A listing of flight scholarships for aspiring or advancing aviators


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While pursuing my pilot certificates and ratings, I looked for and began to keep a listing of scholarships that could help fund my flight training. Over the years I was lucky enough to be awarded scholarships for my Commercial, Multi-Engine and a Boeing 737 type rating from various sources. Over time my list grew and grew so I created a website and posted it on the internet to try and help others find money to fly too. Being female, I placed a special focus on cataloging grants for women. As such, much of my list contains awards for females only but there are some that are open to men as well.

  • Each scholarship has its own application deadline
  • Amounts may vary from year to year
  • Some awards may not be given every year
  • Contact the issuer for application or more info 
  • Check with the benefactor to be sure you have the most recent application for the award. An app may be revised at any time.

The scholarships listed on this site are mostly one time awards of $250-$3,000 to help defray the cost of flight training for a pilot certificate or rating. The awards on this page are not restricted to collegiate aviation students only, hence are a resource for those pilot who cannot tap into all the money available to such students. This type of list was the goal of my scholarships website which I began to compile as I flight trained towards my goal of becoming an airline pilot.



Most of the flight scholarships listed on require an essay as part of their application package. Amazing as it may sound, some awards get less than a dozen applicants! Don't be too lazy to fill out an app as the odds just may be in your favor. For many financially strapped pilots, creative writing is not their forte or they just don't know how to 'toot their own horn'. Being able to write a good essay takes some effort. You need to create empathy with the judges and emphasize what you have already accomplished towards your goals. A broke pilot who has no plan for completing their goal aside of a scholarship is usually not a great applicant. Show your determination and resourcefulness by presenting how you will achieve your goal, even if it takes you longer, without a scholarship. Most awards won't pay for an entire certificate or rating, so if an applicant isn't even close to meeting their goal (or has no real plan of action to make it happen), they probably won't be a good financial investment for the benefactor. A well written, neat, organized and nicely presented application package will often make the difference to the Scholarship Committee. So, even if you are the neediest applicant, without presenting yourself well on paper you may not win. To help provide some guidelines and advice on how to put together a winning scholarship essay package, read this informative article:

Good Luck to all of you in reaching your aviation goals!

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