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TV's Update - Wednesday 30th November 2011

posted 30 Nov 2011, 18:24 by Monash Running


·       Our Running Squad 2011 Christmas celebration will be held after training (7pm) at the Clayton Campus on Tuesday 13th December.

Venue will be the outside BBQ area at the back of the Sports building – overlooking the sports fields.

There will be a small charge to cover the catering –$5 head - see Chris to pay or with any queries .

Already we have over 30 ‘bookings’ – but many more are welcome – even if you haven’t been attending for some time

We’re looking at possibly conducting some sort of fun race – a relay maybe – at training that night, before the celebration BBQ.


This week

People are never quite satisfied with the weather, but little cause for complaint this week as we enjoyed fantastic conditions for running.

There were the usual number of apologies, and also as usual some quite original reasons for non attendance were produced ( I much appreciate it if you are able to let me know if you can’t make it)

Numbers were in the 40s again – 44 this week – a great turn out !

And again we welcomed a couple of  new squad members– Caroline Johnson & Renee Marcsisin - we trust both of you enjoyed the experience – and will return

Great to welcome back Susie Wagglen & Jo Hopgood after a break, as well as Chris’s young son Joshua – who had a great time around the ovals while dad trained.

Carlo  - what happened to Samantha ?

Once again Len Relieved me of the whistle – for a great session of 6 x 60 sec efforts followed by 4 laps of ‘straights’

·       The competitive highlight of this week was Mairead’s fantastic win in the Marysville Half Marathon on Sunday last – in what were apparently pretty shocking conditions


Our Website ‘Monash University Running Squad’

 As we’re keen to keep the site current please send to me details of any runs/races you’ve been part of,  or other items of interest.

Look here for some recent results;



I still have a limited supply of running diaries for any of you who might like to keep tabs on your training/progress. Just send me a note if you’d like one. And I am happy to chat about training programs as well as review diary entries.


We’ll be in action again as usual next Tuesday evening 6th December  2011

We’re located at the Baseball field, & using the pavilion over there. Access by car is quite good & parking is very handy - enter from Ring Road East & go around to the Baseball field along the road  around the back (Wellington Rd end) of Oval 1.

And we are in action every Tuesday evening without fail throughout 2011- with our last session on Tuesday 20th December (but no session on Tuesday 27th).

Hill Session at Jells Park - Saturday Mornings


·        .

Our next organised session will be on Saturday morning 10th December  - and I’ll send a reminder note next week.

Of course if any of you are free on a Saturday morning over the  next few weeks by all means go to Jells park and do the session.

And if any of you do find an opportunity to do this - please let me know as I’ll try to join you


Goodbye for now

Monika is off home (Hungary) and will be back in the New Year

Monash Sport Membership

I have a supply of flyers with me each week with details of the great benefits & services, as well as current ‘offers’ available to Monash Sport members. – take one.

Visit the Monash Sport website


·        With the completion of exams, quite a few of the international & country members of our squad are heading ‘home’. Our best wishes for a fabulous ‘running’ Christmas to each & every one of you in this category. I hope/assume we’ll see all of you back in the New Year – but I would like to hear please from any of you who won’t be returning.