Next Monetary Literacy Group Meeting: July 30, 2015, 6:30 pm - ?

Positive Money vs. MMT Debate
Thursday, July 30
Potluck: 6:30 (beverages provided) 
Informal program: 7:00 pm (outside, weather permitting)
Location: 3016 Somerton Road, Cleveland Heights, 44118 (home of Greg Coleridge) Please RSVP to

Subject: Positive Money & MMT Comparison

Greg & Glenn will have a friendly debate on the MMT and Positive Money positions as they relate to the economy.

Positive Money is one of a number of monetary reform groups that advocate for the public creation of all money, removing this power from the banking sector. This debt-free public money would be used for physical and human infrastructure investment and other functions to boost the economy and meet human needs.  

MMT (Modern Monetary Theory) is a description of how many believe banking, government spending and the economy actually work with certain policy prescriptions based on that understanding.  Among the policy prescriptions are increased levels of public spending on infrastructure and other public projects to lower unemployment rates and a job guarantee program.

There is often misunderstanding about where these two groups share common ideas and goals and where they are different.

Join us for this debate and potentially lively discussion.        

About the Group:

The Monetary Literacy Group is a group of concerned citizens interested in the ongoing study and research of our monetary system.  We do book reviews, hold monthly discussions, attend conferences and try to teach others the importance of understanding our monetary system.

All are welcomed to join, we are a non-partisan group.  We like to explore alternative views and proposed reforms.  There is quite a bit of diversity in the group, and different ideas and views are welcomed.  Areas of discussion include Modern Monetary Theory, American Monetary Institute / Positive Money, Public Banking Institute, Complementary Currencies and the Austrian School of Thought.  Feel free to attend an upcoming meeting.  You'll be glad you did, and we would be happy to meet you.

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