An artist's heart is in his head.
Oscar Wilde

The modern man is a born fighter. Life-threatening opponents have vanished from the face of the earth but, as a matter of principle, man is against everything: racism, unemployment, animal testing...

But how could he prevent the passing time from her relentless progress?

How could he outplay his own destiny?

How could he control the uncertain part of his existence?

Reality is the ugly betrayal of our dreams and wishes. This scandal must be stopped, our life should resemble a sort of Disneyland again, a movie which can be rewound at discretion, a video game in which the vanquished player can be send back to the start position for a new round.


Assistance in this process is provided by tranquilizers, insurances, stimulants. The markets for all kinds of survival strategies is booming: promises that instantly relieve us from our worries, solve our problems, heal our wounds, anticipate our thoughts...


There is no lack of ideologies, parties, advertising slogans, ministerial decisions and legislative measures for the protection of the citizen: all of them will help us to overcome the obstacles in life; everything is meant to be better, faster, more comfortable and more beautiful than ever before.


In this wonderful world of freedom, a large survival package made of illusions is available to us, from which everybody can simply make the right choices for himself in order to find happiness. Unfortunately things do not work as we imagine them. Due to the wrong use of our senses and our intelligence, our disoriented feelings that have lost their true aim, namely the focus on the essence in a flood of the transient and ephemeral aspects of life we pervert ourselves, society and the course of the universe.


Our unease expresses itself in the fact that we take our relative perception for the unshakeable truth. In our perspective, our personal interpretations and explanations of the real world are absolute: this is the illusion which we fall prey to. This is our real trouble.