The premise of the group is simple and based upon Zane Lowe's Masterpiece series - a whole bunch of people listening to the same record, at the same time - Monday at 22:00.

Turns will be taken, alphabetically, to suggest the album for the following week, with just one rule - the album has to be available to listen to on Spotify.

Then at 22:00 on Monday, listen in and chat about the record, using a clever app called Soundrop which is available on Spotify. On the desktop version of spotify you can find it in the app finder panel on the left hand side or there is an app available for iPad/iPhone users. The desktop version seems to work best though. The app allows us all to listen at exactly the same time and comment in real time too. You can of course use twitter, addressing each tweet to @mnlclub. This will keep your followers time lines tidy!
Join us? http://www.facebook.com/groups/159734707462057/ https://twitter.com/#!/mnlclub