Aims & objectives

The Qing Restoration Organization exists primarily to reinstate the monarchy and the Chinese Dynastic identity to China. Checks and balances in the country should be instated in order to offer an alternative avenue for the citizens to voice their concerns and for Chinese national pride to be restored. At the very least a Constitutional monarchy would offer a check and balance to the existing one-party system. Currently, we have over 5000 online supporters and 500 active loyalists helping to raise the Organisation’s profile around the world.

Our aims & objectives are as follows:

Collecting support for the restoration of the monarchy and of Chinese national identity;

Educating people about the role of a Chinese Dynasty in unification, modernization, democratization and development of the country;  
Building up individual awareness about the significance of the monarchy and the crown;

Protecting the monuments, statues, palaces and the properties related to the monarchy from all types of attacks;

Unifying people from different castes, race and creeds, societies, religions, communities, and political parties under the banner of the monarchy;
To reclaim the Forbidden city as the seat of the Emperor and to begin restoration in order to preserve the city for future generations;
Building relationships with individuals, institutions, organizations and political parties in China, as well as the rest of the world, to gain support and advocacy for Monarchy.
To officially pass the mandate of heaven from the last ruling Qing dynasty back to Han Chinese dynasty.