 2006, Zola decided to rename the scholarship the “Harold Hamm Scholarship” in honor of her husband of 19 years. Harold had an extremely strong passion for aviation. Together he and Zola completed two airplane projects: the restoration of a J-3 Piper Cub, and an experimental RV-6 aircraft. This year Zola has graciously increased the amount of the Harold Hamm Scholarship to $500. Call (406) 444-2506 or http://mdt.mt.gov/aviation/scholarships.shtml

    Montana Aeronautics Division
    PO Box 200507
    Helena, MT 59620-0507

    Charlie Hillard Memorial Scholarship
    The recipient must be between the ages of 18 and 30, and use the grant to begin or continue flight training. Scholarship amount: $2,000.

  • http://www.icasfoundation.org/scholarships_hillard.htm

    Int'l Aerobatic Association Chapter 34 Aerobatic Scholarship
    The IAC34 Aerobatic Scholarship will be awarded to help advance the recipient's piloting skills by making payment toward training costs in an approved Beginning Aerobatic Course. The scholarship is funded entirely through an annual raffle held by the club. The Award amount will be not less than $500 and not more than $1000. The applicant will complete and submit an application form.  A letter of recommendation and an essay will accompany the application.  Application Deadline: November 1, 2008. The essay should include some of the following elements:

    • The applicant's aviation related activities/clubs.
    • The applicant's interest in aerobatics.
    • The applicant's past and/or current training in aviation.
    • A list of any pilot license or aviation awards already received.

    Application, letter of recommendation and essay should be sent by traceable mail to:
    IAC34 Scholarship Committee
    7628 Plainfield Rd.
    Cincinnati, Oh 45236

  • http://www.iac34.com

    Island City Aero Club Flight Training Scholarship
    ICAC proudly offers two aviation scholarships each worth $750.00. Must be 16 to 25 years of age and live within a 30 mile radius of the Cumberland, WI Airport. http://www.islandcityaeroclub.com

    Leo March Aviation Scholarship
    $1,500 award given by Donna March in memory of her pilot husband. Applicants must be at least 16 with a current medical and submit an essay on what aviation means to you/your flying goals. Special consideration is given to pilots that fly out of Gillespie Field in the El Cajon/San Diego geographical area as that is where Leo was based. Applications are due June 15th each year. Amount may vary.  Contact Donna for an application:

  • (619) 444-6246 or snail mail 1926 Teton Pass, El Cajon, CA 92019

    Mary Jane McGrath EAA Chapter 613 Scholarship                                        The scholarship seeks to honor her memory by encouraging and helping finance the effort of talented pilots who want to become flight instructors. Info and applications- http://www.eaa-chapter613.org/scholarships.htm

  • MEA Aviation Scholarship
    A $250 award given by the Mid-Atlantic Educational Association in an aviation or aerospace field. Award is applicable for flight instrcution at an FAA approved school. Deadline is in August. Must be at least 16 yrs. Contact the MAEA at 10423 Fyfe Ct, Fairfax, VA 22032

    Memphis Belles chapterWAI Colleen Platt-Walker Scholarship   A $1250 assist in acquiring a pilot's certificate and/or rating in an airplane, helicopter, or glider. Colleen was an outstanding pilot who flew numerous flights as a regional pilot and flight attendant. She loved flying and was quick to share her knowledge and passion of aviation with other aspiring pilots. To honor her passion and dedication for flying, The Colleen Platt-Walker Memorial Scholarship was established. The scholarship is a loving endowment from Colleen's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Platt and other generous donors.  Criteria:

    • Preference given to a Women in Aviation Int'l Members
    • Be at least 16 years of age by November 12th deadline
    • Preference will be given to a person residing in or attending a school in the tri-state area (Tennessee, Arkansas or Mississippi)
    • Must have two letters of recommendation

    Download an application at http://www.memphis-belles.org

    Minnesota Aviation Trade Association Flight Scholarship
    "Why I Want To Learn To Fly" Scholarship a $1,500.00 value. Requirements: Write a one page, type-written, double-space letter entitled "Why I Want to Learn to Fly". Must a be a Minnesota resident, at least 16 years of age. http://www.mnataonline.net/scholarship.html 

    Morrison Aviation Appreciation Scholarship
    Jeff Morrison, retired former owner of Morrison Flying Service in Helena has established the $500 scholarship as a token of appreciation to the aviation community. For info call (406) 444-2506 or write:

    Montana Aeronautics Division
    PO Box 200507
    Helena, MT 59620-0507

    Montana Antique Aircraft Association (MAAA) Scholarship
    The MAAA offers this $500 scholarship to help defray the costs of flight instruction. Email MAAA for info

    Montana Pilots Association Scholarship
    Flight Training Award - This scholarship is open to a person who has a considerable interest in aviation. The $750 scholarship is to be used for flight training.

