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News for 16 February 2016

Perhaps due to a bit of threatening weather hanging around, we were down a little on last week with 69 registering their attendance via the new login system

Attendance 69
New Jaime Tan
Session 8x60s, 4x30s

News for 9 February 2016

Numbers are on the ‘up’ - with 84 toeing the line this week (It could have actually been a few more as I reckon a few failed to record their attendance) Our session of approx. 200m efforts with a short recovery after each was tackled tonight - and all of you handled it very well - congrats.

Attendance 84
New Oliver Grundy, Sebastian Pivet, Ana Fabela, Madeline Richards, Laurence Brassart, Jesslyn Sutanti & Astrid Ichsan
Session 200s

News for 2 February 2016

Attendance was 73 this week.
This week we did the popular, but tough ‘Mona Fartlek’

Attendance 73
New Andy Tatke & Richard Davies
Session Mona Fartlek

News for 26 January 2016

The Australia Day public holiday certainly affected attendance with just 43 turning out this week.
In nice conditions we did our session of ‘Straights’

Attendance 43
New Betsy, Nilousar, Nannerl, Zerah, Zebah, and Vignesh
Session Straights

News for 19 January 2016

Despite the pretty hot weather we braved the elements & did one of our tougher sessions - 8 x 60 sec efforts (60 sec recovery), followed by 4 x 30sec efforts (30 sec recovery - and of course everyone handled it really well.

Attendance 55
New --
Session 8x60s, 4x30s

News for 12 January 2016

The turnout was 56, down a little on last week but still a few ahead of this time in 2015. This included a few of our Monash Rugby Club friends who are joining us for pre-season training under coach Don Deans.
And this week we did the ‘popular with some’ - Hill circuit - around the Lake

Attendance 56
New --
Session Hill circuit

News for 5 January 2016

It turned out to be really nice evening for running so we stuck to the grass for a great 16 minute session of 200s (approx.) with a 100m jog recovery after each. Usual warm up/warm down of course.

Attendance 65
New Cory Hand, Helen Bauquin
Session 200s

News for 22 December 2015

On yet another perfect running night we stuck to the grass and did a session of ‘straights’

Attendance 60
New Simon Weir, Simone Classen
Session Straights

News for 15 December 2015

Conditions this week were perfect for running so we stuck to the grass & did a great Mona Fartlek’ session.

Attendance 64
New --
Session Mona Fartlek

News for 8 December 2015

Conditions this week were OK, but not ideal for running a fast Time Trial.

Our Christmas BBQ/Party
What a fabulous even it was !
Special thanks to all who helped ensure the great success of the night - in no particular order - Chris Allan, Graham Black, Daniel Jitnah, Len Johnson,Peter Bence, Rhiannon Snipe (& her Mum), Claire Walpole, & Jian Yen

Attendance 79
New Rossi
Session 2km Time Trial

News for 1 December 2015

Conditions this week were a bit cool (for Summer)

Attendance 59
New Anindita Samsu, Debbie Prout
Session 8x60s, 4x30s

News for 24 November 2015

Absolutely perfect conditions this week

Attendance 77
New Naz Hani, Rebekah Crawley
Session 200s

News for 17 November 2015

We’re staging our final Time Trial for 2015 on Tuesday 8th December

Our 2015 Christmas get together will also be held on Tuesday 8th December, commencing at 7pm - so mark your diary now.

Cost will be $6 per head - and for catering purposes we need your booking/payment in advance please.

Attendance 77
New Satish Sekar, Edie Kaehne, Ashley Herrod
Session Straights

News for 10 November 2015

The cold wet day, coupled with exams, as well as some track racing at South Melbourne saw our numbers plummet this week to just 45

Attendance 45
Returning Amy
Session Mona Fartlek

News for 23 June 2015

Its been a cold week, but that is not excuse for not coming to our Tuesday sessions!! 

Last week, we welcomed Lachlan Searle and Harrison Capper, and in the previous week we also welcomed Joan Connor, Alexa Sakkal, Dane Kleiner, & Melissa Wartman.  We hope you all had a great time and will be coming back for numerous sessions in the future.

The Jells Park hill session is becoming ever more popular, with 40+ runners.  It is a great way to start your weekend, and we have also had manigficient if cold mornings on these last few Saturdays.  So please join us there.

Today is the last sessions before our June time trial, which will be held on Tuesday 30 June.  For newbies, this is a timed 4x500m course around the top oval area.  Its a great opportunity to test yourself against your own expectations and set goals for future time trials.

We also farewell Sandra Superina who is going back to home in Italy very soon, and she has been a regular RunMonash Member and personally she has also been my "Saturday Driver" to Jells Park.  We will miss you but we also wish you and family all the very best in the future.

