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March 13, 2020: “Dinosaur Eggs, Nests & Babies” by JD Mitchell

posted Feb 5, 2020, 10:51 AM by Bruce Barton   [ updated Feb 5, 2020, 11:07 AM ]

From the time that the word “dinosaur” was coined in 1841 until 1923, the fact that dinosaurs laid eggs was generally assumed, but not proven. This informative talk recounts the exciting expeditions in which dinosaur eggs, nests and babies were discovered and their existence finally confirmed.

In this presentation JD Mitchell answers a number of interesting questions. For example: How many identified egg sites are there in the world, and where are they? Who are the people who were most involved in the initial discoveries of dinosaur eggs, nests and babies? Where were these discoveries? What do fossilized eggs look like? Can it be known if dinosaurs laid eggs in nests like birds do? Is it possible to determine which kind of dinosaur laid a particular egg? What do dinosaur fossil embryos and baby dinosaurs look like? How could dinosaur eggs and nests have survived the global Flood? What do these discoveries of dinosaur eggs, nests and babies contribute to the arguments involved in today’s worldview war? Appropriate for ages ten and older. 

Where: Edgewood Bible Church, 1720 Meridian Ave. East, Edgewood, WA   

When: Friday Evening, March 13, 2020 at 7 PM 

Directions to Edgewood Bible Church: http://www.edgewoodbiblechurch.org/

JD Mitchell

JD Mitchell grew up attending church but his church never addressed the subject of origins, so he believed in evolution. He assumed there was a God but had no personal relation with Him.

After graduating from college and getting married, his family continued attending liberal churches, which had no problem with belief in evolution. He was in effect a theistic evolutionist.

When he was 40 years old someone gave him a tape on creation science, which opened his eyes to the lies of evolution. As a result he became a born again Christian.

From that point on he began learning everything he could about creation science. Then in 2004 with the support of an evangelical pastor, he launched his ministry: “Creation Engineering Concepts.” His mission is to encourage people to believe the Bible from the very first verse.

He’s the author of Guidebook to North American Dinosaurs.