Training Sessions

Baseball Pavilion, Monash University (Clayton Campus)

What's a typical Tuesday night like?

We meet at the baseball pavilion for a pre-training briefing. The are showers and toilet facilities for those who need them.

During training the baseball pavillion is locked to protect your valuables.

6pm: Warmup jog around the university grounds

6:20pm: Quality Interval Training sessions coached by TV (varies weekly)

6:40pm: Cooldown jog and stretch 

Hill Session, Jells Park

What's a typical Saturday morning session like?

We meet at the usual spot (out the front of Madeline's Cafe) ready to run, at 8.30am SHARP. Please try to be on time!

There are no locker or shower facilities, but TV is usually able to keep small valuables such as car keys.

8.30am: Warmup jog 

8.45am: Hill session coached by TV (Repetitions of hill loop approx 600-700metres)

9:15am: Easy jog back to Madeline's, various routes available including longer loop around lake.