    Junior Pilot Award - This recipient is chosen for outstanding interest in aviation, citizenship within their community and demonstrated academic achievement. The recipient must have soloed and be actively involved in flight training. This is a $750 scholarship. 

    Contact- http://www.montanapilots.org/

    Mooney Aircraft Pilots Association Safety Foundation Scholarship
    $2,500 scholarship. Applicant must currently be enrolled in a course of study that promotes General Aviation Safety. Must be an MAPA member or sponsored by one. Min GPA 3.0. For more info, contact the MAPA P.O. Box 460607, San Antonio, TX 78246, (210) 525-8008.

    NATA John E. Goodwin, Jr Memorial Scholarship
    $2,500 award. Eligibility: This scholarship is for flight training or rating. Must be at least 18 years of age or older, possess a student pilot certificate with a 3rd class medical certificate and can qualify for a second class medical certificate. Must demonstrate commitment to General Aviation. Be nominated and endorsed by a representative of a Regular or Associated Member Company of the national Air Transportation Association. While not a prerequisite, membership in good standing in the civil air patrol will be favorably considered.
    Due in: November,
    National Air Transportation Foundation
    4226 King St.
    Alexandria, VA 22302
    Tel. (703) 845-9000

    National Gay & Lesbian Pilots Association Scholarship                                     The NGPA Education Fund (NGPA-EF) provides educational assistance in the form of scholarships to students pursuing aviation careers as professional pilots and who have demonstrated community involvement, including support of the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual & transgender (LGBT) community. Applicants must be 

    • pursuing a career as a professional pilot
    • either accepted at or currently enrolled in an accredited college or university with an aviation related curriculum (aerospace,  aerodynamics, engineering, airport management, etc.) in pursuit of a degree leading to a career as a professional pilot 
    • OR 
    • undergoing a course of study in a recognized professional pilot aviation training program in an institution of higher learning, aviation technical school, or government approved flight school.

    Scholarship funds cannot be used to pay for the basic Private Pilot Certificate; they must be applied towards advanced fight training at a government certified flight school or to college tuition if enrolled in an accredited aviation degree program. Applications due March 1st. http://www.ngpa.org

  • New England Section 99s Shirley Mahn Memorial.                                              
    • Must be a resident of CT, ME, MA, NH, RI, or VT who is studying anywhere in the U.S. or a resident of any state, who is studying in one of the New England states.
    • May be female or male of at least of high school age.
    • Must be studying in some area of aviation at a duly accredited school, college flight school, or with a private instructor. 
    Details and application downloads for this $1,500 scholarship are also available from  http://womenpilotsene.org/scholarships.html
  • Oklahoma Pilots Association Scholarship
    For student in training for a career in aviation: pilot, education or airport management. Unless otherwise specifically stated, applicants must be graduates of high schools in central Oklahoma. Past amount was $2500. Request an application or further information from:
    Alan Liebler
    Oklahoma Pilots Association
    9720 Lakeland Terrace
    Oklahoma City, OK 73110-1606

    Oregon Pilots Association Raymond Meyer Memorial Flight Fund
    Mary Meyer, Beaverton OPA member and widow of Ray Meyer, has given generously to the Ray Meyer Memorial Flight Fund.  The fund is approaching it's endowment target to perpetually provide a scholarship to assist with the flight instruction of a student pilot each year. Eligibility Criteria
    • Must be at least 16 years old
    • Resident of Oregon
    • Member of Oregon Pilots Association, student pilot membership is free
    • Must have successfully soloed in a single or multi engine land airplane
    • Passage of FAA Private Pilot Knowledge Test before funds will be released
    • Minimum 2.5 GPA if enrolled in High School or College
    • GED completion or High School graduation if not currently enrolled
    • Submission of Essay explaining why applicant wants to learn to fly or acquire an advanced rating and how the scholarship would assist in the achievement of that goal.
    • Submission of completed application and requested information identified on application.
    Due in July. More info & applications http://www.oregonpilot.org/

    Parrott Family Scholarship
    The Parrott Family offers this $1,000 scholarship to be used over a one-year period for pilot training programs for students enrolled in the Rocky Mountain College (RMC) aviation program. The funds may be used for tuition in the RMC aviation program, and/or flight training expenses leading to a Private, Commercial, or Flight Instructor Certificate, and may include Instrument and Multi-engine simulator training, and the purchase of aviation related materials and related supplies. Info  http://mdt.mt.gov/aviation/scholarships.shtml

    Montana Aeronautics Division
    PO Box 200507
    Helena, MT 59620-0507 Phone (406) 444-2506

