Testing Page

A page to try out more gadgets and tools.                                                                                                                             mondine

So, this is the narrow column.

I want to find stuff that fits in here. 

I'm not having much luck finding gadgets that are small enough. I guess I'll use this column to try out other odds and ends.

Like this spiffy clock:

 Alrighty, then.                                                 let's try one of them free guest books.




I can't imagine why you'd want to,  but if you have happened to find    yourself here, you may want to      say hello.

Maybe tell me what your  favourite gadgets and oddities are.

But don't you spam me! No way.


Would you like to play a game?

Let's see if this thing works: 


 Well, that was kind of fun. I used to be quite good at this in the '80s              but I don't like using arrow keys.           

                            And that thing just never goes away,                            when you're trying to edit the page.