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TV's Update - Thursday 29th March 2012

posted 29 Mar 2012, 18:27 by Monash Running

This week – Tuesday 27th March

The last week of daylight saving – and a beautiful evening for running

Our ‘newies’ were; Reagan Maquez & Yusuke Kato – welcome !

As well – it was great to welcome Nine Mok & Amanda Nikolic back to our squad (Amanda after around 12 months absence)

We do hope you’ll all see fit to return in future – but if not please let me know quickly so I can remove you from our attendance and mailing lists.

It was also great to welcome as an observer my friend Paul Ford – a top coach – who was most impressed with our squad – and the commitment you all demonstrate

Over the last 3 or 4 weeks we have welcomed around 40 new people to our great squad – but sadly a number of these have not returned after their 1st week with us. If you are in this category please let me know your intentions. After a few weeks any who do not return – and have sent no advice to me – will be deleted from our mailing list

I was back in action this week - my thanks to Len & Chris in particular for doing such a great job in my absence last week.

And our chief ‘cone man’, Gordon Noble, was back in action as well – so Len was able to concentrate on the running bit & left the admin stuff & setting up to me & Gordon

This week, after the usual warm up, we did 15 minutes on our favourite Hill circuit – a popular session for most (but not all – sorry Len)

As I’ve mentioned – the more runs you do regularly during the week the quicker your fitness will improve – and it doesn’t take long at all for any improvement to become noticeable. The runs don’t need to be too long – just getting out for a run is a terrific start. And don’t worry about how far – go for time – even say 15 minutes for a start is fine then build up. Do more if you can, depending upon your state of fitness.

And please make sure that your efforts of a Tuesday evening are within your own capabilities – I hate to see any of you overdo things.

Thanks again to all who sent me apologies for their absence on Tuesday night – hope to see you back soon, if not next week.

If you haven’t made it on a Tuesday evening for quite some time, please take the initiative & sent me an update on your plans for 2012 as far as our squad is concerned.


Of course will be in action on Tuesday next 3rd April 2012

In 2012, as usual, we’re located at the Baseball field, & using the pavilion over there. Access by car is quite good & parking is very handy - enter from Ring Road East & go around to the Baseball field along the road around the back (Wellington Rd end) of Oval 1. You can park at the rear of the pavilion if space – or on the dirt road above if you like.


A Reminder

Please keep off the main (fenced) oval when warming up /warming down – we don’t want to get on the wrong side of the friendly groundsman.


Saturday Morning Hill Session at Jells Park

Our  Hill session WILL go ahead again next Saturday morning (31st March) - at Jells Park, and I’ll be there of course. We’ll meet at the usual  spot, ready to run, at 8.30am SHARP (please try to be on time) -  out the front of the cafe – ‘Madeline’s’. Enter Jells Park from the entrance in Waverley Rd extension – opposite the Glen Waverley Golf Course.

Stay for a coffee/chat after if time permits.

We will have a break however over Easter – so no organised hill session on Saturday week – 7th April


Our Website ‘Monash University Running Squad’


News & Results


*In the first place – our sincere congratulations to Chris Allan on his fabulous effort in last Sunday’s Asia Pacific Ironman event.

Chris had a terrific day – breaking 11 hours for the event. His ‘splits’ – 3.8k swim  69 min 48 sec, 180k Cycle – 5 hrs 31 min 5 sec, & Marathon (42.2k) run 4 hrs 6 min 28 sec. Total time (incl transition) 10 hrs. 59 min 23 sec.


*Our other star was Stacey Bulger – our ‘gun’ softballer. Stacey led her team, Syndal, to the State ‘A’ Grade premiership - & hit the winning run. In addition she missed winning the Best & Fairest award for the league by the narrowest of margins. Syndal’s win was their first A grade premiership since 1968 !


*Congrats to Amy & Kelly on their great charity fundraising effort a week or so ago – they raised just short of $2000. Thanks to any of our squad members who supported their cause


*On Saturday afternoon 21st April the Athletics Victoria Cross Country Relays will be conducted at Jells Park, Glen Waverley. We will run a number of teams from our squad in these relays, which are great fun – and a good challenge for you. Each runner covers a 6km ‘leg’ – which I suggest is well within the capabilities of all of you. Next Tuesday, 3rd April, I’ll have a sheet with me on which I want any of you who are interested to write your names please.


* The Great Ocean Marathon weekend is 19th / 20th May  and quite a number of you have indicated an interest in participating in one of the Events – 6k & 14k Road Races on Saturday 19th (Start / Finish in Apollo Bay) as well as the events on Sunday 20th – Half Marathon (Start Kennett River, Finish Apollo Bay) & Marathon (Start Lorne, Finish Apollo Bay.

My club – Glenhuntly – provides 40 people on the weekend to help with the conduct of the events – and each helper is provided with 2 free nights accommodation in Apollo Bay (Friday & Saturday nights) as well as $80 contribution towards costs (travel/meals). If any of you are interested in being involved in this way let me know quickly please. Last year a number from our squad helped, and enjoyed a great weekend ( Kathryn, Katharina, Leo, Simon, Daniel, & Nine to name a few).  


A message from Perrine – a regular at our Tuesday sessions

For those of you who missed last Tuesday's session - and as a kind reminder:

I'm participating, together with 3 colleagues from Monash, in the Oxfam Trailwalker event in April: a 100k walk/ run taking place around the Dandenongs.
I'm sure most of you, as passionate runners, will understand the personal challenge involved! BUT... importantly, this is also Oxfam's Australia main fundraising event.
I know we all receive a lot of requests of this sort, but please just think about what as little as $5/$10 could represent for the NGO, when multiplied by 80-odd! (is that the last record Trevor?!)
Don't hesitate to have a look to our webpage ( (where you can donate!)
Yours sportively,
* I strongly recommend that members of our great Tuesday Evening Squad get behind this most worthy cause.  TV