About HIH 李志栓

His Imperial Highness 李志(Lee Chee Chuan) is a descendant of the Tang Dynasty Emperor Tang Zhaozong. When Zhu Wen seized power many of the Imperial Li family went into hiding, and some left the country. HIH 李志 ancestor went to Southern China to escape the purge, and when Zhu Wen murdered Emperor Aidi the Tang Dynasty came to an end. HIH 李志 still has all the imperial regalia such as the Imperial seal, sword, robe and also the Imperial edict from the Tang Dynasty to prove that he is in the direct line of succession to the Chinese throne. But after so many years the revival of the Tang Dynasty has become impossible. HIH 李志 Great-Grand-Father served in the Qing Court as the only Han Chinese to hold a high position, but after the abolition of the Qing Dynasty and the political turmoil between the Kuomintang and the Communist Army they migrated to Malaya. HIH 李志 decided to embark to revive and preserve the Chinese dynasty so that the rich history and culture of the Chinese monarchy can once again be enjoyed by everyone. HIH ultimate aim is to help restore constitutional monarchy to those countries that once enjoy the rich history of monarchy.

HIH 李志栓