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       So, this is my Googlepages site.  At the moment it's just a few pages                that I'm using to test, try things out, and generally mess around             with things until they break.

    The main reason that I've published links here, is to see the various                    ways that  linking affects the site. Not particularly to bring traffic.

       So, if you've come here looking for something particularly different                                      and/or interesting.... well, sorry about that.

           If you've nothing better to do, feel free to have a look around.                                    Feedback is always appreciated, even if it's just a "hello"                                                           from someone wandering by.


Well, I've  moved things around a bit.
I had some horrible disfigurements as a result of  dragging things in and out
so I've dropped some troublesome scripts and tossed a few babies out with the bathwater.

A couple of things I'll bring back, but the front page really needs some new stuff every now and then.

Did you notice my favicon? Isn't it lovely? 

Anyway, let's see if I've got a pagerank back......

Search Engine Optimization 

I guess not. I did have a 5 before the last update. But that seemed rather unrealistic.
Although I do have quite a few backlinks from fairly-highly rated pages.

Google is just rather snitty about looking at them.

Then again, the rank is supposed to be about "importance on the web" so strictly speaking, I have to admit they've got it about right.


Okay; how about that GeoVisitor deal? Some people seem to like that. 

Geo Visitors Map

Oh, and I like this thing. You can use it to browse any site, showing the PR of every link on the way.
Hours of fun for the whole family.

If you have a somewhat odd family. Not that there's anything wrong with that. 

Webmaster Eyes


 Forums I like

Google Community










EzGraphicStudio Forums








The Magic 8 Ball knows all:



  Additional pages in progress               

current test feature in isolation:                                      samples                                              

Eventually, I'll put up a page to describe some of the problems I've run into, and what I've done to (more or less) fix them.

Scary stuff. Horrible, horrible scary stuff.



Also, I'll be having a crack at making some fancy buttons and menus.

Exciting, no?

Well. maybe not. But it's something to do.