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TV's summary of Tuesday vs Saturday Hill Sessions

posted 25 Aug 2013, 04:28 by Monash Running
TV's summary of the Tuesday and Saturday hill sessions for those who couldn't make it:

"I use 2 quite different types of circuits for Hill Sessions:

On Tuesday evening at Monash Clayton for our Hill Session(which we do every 4/5 weeks) we use a circuit of approximately 300m around a small lake on the Uni Campus. The surface is a bitumen path and in each circuit we do 3 strong efforts – each of around 50m with a 50m jog/float recovery. The first effort in each lap is a quite steep uphill section, the next is much more gradual uphill & the last is flat. This session is done for 15/16 minutes – and of course we do the mandatory minimum 15 minutes warm up & 15 minutes warm down.

Our Saturday morning circuit is as mentioned quite different. For this session we use a hill of around 300m – near Norton’s Park, Glen Waverley. The surface is dirt/clay & is excellent all year round. The effort up the hills is hard – with a jog/float recovery over a similar distance. It is a ‘loop’ course with around 30m of the recovery section down a fairly steep hill. We do between 4 & 10 hill repeats in this session, depending upon the individual. The pace is probably about 90% effort
With Hill running the legs get a taste of working hard without going into oxygen debt & without the hard impact/trauma of speedwork. Try to run hills with an erect posture. 

Training on hills will help to strengthen the leg muscles, teach you rhythm, & give you a hard workout with relatively little pounding."