News for 2 June 2015

Winter is officially here! and some will be tested by the weather, but as in the past very few of us have ever been deterred by weather conditions and there is no reason for this not to continue!.
If you feel intimidated by the cold,  just remember that you are in the minority group as far as RunMonash is concerned! ... and whatever you do, running will warm you up guaranteed!

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the annual Emer Casey fun run for a good cause!  Results will be posted when they are available.

Last week we had our session of straights and that was very well handled by all.

We welcome for the first time: Lyn May Lee and Iman Soltani.  No doubt we wil see you again and very welcome to you.

We also had visits for Perrine Hamel and sister Marion.
And we welcome back Amy Pollock who is back to Melbourne after 1 yr in Sydney.

RunMonash has had a special mention on the Monash Uni facebook page, so that will surely bring a few new faces to the group in the coming weeks.  

This is a forward notification: Our next Time Trial is on 30 June, so still a few more weeks to improve and be ready.

As usual we are also at Jells Park on Saturday mornings.

News for 26 May 2015

Last week 19 May, we saw a good turnout after a rather ordinary day weatherwise!  We retreated to the lake/hill circuit and 79 of us were there.

New comers for the day were:  Annette Wittman, Rasoul Husaine, Jamie Nicholls and Alex Stewart made a come back after a long absence.   We welcome the new ones and Alex and hope you we look forward to seeing you all  many times in the year and beyond.

The Emer Casey fun run is on this weekend on Sunday 31 May at Jells Park.  Please see http://www/run4ec.com.au for entry and other details.  This is an annual event with a large participation of RunMonash Members so please register and participate.

This is a forward notification: Our next Time Trial is on 30 June, so still a few more weeks to improve and be ready.

As usual we are also at Jells Park on Saturday morning.

News for 4 May 2015

Results for the time trial of the 21 April is now in now available.  
Congratulations to all first timers and all those who produced a PB.  Now you all have a time to beat next time (Sometime end of June 2015).

Last week we welcome some new Members:
Esther Tseng, Hana Shiraj, Amanda Vella, & Nick Burke. Please feel welcome and we look forward to seeing you all many times later in the year.

The Emer Casey fun run is on later in May See: http://www.run4ec.com.au/.  This is an annual event with a heavy participation from RunMonash Members and for a good cause!. So please register and participate.

Mother's day run is also on this coming Sunday (10 May).  Once again this is an opportunity for RunMonash Members to participate.

On Sun 3 May, the Great Train Race was held ... ie run against Puffing Billy in the Dandenongs.  We saw the participation of several RunMonash Members, (their performance will be poster here if available soon).

News for 20 April 2015

Its been a while since I have updated the content here!!  That is not because there was nothing to say, far from that, its been busy at RunMonash!!!  (and I have also been quite busy with some personal other matters.)

We have had several Tuesdays of 100+ attendees and equaled the all time record of 124 on one day!!  

We had the guys from Mizumo showing their footwear and some of us had the opportunity to even try them out.

Not to be left behind, the guys from Nike also came along a few weeks later in the "black van" and also allowed us to try out their footwear.  

Those who tried both can be judge of which one is best Mizumo or Nike??  (I only tried the Nike, Mizumo did not have my size left, as I was late)

We also had numerous new comers.  Please feel welcome and we look forward to seeing you all many times later in the year.

A few of us participated int the Jells Park relay on Saturday 18.  Performance figures will be posted here (if I get them somehow!!?)

Tuesday 21 April:

We have the 2nd Time Trial.  So be there on time and set yourself a target to beat next time!  

Mother's Day run festival is coming and TeamMonash will likley have a presence as they have in the past.  RunMonash Members are encouraged to register and participate

And don't forget our regular Saturday Jells Park Hill session : 8.30 am, meet outside Madeleine's Cafe.

News for 15 March 2015

On Tuesday 10 March we had 103 runners which was an improvement on the previous Tuesday.   Thanks for all those who came and no doubt we all had a very good evening.

BUT Trevor was not one of the 103!! ..   He had a well deserved break somewhere on the Murray.   So Len lead us through 16 mins of ~100m straights, while Peta manned the stop watch and blew the whistle while she recovers from an injury.  

We also welcomed: Freya, Elena, Holly, Ted, Daniel, Kate, Caroline, Anastasia, Jeremy, Matthew Drummond (returning after a lengthy break), Daniel Elias, Molly, Zoe, Caitlin and Blaise.

We hope you all will be back for the next session and more.

Remember : Run4Kids is on this coming weekend on 22 March.  If you make late registration dont forget to tick the TeamMonash team as the team that you are entering with.

James Gooden:

James participated in the "Racing on the Trails event" and came 3rd of 26 runners!!  Top performance James and well done!! .. (time 2 hrs 28). 

James says : " Credit to the Tuesday sessions as I think they've yielded a massive improvement to my overall fitness! See you Tuesday. ".