  • Petaluma Area (CA) Pilots Association Scholarship
    The Scholarship is open to those students interested in furthering their aviation education or others interested in Aviation careers, and that reside or have parents that reside in the greater Petaluma area. Applicants shall be taking or planning on taking aviation related training for the purpose of obtaining their private pilot's license, of upgrading their existing license, continuing their aviation related education at a two or four year college, or pursuing an aviation related education through an accredited aviation trade school. Applicants shall submit a five hundred word written essay giving his or her plans for a caret in aviation and some background on the interest in aviation. Subsequently, each applicant shall also attend a personal interview with the Scholarship Committee at a time and place of mutual agreement.
    Applicants who are full time students shall have maintained at least a 2.5 grade point average for the last two years of their high school education. They shall furnish a high school transcript with their application. Applicants who are full-time college students shall have maintained at least a 2.5 grade point average during their college, studies, and shall furnish a college transcript with their application. Each applicant shall supply the name of an educational institution or flight school to which award funds would be directed on their behalf. Final selection of applicants is based on a maximum 9 point system in the following areas: grades (2.5 minimum), current enrollment in aviation courses, veteran status, education level, extra circular activities, ground school completion, previous solo, continuing flight training, and continuing academic education. Application shall be due by April 15 and the scholarship shall be awarded in June. The amount of funds available each year will be determined by the Executive Board of the Association.

  • http://papapetaluma.org/scholarships/                                                                   Scholarship Committee                                                                                                P.O. Box 654, Petaluma, CA 94953

    Plymouth (MA) Aero Club
    scholarships for use in post secondary education or training in pursuit of an aviation career.  Applicants must live, work, or attend school within Plymouth County. Deadline to apply is April 30, and scholarships will be awarded in June.  To request an application, pymaeroclub@hotmail.com  or write
    Plymouth Aero Club
    Plymouth Municipal Airport
    South Meadow Road
    Plymouth, MA 02360

    Red Barons Flight Scholarship
    The recipient must be the holder of a current private pilot certificate or international equivalent, at least sixteen years of age, and use the scholarship for aerobatic flight training.  Two recipients will be selected to honor Sonny Lovelace and Randy Drake. Scholarship amounts: $2,000 each. http://www.icasfoundation.org/scholarships_redbarons.htm

    Rhode Island Pilots Association
    Two aviation scholarships are awarded each May to qualified candidates wishing to pursue pilot flight training. Applicants MUST satisfy the following requirements:

    • be at least 16 years of age on or before December 31st of the year prior to the year of application (i.e. December 31st, 2004 to apply for the May 2005 scholarship).
    • a resident of Rhode Island.
    • Applications must be postmarked no later than February 24 of the year of application (i.e. February 24th, 2005 to apply for the May 2005 scholarship).
    • Applicant for flight training must be able to pass the Class III FAA physical before the funds are offered.
    • Any Applicant under 18 years of age must have a letter of consent from their parent or guardian.
    • The Scholarship award must be used within one year

    Get the Application Form http://www.ripilots.com/Scholarships.htm

    San Fernando Valley chapter of The Ninety-Nines
    Three $3,000 scholarships to Southern California men OR women interested in furthering aviation careers. Scholarship applicants must be residents of the greater Los Angeles area, at least 21 years old and U.S. citizens planning to continue their aviation-related education in academic or flight schools. Applications must be postmarked by April 23rd. Applications  are available by sending a stamped, self-addressed business sized envelope to: SFV 99s Career Scholarships, P.O. Box 8160, Van Nuys, CA 91409 or by applying via their website: www.sfv99s.org

    StudentPilot.com Flight Training Scholarship
    This scholarship was designed to give one student pilot a chance to fulfill his/her dream of learning how to fly. We are offering the winning applicant a $1,000 flight training scholarship to help fund their PPL. This award will be made to a U.S. citizen without regard to sex, race, religion or national origin.
    The recipient must be enrolled in a flight-training course with plans to complete a private pilot certificate or additional rating.

    Tailwind Foundation Flight Scholarship
    Advanced Ratings and Certificates Award
    Up to $2,000 for pilots seeking advanced ratings (instrument, multi-engine) or certificates (commercial, ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI) and flight training in Northwest Arkansas.  The advanced rating and certificate scholarships do not cover endorsements (tail wheel, high performance, high altitude). These scholarships cover 50% of the cost of aircraft rental and instructor time. They do not cover other expenses such as ground school, books, supplies, or exam fees. They are matching scholarships which require the student to pay the other half of the cost of training. Contact- 15480 See Street, Rogers, AR 72756

    Vermont Aviation Advisory Council
    The Mary J. McGrath Flight Scholarship. $1,000 to a Vermont pilot pursuing their CFI. Deadline: Contact Sponsor.
    Vermont Aviation Advisory Council
    PO Box 1527
    Montpelier, VT 05601-1527
    (802) 863-3343

    Wisconsin - Archie C. Towle Scholarship                                                        Applications for the Archie C. Towle Aviation Scholarship are available through guidance offices of all high schools located in Marathon County, Merrill, Tomahawk, Antigo Wittenberg-Birnamwood, Stevens Point, and Wisconsin Rapids, as well as airport in those communities.  Applications can also be downloaded from the Community Foundation’s website at www.cfoncw.org.  Candidates for the scholarship must: (1) Reside within a 50 mile radius of the greater Wausau Area, (2) Be able to demonstrate ability and a strong desire to pursue a career in aviation, (3) Be able to pass a 2nd class FAA medical examination for flight training.  No exam is necessary for maintenance training.  Completed applications must be returned to the Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin by the close of business on the last working day in February.