Jells Park Saturday Sessions:

Our meeting a Jells Park on Saturdays 8.30 am.  Meet just outside the Madeleine's cafe in the park.  This session is proving to be more and more popular.  If you need to get a lift to the place on Sat, please talk to me or Trevor.  No promise, but we may able to arrange for you to get a lift with someone else.

News for 10 March 2015

First: My apologies for not keeping you up to date for a little while.  This was mostly due to some technical issues that has caused me to fall behind in a lot of my internet related activities.  Hope fully its all resolved now. 

Since the last update, we have had out regular sessions on Tuesdays and Saturdays and have seen good numbers and many new comers.  

We also had our first Time Trial for 2015 - (see results from the menu of the left)

On Tuesday 4 March:

We had a very good turnout of 101 runners - out first 100+ for 2015, but am sure that won't be the last time we exceed the 100 mark

Many new runners joined us :

Amanda Taylor, Andre Ramos, Charlotte Dempsey, Ella Cehun, Emilie Ng Foong Po, Jack Bullock, Jillian Healy, Julia Knoumer, Jason Hu-Che-Lin, Lillian Dipnall, Martijose
Regules, Nicky Eastaugh, Phillipa Mitchell, Rebecca Jaffe, Rebecca Streit,
Redmond Matthews, Sam Houlden, Shivani Myagerimath, Shruti Iyer, Thomas
Robertson, & Yen Zhi Ng,

Among the new runners is Emilie Ng Foong Po who represented Mauritius at the Glascow Commonwealth in the Triathlon.

Very welcome to you all! and expect to see you all again in 2015 and beyond.


Run for Kids 22 March: register online (www.r4k.com.au) and join the TeamMonash team and be eligible for support on the day provided by TeamMonash Volunteers.  And a free Tshirt its your first event with TeamMonash.

Jells Park Saturday Sessions:

Our meeting a Jells Park on Saturdays 8.30 am.  Meet just outside the Madeleine's cafe in the park.  This session is proving to be more and more popular.  If you need to get a lift to the place on Sat, please talk to me or Trevor.  No promise, but we may able to arrange for you to get a lift with someone else.

News for 6 February 2015

Last Tuesday night, 3 Feb, was  nice for running saw the attendance rise once again - with 78 out this week - a fabulous response.

We must be doing something right ?

I trust you all enjoyed the session- and are  fired up to return next week - hopefully after fitting a few runs in the meantime.

This week, after the usual  a 15 minute warm up, we did the popular, but tough, session of 8 x 60 sec efforts (60sec jog/float recovery after each), followed by 4 x 30 sec efforts (30 sec recovery). The session was of course followed by the normal 15 minutes warm down. 

I like to see each session finished off if possible with a few (5/6) easy strides on the grass over around 80 meters.

Stefani Janson
Larkin Duelge-
Santiago (Visitor from UK)

Saturday at Jells Park
Jells Park run was on as usual, and we had a good turnout of 38 runners.   

If you are interested to go there but don't have access to transport, please talk to Trev, Chris or Daniel and we can see if we can possibly arrange for a lift for you.


This event held annually will be supported by Monash University.  RunMonash encourages all its members to participate one of the events on the day.  If you do join in, please enlist as a "Team Monash" participant.

Event date:  Sunday 22 March.
More info:  www.r4k.com.au

A reminder:

Our first TimeTrial for 2015 is on the 24 February.

Info for newcomers:  
The time trial consist of a timed 2 kms (4x500m loop) around the oval.  It is a wonderful opportunity for anyone to gauge their progress over the year, and set themselves targets for future time trials.  RunMonash has 4 to 5 timetrials every year at roughly 6 to 8 weeks intervals.
It does not matter how fast or how slow you can run! Whats important is that You participate and aim to do better next time.  

News for 27 January 2015.

This is the first post for the Year 2015.  

After taking over the management of the RunMonash website from Michelle, I will try to be more regular bringing updates and relevant information to you here on this site.  But please bear with me if things are a little bit patchy in the first few weeks!

Thanks Michelle for your contribution before and I will try hard to maintain the standard that you have set.

It is also my wish that throughout the year I will be able to bring some changes and add some new features to the website, time permitting.  If any one of you wish to contribute or have a brilliant idea, please let me know.

Thats all from me for now!

(My email is dan062@yahoo.com.au)

About our session on 27 January

We had a terrific attendance for the evening: 71, which is an improvement on the same time last year.

The session consisted of the usual 15 mins + 15 mins Warm up and Warm down session.
and the actual workout consisted of 15 mins 80 m straights with jog recovery around the bends.

We all had a great evening!

New comers:

Meghan Griffin
Jorja Collins
Bianca Capaldo
Danushi Peiris
Niki Tao

Welcome to you all.

A reminder:

We have the first Time Trial for 2015 scheduled for Tuesday 24 February.