  • http://www.flywausau.com/index_files/Towle.htm

  • Women In Aviation International
    Women in Aviation, International is a nonprofit 501(C)(3) organization dedicated to providing networking, mentoring and scholarship opportunities for men and women who are striving for challenging and fulfilling careers in the aviation and aerospace industries. While many WAI scholarships are for females only, some are not so restricted.

    • Must be a WAI member to apply
    • Men may apply providing the award to open to males
    • Applicants may only apply to 2 awards annually

    At one annual WAI Conference, 60 women and men were awarded a total of nearly $700,000 in scholarships. Here are examples of past awards (actual scholarships vary by year):

    Airbus A320 Type Rating Certificate Scholarships - $31,000
    Airbus Leadership Grant - $5,000 each
    Airline Ground Schools, Inc. - $3,000
    Boeing Company Career Enhancement Scholarship - $2,500 each
    Bombardier Lear Jet 31A pilot type rating Scholarship - $22,000 each
    Bombardier Lear Jet Maintenance Training Scholarship - $9,360
    CAE SimuFlite Citation Corporate Aircraft Training Scholarship - $5,000
    Cessna "Earn a Private Pilot's Certificate" Scholarship - $7,000
    Cessna Scholarship for Citation Encore Type Rating - $18,800
    Commercial Airline Pilot - Airline/Jet Transition Course Scholarship - $22,495
    Continental Airlines 737 Flight Training Scholarships - $8,000 each
    Dassault Falcon Jet Corporation Scholarship - $1,000
    Delta Air Lines Boeing B737-800 Type Rating Certificate Scholarships - $35,000 each
    Delta Connection Academy Scholarship - $5,000
    Elisha Hall Memorial Scholarships - Wright Chapter - $1,000
    Express Jet Airlines Regional Jet Transition Course - $15,000
    FedEx Express Flight Scholarship - $2,500
    Flight Safety CAPT-WAI Scholarship - $22,495
    If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It Scholarship - $500
    Kathy K. Hodgkins Memorial Scholarship - $1,000
    Keep Flying Scholarship 2008 - $1,000
    Lockheed Martin - $1,000 each
    New Horizons Memorial Scholarship - $1,000; $300; $300
    R-W Foundation - $1,000
    Ride the Sun - $500
    Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 Type Rating Scholarships - $35,000 each
    Spirit of Aviation Scholarship - $1,200
    Telex Flight Training Scholarship - $900
    United Airlines 737 Type Rating Scholarship - $33,000 each
    WAI Washington State Chapter Scholarship - $1,000
    Women in Aviation, International Achievement Award -$750 each
    Women in Corporate Aviation Career Scholarship - $2,000
    Women Military Aviators - Dream of Flight Scholarship - $2,500
    Chuck Yeager Foundation WAI Scholarship Award - $1,000


    Douglas Yost Memorial Aerobatic Scholarship Grant (MN)
    Administered by Chapter 78 of the International Aerobatic Club (IAC), a division of the Experimental Aviation Association (EAA) in Webster, MN The Scholarship Grant is awarded annually from an endowment established in memory of pilot Douglas Yost by his family in 2002. The purpose of this merit scholarship is to promote air safety through aerobatics training. Each recipient of this scholarship will receive a complete course of aerobatics and stall-spin awareness training of approximately ten flight hours. This training must be conducted at a facility approved by the I.A.C. Chapter 78 Scholarship committee. A list of approved facilities will be provided to the successful applicant. The successful scholarship applicant must be well rounded, involved in school and community activities as well as in aviation. The applicant's academic record should demonstrate that they could successfully complete the educational portion of aerobatic training. Flight instructor comment reports, or letters of recommendation must indicate that the successful applicant has the basic flying skills and potential to benefit from this type of training. The minimum qualifications to apply include:

    • Junior or Senior in College OR other post-secondary school.
    • Proof of Private Pilot's license or other higher licenses.
    • Proof of current FAA medical certificate.


    Women in Corporate Aviation Career Scholarships
    $2,000 offered by the members and sponsors of Women in Corporate Aviation to any man or woman pursuing professional development and/or career advancement in any job classification of corporate/business aviation. The award must be used toward a specific program of education. Flight training OK. http://www.wca-intl.org/scholarships.htm